“There’s no rules, it’s just cheese.”

I was watching an episode of Foodography about cheese, and realized that cheese is really the one type of food that I have no reservations about. I will try any type of cheese. I like hard cheese, soft cheese, sharp, mild, goat, cow, sheep, runny, herbed, blue, crumbly… Anything. I have never had a cheese I don’t like. Even if I don’t love it, I can at least eat it.

There is a place in Chicago called Bin 36 where they will just feed you cheese, like a wine tasting but of cheeses, and oh my gosh, I want to go someplace like this! Anyone know if there is anywhere in the Philly area that does anything like this? I know we have Di Bruno Brothers, but I feel bad going there, or to any cheese shop, just to taste test various cheeses. Yes, that’s what they’re there for, and I’m sure they’re happy to help people find just the right cheese, but I feel like I’m taking too much of their time or something.

…And as I write this I’m snacking on a bit of Manchego I picked up on my last supermarket trip. Mmm, salty Spanish sheep’s milk cheese…

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