Things That Are Making Me Mad Right Now

Sister Wives: I didn’t like this show the whole time it was running, and after seeing the “Honeymoon Special” on Sunday where it was like it was suddenly dawning on the original three wives, “Wait, this isn’t fair!” I’m just totally fed up with them. Meri, Janelle, and Christine, awaken!

This goat cheese I got at Trader Joe’s: It’s okay, it’s just not what I expected – it’s really more like a brie than a regular goat cheese. Not crumbly enough to put on my salad, too hard to spread on a cracker, and it’s like 40% rind. Last time I get that one.

A Young Man Speaks About Modesty: “While most girls look at a guy and see the whole person, a guy will look at a girl and be tempted to view them in parts. The parts of a girl’s body that a man gets distracted with are the legs, breasts, and butt. So please, DO NOT make these parts of your body the main focus of yourselves unless you want to be leading men into sin by lusting after you and treating you as an object instead of a child of God.” So what about the guys who are into arms, or feet, or furries? Hellooo – anything can be sexual to someone! So unless you’re going to advocate burquas (which still wouldn’t take care of the furries), maybe you guys should either learn to control yourselves or just wear blindfolds.

Annual Reviews: In this new company, a big component of the annual review appears to be reviews from your peers. I had to give the names of a bunch of people for my manager to contact and ask for reviews of me (and I wasn’t supposed to clear it with them first, which is weird, because if someone were going to ask me to review them I’d want a little advance warning). We also got a spreadsheet where we have to review everybody in our group – which is really awkward for me since I’ve only worked with maybe 20% of them. But, I got to write a review of my counterpart from another group, and he is so fabulous, I hope it got through in what I said about him. He’s a seriously great guy, we’re a great team, and I can’t wait until he’s back from his secondment next year so we can work together again.

The Holidays: Thanksgiving is going to be redonk this year. But my real concern is Christmas because I’m just not into it. Last year I was so good, I had presents for everyone, wrapped in thoughtful and environmentally friendly kitchen towels and reusable shopping bags. What will I do this year? I think everyone will just get gift cards. Maybe they will match the total of the gift cards I receive. Because isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas – to earn back what you spent on everyone else? …No?

Everyone having babies: I know people really like them and it’s like their life’s goal to have kids and if nothing else it’s what our bodies were designed for and really the purpose of our existence is just to produce more of ourselves. However… I just don’t get it. I don’t need one. But all my friends have either got them or are working on it, and one by one the No Kids Fun Club membership is dwindling. I have decided that GG and I need to take advantage of our relative freedom and unrestricted time and money by doing as much awesome stuff as possible.

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog from where ever but I can I join your No Kids Fun Club too??? Just found out another one of my friends is pregnant…another one bites the dust!

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