As you may have noticed, the site was down again for the past few days. Apparently, my old host moved my service to another company without telling me, and the whole site got totally messed up. I decided I finally gave up on them after all the downtime, data loss, and aggrivation, and switched hosts. Thank you to TJ for all your help figuring out how I could restore the blog! I only ended up losing about a week’s worth of posts, and comments for maybe the last month. Not too bad…

And a quick recap: Last Friday, GG and I went out with Jess and Rob and Julie and Brad for dinner and a movie (Little Miss Sunshine – excellent!). I’d wanted to go to Crystal Cave, to take advantage of my last half-day of the year, but it was too rainy. Saturday we did some errands. Sunday… I don’t think we did anything? Monday we went out and did shopping! and I got shoes (for me and GG) and a bunch of sweaters at Target for some reason, but I wore one today and got lots of compliments so go me!

Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow … but I’ve been up all night for the past two nights getting this website back in order…

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