Pants, pants, pants!

This was the Labor Day of pants, I guess. GG and I went to Target early this morning because there were a couple things I needed to pick up (preferably before any crowds descended), and while there I tried on some Mossimo jeggings, which had been suggested to me. Guess what – they actually fit really nicely! They’re in junior sizes, so the ones that are roughly equivalent to my regular misses size fit surprisingly well, but I sized up anyway because I was afraid of shrinkage when washing, and also it was a little tricky to peel off the properly sized ones. I really didn’t want to succumb to jeggings, but I think they will be a much more comfortable alternative to the skinny jeans + boots I tried wearing last winter. I’m actually very impressed with them – they have a working button but no zipper, they really feel like jeans, the front pockets are fake but the back pockets work (I think?).

For lunch we went to a restaurant at the mall, and then we killed time/burned calories by walking around afterward. I happened into the Gap, where I tried on a pair of their Real Straight 1969 jeans (I’ve wanted something other than bootcut for a while), and some of the Perfect Trousers from their new Premium Pants collection. Both fit well, but I left them in the dressing room because I refused to pay full price for them and figured I’d come back when they had a sale or something. Well guess what – they were on sale for Labor Day! Like, half off! So I went back, got them, and now have new pants.

Buying new clothes on holiday weekends kind of makes it more bearable to go back to work afterward… And now I’m really excited for it to get cool enough to realistically wear boots again!

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