Linky Thursday – 12/9

Being a Hand Model: Ellen Sirot recently became infamous on the internet as the “creepy hand model.” This is the interview that made her famous! Why does she have to caress her hands the whole time? I don’t know! Here’s another video where she waves her hands around creepily and explains how she got into the hand modeling business.

Earth-Friendly Ideas from Good Design: I love these stickers that remind you where electricity comes from – okay, the hamsters are a little goofy, but the CO2 one would be great to put on a light switch when you need to remind people to turn things off. I also love the idea of a file format that can’t be printed – I’m tempted to use this at work!

The Star Wars Alphabet: These are adorable… “J is for Jabba” is probably the cutest. Almost worth having kids for. I would totally make these into a poster, or make a border along the top of a wall…

6 Adorable Cat Behaviors with Shockingly Evil Explanations: I actually knew some of these already, and some have been kind of sensationalized. But the one about poop was interesting to me – we have someone who doesn’t bury theirs, and I thought they were just being lazy, but maybe they’re actually fighting for litter box dominance.

Subversive Undershirts: Apparently this is a thing now. First there was the Confidence Shirt (I love “How do you all have jobs?”). Now there’s a line of underwear with the 4th Amendment printed in metallic ink to show up in an x-ray machine.

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