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So what else have I been up to, besides shopping (okay, including shopping)?

Old People Wedding: Not that they were old, and they certainly acted young, but I went to a wedding last weekend as my grandmother’s guest where the bride and groom were 60, and besides another girl my age, and a bunch of little little kids, I was the youngest person there. It was actually fun and a nice day! The couple was kind of stressing how informal the wedding was, and it was a daytime thing, so I wasn’t sure what to wear that wouldn’t be too formal. In the end, I wore black pants, a white top, and a patterned cardigan, which worked out to be just fine. The food at the reception was kind of funny – it was all really good, but it was a weird assortment: salads, pastas, two types of chicken, quiche, sandwiches, french fries… It was as if someone gave them a menu and they just kind of checked off the foods they liked. But I’m saying too much bad about it – it really was a nice wedding and a fun reception, plus I was home before 6!

Sweater: From my list in my previous post, I actually did get a boyfriend sweater – actually the one pictured, which is from Target. It was really soft. But I was going to wear it to work today and luckily I ran it by GG (which I do with all new clothes), and we decided that it made me look too “hippy.” (As in, it made my hips look wide, not that it made me look like a free-spirit.) I think this one was just too long. I actually have a couple v-neck cardigans that are pretty much boyfriend sweaters, but were purchased a couple years ago before that was a “thing,” I guess. So maybe I should just be happy with what I have, haha. I returned the Target one today.

Sacha’s Check-Up: Sacha went to the vet yesterday for his annual check-up and shots. For such a tiny cat, he is impossible to get into the cat carrier! It took me forever to get him in, and he puffed his tail up so big, and then meowed like he was being tortured the whole way there, and in the waiting room. I thought he’d gained weight since last year, but he’d actually lost a pound. I wish he would gain weight, but he is naughty! Anyway, he’s in great health, teeth look great, etc., but the doctor noticed that his kidneys are different sizes?! She wasn’t sure if one was enlarged or one is undersized, but it’s the first time she’s noticed that, and he’s obviously been healthy, so we just have to keep an eye in case he starts acting weird. He’s healthy and naughty!

Work: For all my complaining about how busy I’ve been, this week was actually relatively quiet. I finished work on time every day. Until… today. I am not in the office tomorrow or Monday, but guess what – all sorts of emergency stuff is happening and I’m the only person who can do anything! It’s a good thing that I’m not going too far, because I will probably be working at least a bit on both of my days off. As an example – it is after 11 PM and I am actually working right now. Sigh.

Busy four-day weekend coming up! Wish me luck!

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  1. Have you ever tried putting your cat carrier on its end? Open it up and hold Sacha over top and drops his ass in. We do it with Burt, as he is impossible to get into the carrier too!

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