Feels Like I Never Even Left

The rest of my vacation pretty much flew by. On Monday morning GG and I dropped my car off for state inspection, then we had to go to a meeting, and then we got brunch at IHOP! I have now eaten there twice in my life. It was clear that most of the customers were “regulars,” though. We were amazed how super happy and friendly the greeter was, and our waitress was also super nice. And I had a Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity meal! GG had French toast. He was worried that they might not serve it, but I told him that they had to, after all, they’re international.

On Tuesday GG had planned for us to go to this farm that comes to our farmers’ market every Saturday. He had one of their brochures that said they have apple picking in September, and sell mead year-round. I think he thought it was going to be this wonderland of apples and honey wine. It turned out that it was a very small, kind of shoddy shop with some apples and apple products, soup and dip mixes, and baked goods. They don’t have apple picking on weekdays. They did have a little side room where they sell wine and mead, using two different cash registers for the two different producers (why they can’t use one register and divvy up the money later, I don’t know). GG got some of each. Then he had to pay at a third register for his apple cider and apple sauce. Then we went to The Saddest Mall In The World, which was nearby, but actually it seems to have improved in the 10 or so years since either of us was last there (still sad though). And we got lunch and came home. We went out for a late-ish dinner, using another of the many gift cards we’ve been saving up – I think this vacation time was really just an excuse to use up some gift cards and coupons.

Wednesday was my usual work-from-home day, plus we were getting a new patio door installed so I had to stay home anyway. The new door is beautiful and was much-needed. We also had a new side entry door put on the garage (the old one exploded sometime last year – literally). Then I went to band practice… I dislike a couple of the pieces we’re playing this season, but mostly I’m really excited about things, so that’s a good sign. Now I just have to stop being lazy about it and design our concert poster!

Today I was back in the office for the first time in almost a week and it felt like I’d never even left. I am going totally nuts with all these meetings (most of them unnecessary), and I barely have time to get my actual work done. I’ve even delegated some of the more administrative type tasks that I do – which was actually really helpful, but the person I delegated them to is leaving the company in a couple weeks, so she can’t help me for long.

Also! The Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson CD came out on Tuesday and my pre-ordered copy arrived today and I’ve listened to it like five times already tonight and it’s awesome!

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