Chincoteague 2006 (and Kitchen Update)

Yes, time for the much-anticipated vacation recap!

Well really… there’s not much to say about our vacation. We left Monday morning for GG’s parents’ ice cream parlour, where we go for our vacation every summer. I actually didn’t really take many pictures in Chincoteague, though I did get a few of some of our favorite sights on the way down.

The AmericInn – for your patriotic vacation needs.

Girdletree, Maryland – we always call it “Gatorface,” though.

Some creepy old store in Stockton, MD. (Girdletree has one too, but I couldn’t get a photo in time as we drove through town.)

Okay, this one is from Chincoteague – it’s a random giant Viking statue, just out in a field.

GG’s mom had taken in a little stray cat they named Charles, because he looks like he’s wearing a little jacket. (Not quite a tuxedo cat, though, he’s more brown.) He hadn’t been tested for stuff yet, so they were keeping him out on the porch, away from their other cat, Penny. I went out to see him a lot, though. He is so sweet, he’ll let you carry him and snuggle him, when you sit down he hops right up on your lap, and if you put your face near him, he’ll nuzzle you with his head. He’s probably about nine years old but he’s very tiny from living on the streets for so long. GG’s mom fed him three times a day, and he would wolf down his plate of food.

Well, she found out after taking him to the vet Friday morning that he has Feline AIDS. They won’t be able to keep him, obviously, since they already have Penny, so I guess they’ll find somewhere else to take him. It’s very sad.

Wednesday, which also happened to be the hottest day of our vacation, at 110 degrees, we went up to Ocean City, MD for the day to do the boardwalk and some outlet shopping. We went to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum there, which was mostly an excuse to get into some air conditioning. There was hardly anyone out on the boardwalk in that heat. If you’re familiar with Thrasher’s french fries, you know that the line usually stretches way down the boardwalk. When we were there, there were about two people in line. I said we should get some fries just out of principle! We didn’t, though – way too hot for that. At the outlets, I got some sweaters, and GG took home a bunch of underwear from the Jockey store.

Mostly, our vacation was focused on staying cool, keeping from being bored (I read a giant stack of magazines), deciding where to eat, and me scratching my mosquito bites.

We came back late Thursday night, instead of leaving Friday morning, because I had a dentist appointment on Friday and this way we didn’t have to rush to make sure we’d be home in time. At midnight on a Thursday, there’s very little traffic, so we made it home in about three hours. (And I stayed awake almost the whole way home! Just towards the end I was nodding off. If I’d had coffee like GG, I bet I could’ve done it.)

The dentist was good, apparently I’ve improved (though I didn’t know there was anything wrong the last time, so that was news to me). I might have the beginnings of a cavity, so I need to go back soon so they can take care of that. I’ve never had a cavity ever, so this is a little worrisome.

Friday night we met Ed and went to see Strangers With Candy, which was so so good! Ed had never seen the TV show, but you really didn’t need to know the show to get the movie – it was actually a prequel to the show.

Saturday I was so excited because we were going to Ikea to talk to the kitchen planning people about new cabinets and whatnot. (Remember a couple weeks ago when I wrote about that?) Well, long story short… New cabinets, even from Ikea, are going to end up costing way more than we expected. And that’s even before we start talking about a new range, redoing the floor, etc. So, new game plan: we buy a new range, redo the floor, and add some stuff to the current cabinets to make them more useful. We’re hopefully going to Lowe’s today to check stuff out. Now all we need is some guys to help move the range and refridgerator while we do the floor.

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