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Remember that nice picture I posted of the new lights under the cabinets? Well, I sort of cheated, because they were just held up with tape. Here’s what happened: we were expecting that the lights attached to the cabinets with screws, which would have been fine. Then the girl at Ikea said she thought they attach with some sort of adhesive. Also fine. Well, we got home and opened up the package, and there was no adhesive, nor were there screws. But the lights have little holes in them, and the instructions show them being attached with screws. So it took us a while, but we finally found a box of little screws we’d bought. Then we discovered that, while the shelves inside the cabinets are made of wood boards, the bottom shelf of each cabinet is a thin piece of masonite! We couldn’t screw stuff into that, so we had to come up with a Plan B, which was self-adhesive velcro dots. Yeah, that worked for about five minutes. So last night we got some thin pieces of wood at Home Depot, and wood glued them to the underside of the cabinets. Then I got out the drill and drilled holes in them where the screws would need to go. Then I discovered that the screws we have are too thick to fit through the holes in the lights! So, tonight will be round three, as I head back to Home Depot for smaller screws. Hopefully tonight I can get the lights attached properly!

Also planned for tonight is hanging the last few doors on the upper cabinets. (I left a few off last night because some cabinets had clamps in them for the wood I was glueing to the bottom, and I also skipped the cabinets above the refridgerator because I didn’t want to be climbing around on the counters while I was home alone.) It makes a huge difference in the room!

I found this blog, documenting a couple’s experience building a home, yesterday while searching for photos of homes under construction (as reference material for some illustrations I’ll be doing for work). I actually went back to the beginning and read the entire thing, in chronological order. I already knew how it was going to turn out… In the beginning, they were happy and excited, thrilled with the service they were getting. By the end, they’re pretty disillusioned with everything, there’s all sorts of problems in their home that hadn’t been addressed, even after a year… It was an interesting read, and well-written. And it more firmly cements my opinion that, not only would I not want to go through the hassle of having a new home built, I also don’t really want a home that’s new construction, or built within the past 20 or even 30 years. Because they are seriously made of plywood and cardboard! And with work crews who just don’t care, because they’re trying to hurry and move along to the next project, you can see what kind of sloppy work results. Also, this proves that you have to be vigilant and keep on top of things if you have someone doing work for you.

[Edit – 9:48 AM] OMG, I just realized GG’s birthday is this Saturday and I don’t even know what to do with him! The big gift I was going to give him (some sort of business coaching) is apparently not going to work out (because he’s “uncoachable”). I got a couple small things, but that was going to be the big, major present. Also, his band has a show that night so I don’t know if we can go out to dinner or what..! Aaah!! [/Edit]

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