The Cautious Analyst

Woah. I just took that PersonalDNA test, and my results were pretty accurate! Except, funny how it suggested for me to “embrace the imaginative, creative part of [my] personality,” yet here I am with an art degree and whatnot.

Last night, in a Mate Vana-fuled burst of energy, I vacuumed the entire house, and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom (even sweeping the floors). Tonight I did laundry. How domestic! Also today, GG and I ran some errands, including a trip to the mall, where I got a super-comfy pair of shoes.

I was able to pick Ivan up tonight and held him for a while. I carried him all around upstairs, and ended up holding him on my lap for a little bit. After I put him down, he didn’t just run right away – he stopped short of the bed, and I tried giving him some treats, but he just kind of walked away. Katrina’s was following me around tonight as I did my chores. So cute! Usually they both just do their own thing, but sometimes they’re like dogs! Currently, she’s waiting for me on the bed for a snugle. She’s been patient, so I’d better get over there.

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