Clean House

Just out of curiosity, I turned on my “broken” modem tonight, and… it’s not broken. So I’m back in business. (Unfortunately, our host doesn’t quite have its act back together, so Dear Diesel is still MIA.

GG and I went to see The Devil Wears Prada last night. It was good! Except, after Andy is asked to go to Paris, it’s just sad sad sad until the very end. I’d like to read the book now, because Julie told me that Miranda actually does much worse things than what she does in the movie.

I spent most of today with Jess, helping her clean out her kitchen. I have to say, she made it really easy for me, because she was eager to clean, and didn’t have a problem getting rid of a lot of stuff. We filled up a huge trash bag, plus I listed a ton of stuff on Freecycle to give away.

Before (not too bad – most of the mess was in the cabinets)

After clearing out all the drawers and cabinets, and straightening up the pantry, we figured out what organizing supplies she needed, and then went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Lowes, and Ikea to find what we were looking for. (I think Jess was especially excited to have found the perfect recycle bin at Ikea!)

The pantry after (notice the recycling bin – perfect fit!)

You can see some more photos on my flickr page

The kitchen after

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