Any men want to come over and move appliances?

I had lunch today with Sonja, who I haven’t seen for a few months. I broke the news that I got married! She was shocked! That was cool. She’s house-hunting, so we shared some stories of weird homes we’ve seen. It was nice, even though we stayed in the cafeteria a little longer than we’d intended … Oops.

So here’s the new plan for re-doing the kitchen. I wrote it all up like this so GG could see how much work this is going to be – hopefully he’s up for it. (Also, for more experienced home fixer-uppers, am I missing any steps?)

  1. Stain cabinets
    • Remove cabinet doors (mark which doors go with which cabinets)
    • Sand doors and cabinet bases
    • Stain doors and cabinet bases
    • Re-attach doors
  2. Tile floor (vinyl self-stick tile, maybe something like this?)
    • Buy tile (including extra for mistakes/mis-measurement)
    • Move everything out of kitchen, including stove and refridgerator (get some help from my uncle or GG’s dad or some other man?)
    • Remove old linoleum, and maybe the next layer?
    • Clean whatever floor is under that (maybe with TSP?)
    • Lay new tile
    • Put everything back
  3. New stove
    • Go to Best Buy and order it
    • Use Craigslist or Freecycle to see if someone is interested in buying/taking the old stove, otherwise Best Buy hauls away for free anyway
    • Be at the house two weeks later when they deliver it
  4. Fun stuff!
    • New table and chairs
    • New trash can?

GG bought Million Dollar Baby last night for $5, but of course I fell asleep right before her big Las Vegas fight, so as far as I know, it was a happy movie, because she was doing well up until then. Nobody spoil it for me.*

Hey TJ, blog about this!

* Yes, I already know she dies in the end. That was sarcasm. Even though I really did fall asleep.

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