My Birthday Weekend, Busy at Work

You guys, I was old before but now I am old. My 20s are really almost over now. Also, this is a weird year because I am now the same age my mom was when she had me. (And I always kind of felt like she was older than a lot of other moms .. even though women are having kids later and later now .. oh and also I don’t want kids.)

Anyway, GG and I were having a stressful week, and then he said some friend of his was having a birthday party on Saturday and he wanted to go, and I was like, “Ahem, it’s also my birthday this weekend, so I hope that doesn’t interfere with whatever surprise you have planned for me.” So he didn’t go :o) I said I just wanted to go out for dinner, and listed a few restaurants I’d like to go to. I’d been to a couple of them recently, yes, but they were all good and I would have been happy with any of them. However, he chose Tastebuds because it had been a while since we’d been there and it was nice to get away from home a bit (even just 45 minutes away). I thought maybe he’d blindfold me and drive around for a while to get me disoriented, and then it would be a total surprise where we went, but he just told me that morning. Oh well, it was still nice!

We took food pictures but they’re on GG’s camera so it might be a while until I get them. I had the most amazing sweet corn flan appetizer and huge homemade gnocchi with a delicious parmesan sauce, and GG had lamb meatballs with Moroccan spices (he’d apparently been really excited to order those) and a beef tenderloin with a really neat espresso sauce. Then for dessert he had a coffee caramel flan-type thing, and I had this awesome blueberry crumble with ginger that was fantastic but I needed a little bit of help finishing it :o) After dinner we walked down to the bookstore to visit our favorite shop cat, Butter! He was sleeping under the greeting card racks, but rolled over and let me scratch his tummy. Then we kind of strolled around on our way back to the car. It was a very nice evening out!

Finally, after 18 months with pretty much nothing to do at work, I’m suddenly crazy busy! Like, meetings on top of meetings, traveling every few weeks, getting assigned special projects, and that’s in addition to doing my regular work that I still have to keep up with. My counterpart from another group in the department is going on secondment at the end of this month for a year, and he’s been doing all the (very involved/complex) web site stuff, so I pretty much have to absorb everything he knows – even though I warned him, “I will be calling you.” Luckily his secondment is still in the same location, it’s not like he’s moving to another country or anything. And a couple more people moved out of our little annex area, so it’s just me and one other woman, and she’s done in a few weeks, so I will literally be sitting all by myself. I really hope a desk opens up soon with the rest of my new (old) department!

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