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I didn’t realize how many shows I’m watching that are on on Thursday nights! Since last week was the season premiere of a lot of things, I had to make some decisions. So I watched 30 Rock (awesome!) and The Office (also very good – sort of back to their old feeling again) live on Thursday. Then on Friday I got caught up with Project Runway on OnDemand, and Fringe online (fantastic! Though I could kind of do without the alternate reality – I just want to see Olivia and Peter get together once and for all!). Also on Friday, I finally got around to watching the Jay McCarroll documentary, “Eleven Minutes.” It was great. He is so funny! And of course it was very neat to see all the work that goes into putting on a runway show, months and months of work by tons of people, just for a show that’s 11 minutes long (hence the title).

Last night, GG and I went with his brother and their friend to see Dave Attell! I have loved him since Insomniac, and his is another comedy album that almost caused GG to drive off the road when we first heard it in the car. His live act was a bit more… offensive… but he was very good! Now that he’s aged a bit, he looks sort of like a younger version of one of my graphic design professors from college, which was a bit unnerving. Also, the host and opening act were both local comedians who we kind of know from GG’s days in the Philly comedy scene (someday, he’ll be back!), so that was cool, and they were also very good. The only negative part of the show was that Dave took advantage of that loophole in the smoking laws to light up on stage (because it was part of a performance), and it was like the smoke came directly towards us. My throat and eyes got itchy, and I realized how nice it’s been these past few years that public indoor smoking has been banned. Also, I don’t know what he smokes, but it was like the smelliest cigarette ever. Oh well, it was only for a few minutes, and the rest of the night was so good.

Also, the off-Broadway musical we saw this summer, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, is now on Broadway, and here’s how you know it’s awesome: GG wants to go back to New York and see it a second time! (He didn’t even want to see Avenue Q a second time, when it came to Philly!) So hopefully we can get up there in the next couple months and catch it. In the meantime, the original cast CD was just released last week, and I’ve been listening to it non-stop since it arrived. Love love love!

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  1. I feel that way about Sundays…and what the F is going on with programs lasting more than an hour anymore (Project Runway is 1.5 hours, Biggest Loser is 2 hours) that is really cutting into my life. Of course, I am allowing it. But you get the picture.

    • I kind of like the 1.5 hour PR this season… At first it was a little long, but I like that they’re able to actually develop the characters more, such as they are, and we get lots of workroom time, and also lots of time with the judges. …And then you get a half hour of Santino and Austin, and it’s the perfect way to cap off your 2-hour block and waste the entire evening :o)

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