The Wedding Singer

I should probably post at some point before November is over, huh? We didn’t do anything special for Halloween, but I did eat at Chipotle for the first time. It was good, and an acceptable substitute for Qdoba, though I’d prefer Qdoba if given the choice. I do like their streamlined menu though. This week I’ve been busy with work and getting ready for our upcoming band concert – there were things I needed to print, and things I had to design and get ready to take to the printer.

Last night GG and I went to his friend’s wedding. It was sort of weird, because they were friends in middle school but then they went to different high schools and lost touch, and reconnected a few years ago on MySpace. So they’re good friends now, but we didn’t really know any of his other friends there. GG got to sit in with the band (well, just a keyboard and guitar) during the cocktail hour, which was amusing, and actually he might end up jamming with the keyboard player sometime – and maybe get some future wedding gigs?! The wedding was very cool, they actually had a private ceremony and then the majority of the guests came for the reception, in this historic mansion. And since the place had to kick everyone out by 9:00, the party continued at a restaurant nearby.

Other than that, I’ve had a pretty relaxing weekend. I guess I’ll make up for it next weekend when I’m super busy with band!

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