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I found out last week that I am finally going to be moving desks at work, to sit in the same building as the rest of my department again. (I’ve been in a different building for the past six months, since I was supposed to be laid off at the end of this year.) However, it’s not really with the rest of my group, and it’ll be in kind of a noisy, busy spot, but at least it’ll be in the same building on the same floor… I just keep telling myself that. I see lots of headphone wearing in my future… Anyway, I spent much of last week packing up my desk, and I’ll be moved as of tomorrow morning.

Also on Friday, I got my annual review. This company does things a little differently, and we get lots of feedback from people we’ve worked with over the past year. Everyone said such nice things about me! I was seriously almost crying because of how nice it was. I don’t have a final rating yet (I got my review early just because my boss was in town last week), but hopefully all those good feelings are reflected in the number.

Friday night was GG’s work holiday party, and I was really not looking forward to going. It ended up being pretty fun. It was at a nice hotel near our house, and they had a huge area – there was a bar outside the main room, then in the main ballroom there were huge buffets of food, another bar, tables, a big dance floor, a stage, and a screen where they displayed photos that I guess people had submitted from the previous year. GG had been warned that these people party hard, and I guess they did (it was certainly a crazier party than anything I’ve ever experienced at work), but it didn’t quite live up to the hype. However, the food was excellent! And his coworkers are fun and really nice, too. I’d met some of them when I stopped by the office on his birthday, but it was good to see them all again in a more relaxed setting. And one of his friends (who he worked with at a previous job, so we know him well) won an award, which they handed out before the party really got started!

On Saturday I slept in a little, then went to a band concert in the afternoon. GG and I got Chinese food for an early dinner, then went out to a friend’s birthday party that night. It was kind of a weird situation, because I’m actually friends with her mother in-law (through band), and GG and I spent most of the night talking to them (GG and her husband were talking music and guitarists most of the time – with a brief break for some discussion about his latest hobby, golf). We got home in time to catch most of Robert De Niro hosting SNL, but still fell asleep before it was over.

Sunday was my day to catch up on all the errands and chores I couldn’t do Saturday. I went to Target and actually stuck to my list! GG and I went to the mall for dinner, mostly so we could see Phase I of the Plaza food court remodel, which I think opened a week or two ago. It’s all one level now! (There used to be a sunken area in the middle.) Everything is white and very industrial looking. But Phase II is coming after the holidays (according to this article) when they “will add the finishing aesthetic touches.” So hopefully it improves, because right now it does not look very inviting. (Not that its previous, circa-1980 appearance was all that great either.)

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