License Pictures, B-Day Dinner, Purses

Had a nice day yesterday … GG and I went to renew our drivers licenses. Somehow we ended up on the same renewal year schedule! And because our birthdays are a month apart, we can go at the same time. I actually love my new picture, it turned out so nice! I think because I smiled… last time I didn’t smile, though my hair looked pretty cool. GG hates his photo though. I think he looks fine! But he says he looks like a little Asian boy, haha!

I’m still pretty stuffed from dinner last night. My mom and I took my grandmother out for her birthday. She’d wanted to go to Red Lobster and I was like, “Seriously Grandmom? You’re not paying, you’re not driving, we can drop you off at the door so you don’t even have to worry about how far it is from the parking lot – and you pick Red Lobster?” So we came up with a list of nice places to go, and she ended up choosing Marly’s. I was worried she and my mom wouldn’t like it, but actually everyone loved their dinners! And we ended up eating a lot – plus dessert! I had the hanger steak with corn and edamame risotto that I got when GG and I were there for Valentine’s Day – and I need to figure out how to make that risotto! It was so much more flavorful and creamy than when I do it at home! Afterward we walked down the block to a little gift shop, then we drove home through the park and saw tons of deer – including little babies!

Also, I ordered a purse online from Shop Suey yesterday. It was a little more than I usually spend on purses (still cheap, since most of mine come from Ross or Target!), but I justified it by figuring that if I sell 2-3 Waldo hats this season, I’ve covered the cost! (And speaking of purses, for her birthday, my mom got my grandmother this beautiful red Brighton tote. Not my style, but perfect for Gramom! And the cutest part was that she kept talking about how much her cousin would like it the next time she went to visit her – haha!)

2 comments on “License Pictures, B-Day Dinner, Purses

  1. I thought about making some waldo hats too this year…but yours are much cuter!

    And hey–be nice when you talk about The Lob! We love Red Lobster. I know it was a cheesy chain in the 80s but we went there a few times and had THEEEEE BEST food EVERRRR!

    • LOL, “The Lob?!” I don’t eat seafood, and their non-seafood selection leaves a lot to be desired… so I’ve only ever had bad experiences there. If that’s where she really wanted to go we would have taken her there, but I think she just didn’t want to be a hassle for us, you know how grandmas are :o)

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