Linky Thursday – 12/23

The United States of Autocomplete: Interesting results for how Google’s autocomplete tries to assist when you enter the name of each state. I guess Maine really is “vacationland.”

Franklin Put Himself Through College Dancing in a G-String: Not the caption I would have chosen, but hey, another of my submissions made it onto OitO! (The sad thing is, two of the three people involved in that conversation are long gone.)

I Hate Math! (Not After This, You Won’t): I’m sorry I missed this story on NPR, but I did stumble across Vi Hart’s Infinity Elephants video recently, and the rest of her web site is just as infotaining. Just imagine, if it had been taught this way I might have actually enjoyed math class!

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile: What a neat idea! I love how this turned out. Very modern! Here’s how she did it.

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