Concerts, Kids, Clocks

This weekend was my band concert. I was pretty unenthused about several of the pieces we were playing, but then there were a couple I really liked, and overall it went very well. No major screw-ups from the band, just a few screaming kids in the audience, especially during the quiet parts – as usual. People: by owning a child, you are making a choice to not go to events like this unless a) you can leave the kid elsewhere or b) the kid is old enough to understand and be able to sit quietly. It is rude and inconsiderate to the band, who rehearsed for months and is creating an archival recording, as well as the other audience members who have paid to hear the music. I make this PSA twice a year and nobody seems to listen.

My little chicklet MB came all the way from New Jersey to see the concert, which was a nice treat! After the show, GG and I took her and another friend to dinner – originally we were going to try the Cheesecake Factory, but there was a 1-hour wait (on a Sunday?! early?!), so we went upstairs to Legal Seafoods instead. They have very few choices for the non-seafood eater, but I had a yummy steak and everyone else enjoyed their fishes and we sat and chatted for a long time. People sitting near us probably thought we were insane – I mean, our conversation covered every topic, ranging from MB’s boring job to wilderness EMTs to placenta teddy bears.

Today was my last SOP retirement day – all of our legacy Policies and SOPs are now retired. Boo hoo. I had a communication to send out, which didn’t get sent until after 5 PM because I think some people don’t understand calendars (“articles due by Friday morning” does not mean “articles due by Monday afternoon”) or clocks (“I need to send the newsletter at 3 PM at the absolute latest” does not mean “I will wait indefinitely to send the newsletter and maybe it’ll get out before midnight”).

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