Linky Thursday – 12/2

It’s back! I’ve taken to sending interesting links to GG and then he often will post them on Facebook, but I’m tired of him getting the credit for the cool stuff I find, so I’m going to start doing Linky Thursday here again.

Tannenboing: I don’t decorate for Christmas at all, but if I did have a tree, this one would be awesome. No muss, no fuss, you can hang all your ornaments, and it stores flat for next year. It’s a little expensive, though.

Saul Bass Style ‘Lost’ & ‘Tron’ Title Sequences: I came across these videos while looking for examples of Saul Bass’ work. They are pretty cool! I know the poster says he prefers the Lost one (total “Vertigo” reference in there, btw), but I really like how the Tron one uses the light cycle trails to outline the boxes.

Bitchin’ Kitchen: When I first saw commercials for this show on the Cooking Channel I was like, “Oh come on, she’s trying too hard.” Then I happened to catch it the other night when they were running four episodes in a row and I was like, “Oh come on, she’s trying too hard.” However, by the fourth episode, I actually laughed out loud. And most of the food actually does look pretty good, and can realistically be made by a home cook. Ok, the costumes and decor are a bit much, as are the male characters who show up, and a lot of the scripted stuff she says, and the accent. I’m willing to give her a pass a little bit on the accent, especially after reading about her background in this good article. I wish she’d just talk like a normal Canadian, because I can totally hear it in there, and stop trying to do the Jersey Shore thing.

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