Last night GG and I went to my mom’s boyfriend’s apartment for business advice. Her boyfriend is an extremely successful businessman, he’s started and sold numerous businesses over the years, and is still going strong. So he has lots of experience. It ended up that my mom, GG, and I sat along one side of their kitchen island, and her boyfriend stood behind the other side with his notepad of things to discuss, and it was sort of like a lecture or a class, but it was really good information. Exactly what GG needed to hear. I hope he’ll take this seriously if he really wants to start up a business, especially coming from someone with so much authority. His main point was discipline – especially for someone as easily distracted as GG, it’s going to be really hard to stay on track and stay focused while working at home, so he has to discipline himself to keep records, file things, do what he says he’ll do for clients, etc. I don’t want to have to be his boss or his secretary, keeping him organized or being on top of him all the time about getting stuff done.

Then we all had pizza. Oh also GG drank a whole bunch of wine while we were there, and I ended up driving his car home (I’d never driven the Vibe before). I thought it handled really poorly, until he noticed the parking brake was still on! I never use my parking brake, so I hadn’t even thought to check it! Once we got rid of that, the Vibe was great. I’d drive it again. Much easier to maneuver than the Aztek!

Now it’s time for my weekly Project Runway rant: WHYYYYY do they keep Vincent around, week after week?? If any episode so far this season has proven that contestants are kept on the show for drama/personality, and not for talent, it was this one. Okay, Alison’s dress may not have been flattering, but Vincent’s looked like a preschooler glued some paper scraps to a bag… Oh, because that’s what it actually was! Except made by a grown man who should have known better! In Tim Gunn’s own blog, he writes about Vincent’s dress, “In the end, Vincent is Vincent and there’s no stopping him nor advising him. His look was god-awful in my opinion. And his model could barely walk the runway in his preposterous creation. But I guess Vincent has the last laugh; he’s still in. WHY?” Exactly.

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