My Weekend is Only Half Over

GG and I are taking Monday and Tuesday of this week off (we were going to go away on vacation, but now we’re just going to stay home and spend some time getting things done and being together). So currently we’re just at the midpoint of the weekend.

I had a busy day at work on Friday, then ended up napping most of my evening away – I thought a quick nap would energize me, but ended up sleeping way longer than planned and just got more tired, so that was a pretty wasted night.

On Saturday GG and I got up early and did some errands, then ended up having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants because I had a gift card. We go there all the time, take people there when they come to visit, etc. But I don’t think we’ll be going back there because… as we sat waiting for our food to arrive, GG drew my attention to the fact that there was a cockroach drinking the condensation at the base of his glass! It was weird that it was just sitting out in the light (under a little lamp on the table, even). I think maybe it crawled out from the rolled up napkin his silverware was in. Or it could have come from the booth seat. GG used a paper appetizer napkin to catch it – it made a run for it across the table, but I guess he’d stunned it enough that he was able to grab it again and throw it out. We didn’t tell anybody there, but I don’t think we’ll be back. Too bad.

Today was spent doing housework, then helping to move some stuff, then we had an early dinner and came home to hang out on the sofa. I’m watching the premiere of Boardwalk Empire right now. It’s pretty good, but I don’t know if I’ll remember to watch it every week – thank goodness for OnDemand! If nothing else, it’s visually awesome.

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