Haven’t written in a few days, I guess the internet must be wondering what happened to me.

After work on Friday, I was going to drive Jess home so she could walk to a train station to go pick up her car that was having some work done. Well, it turned into me, Jess, and GG going out to lunch, then getting ice cream, then coming back to my house to look up the train schedule, then driving her to the Conshohocken train station (because it’s one stop closer for her than the Norristown station, although more confusing for me to get to), then taking Ivan to the vet, then coming home so Jess could pick up her stuff she left at our place. (I guess I need to learn the stops on the R6 now? It goes to Wilmington! Not that I want to go to Wilmington, but wow, Delaware!)

Ivan is probably healthy, by the way. They did some more check-up/blood tests on him, and his levels are at the high end of normal, but still normal. Also, when he finishes the prescription wet food we have, he’s going to be able to eat regular Iams with his sister! (But they’ll still both eat the prescription dry food.)

GG turned thirty on Saturday!! We went to this Japanese buffet that his brother recommended. We got there right when they opened for dinner, and it was already pretty packed! If I ate seafood, I would’ve been in heaven. I’m sure GG was in heaven. There was tons of sushi and sashimi to choose from, salads (mostly featuring things like octopus pieces and shrimp and whatnot), teriyaki meats, crab legs, a hibachi bar… It was a pretty nice place. Just not worth it for me, personally, because I picked at some tofu sushi and edamame and that was about it. Oh but they also had a dessert bar! With lots of different little cakes, and our favorite, Red Bean ice cream!

Saturday was also our one-year anniversary of having Ivan and Katrina. Mew mew meow!! And, GG registered his website for his business! If I had more PHP skills, I would install WordPress and set it up so he could use that as a CMS. But… I don’t think that’s happening. So I will be his webmaster. Yay! (I probably won’t ever link to it from here, though, because it has his real name and is linked up to our address and all that… so just ask if you’re interested in seeing it… but give me a while so I can put something up there.)

Sunday we were thinking about going to the zoo, but then it was supposed to rain, so instead we just did some errands (got a new soap dispenser for the kitchen!) and hung around the house.

Last night we went to WalMart and we said we wouldn’t buy anything… but then they had these curtains that I’ve been looking for (every time we went, they had them in the wrong size, or the sample was out but the curtains weren’t actually in stock, or something), so I had to get those… and one thing led to another, bla bla bla, another big time WalMart shopping trip! When we got home, I had to hem the curtains because we’ve got those radiators in front of the windows, so I don’t like the curtains hanging down long like they’re supposed to. Oh also, we got this cat brush that combs the under coat (where shedding comes from), and I was very excited to try it on Katrina because lately you can’t even touch her without getting a handful of hair. I’ve brushed her every day for the past three days, and each time you get enough hair to make another cat! This new brush did not disappoint – it definitely pulled out more of the undercoat (you can tell because the fur is softer), and Katrina loooved being brushed – she was chirping and rolling around – but the fur just keeps coming. What else can I do?

GG is leaving today for Chincoteague again. His dad has to come back home for the week to prep for his new job, so they need an extra set of hands down at the ice cream parlour. He’ll be home on Friday, though. And that’s my grandmother’s birthday and we’re all going out to Shady Maple! (Boy, lots of birthday buffets, huh?)

Coming soon: pictures of the new curtains, me and GG dressed up for his birthday dinner (even though we could’ve gone in jeans and t-shirts, it was by no means a fancy place), and more kitty photos!

[Edit – 2:13 PM] Well, Jess and Rob are on vacation this week, and I just got an e-mail from her – they got engaged! [/Edit]

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