Thanksgiving Break

Well, the long weekend isn’t over yet, but I figure not much more is going to be happening, so I can write about it.

The holiday weekend really started for me on Wednesday, because I worked from home and there wasn’t really much work going on all week anyway, so it was very relaxing. They sent out an e-mail around noon saying that PA sites were going to close at 2 PM for the holiday – surprise! So as soon as 2:00 rolled around I shut down my computer and relaxed.

Thanksgiving morning was pretty relaxing – since we weren’t going anywhere until later, GG and I slept way in, it was lovely. As usual, we were invited to two dinners, one with each of our families. This year, my family went to Maggiano’s for Thanksgiving, which was amazing. There was tons of delicious food, including awesome desserts. We were pretty stuffed by the time we were finished. Then everyone ended up going back to my grandmom’s house for a little bit (there was a puppy there). Eventually, GG and I headed over to his parents’ house. I thought we were going to show up there in time for dessert, but actually they hadn’t even sat down to eat yet, so we sat through the whole dinner (GG ate dinner #2, but I couldn’t – I did have a slice of pie, though). After dinner, GG ended up having some sort of ping-pong tournament while I watched “Elf” with his parents. Also, I’d been worried about what to wear for dinner that would be appropriate for both the restaurant and GG’s parents’ place, and ended up wearing jeggings with a sweater tunic, which worked out perfectly – seriously, jeggings are like yoga pants!

When we got home we ended up falling asleep on the sofa watching movies, so I woke up at 2 AM and could have just gotten dressed and headed out to a Black Friday sale, but that’s not really my thing, so we just went to bed, and once again were able to sleep in on Friday morning. Besides going to Elevation Burger for a late lunch/early dinner (GG hadn’t been yet – as I predicted, he loved it), we didn’t go out at all.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is the day that our town pumps Christmas music into our house all afternoon, followed by a parade on our street, huge crowds of people in front of our house to watch a Christmas tree get lit, and fireworks. Last year was the first time we were here to witness the whole thing – before that, we had some other plans every year. So since we didn’t want to be trapped in the house for that again, we planned to go to a movie and dinner, and hopefully get home after the whole thing was over. We went to see Love and Other Drugs. My review: way more sex, nudity, and cursing than was necessary; and I still don’t get what their relationship was, beyond physical; but the parts about the pharmaceutical industry were interesting. After that, we got dinner, and stopped at Zwahlen’s for some of their hot chocolate. We got back home and saw fireworks in the sky – oh no! So there was still about 15 minutes of crowds, fireworks, and loud music after we got home, but we timed things pretty well overall. The funniest part was walking through the crowds of people watching the fireworks and walking into our front door, in the middle of it all. Also, the poor kitties were terrified :o(

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