Yay Kitchen!

We have been disgustingly busy with the kitchen this weekend! But we just about finished everything and it’s totally awesome looking, so yay!

Before – nasty

Thursday: While GG was at band practice, I removed all the doors and drawers from the lower cabinets, washed them with TSP, and sanded down the doors. (I also got eaten alive by bugs while sanding outside. Like, really bad.)

Friday: GG removed the doors from the upper cabinets and washed them with TSP, while I sanded the bases of the upper and lower cabinets. Then we sanded the upper doors, and stained the lower doors and lower bases. Then we went to this coffee shop in Ardmore where GG was performing in a comedy thing. He did really well, and … it was his first paying gig! (He made $17!)

Saturday: His band’s show was cancelled for the night, because their singer is waiting for his wife to have a baby, so GG and I had all day to work. We stained the upper base cabinets, and put two coats of polyurethane on the lower cabinets. Then we stained the doors of the upper cabinets.

Sunday: We put two coats of polyurethane on the upper cabinets. I hung the lower doors again, and they look so good! The Red Oak color next to the green countertop actually makes the green look nice.

We went to Ikea for dinner and to pick up some lights to mount under the cabinets to light the counter. We got two sets, but they’re really aggrivating to hang! So we’ve only done one set so far, but they look great!

Tomorrow I’ll hang the upper cabinet doors, and that will be the end of phase one of our kitchen project! The next phase will be doing the floor, but we’ll have to find another weekend that GG will be pretty free to do that. Then I get a new stove, and I’ll start cooking again ;o) We’re both so excited already!

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