Server Crash, “Songs of Peace,” Concerned Cats, Project Runway

Well, the web sites are slowly coming back up, but apparently all the data was lost because the backup files became corrupted. This totally sucks for Dear Diesel because the entire website was a WordPress blog, so the database and all her posts are gone. But I have her Theme files, at least, so I’ll just set up a new blog tonight and she can start over. At least the site was only about a month old, so not too much was lost. And now I know how to back up a WP database (thanks TJ!), so from now on, we can do that. Although I really hope this does not happen again.

Last night was our very last band concert of the season. It was at this Quaker place, and since they’re pacifists they request “songs of peace,” so basically, no patriotic stuff. So we couldn’t even close with Stars and Stripes Forever, like we usually do. But it was still a nice concert. A bunch of people were going out to a restaurant afterwards, but I really didn’t feel like being social, so I drove myself there (instead of my usual carpool), and brought my grandmother with me.

GG will be home tomorrow!!! I’m so excited, and so are the cats – they have been so confused since he’s been gone. Even if he’s just gone for a day, they often act weird and concerned. Especially Katrina, she is so cute! She looks up at me with so much concern in her face, and mews as if she’s saying, “Where’s GG? I haven’t seen him lately. Is he okay?” Anyway, I had all these things I wanted to do this week while he was gone, like clean the kitchen and clean all the junk in and on my dresser… Well, I did the dresser, but the kitchen is still a wreck – about 45% of the table is still covered with wedding gifts that need homes.

I was again ticked off at Project Runway last night. Why does retarded Angela get to stay every time?! I don’t know if they’re trying to make her or Vincent the Wendy Pepper of the season, but I really really hope neither of them makes it to the final three. Also, next week is apparently the big thing everyone’s been waiting for – someone gets kicked off the show! (Like, for reasons other than losing a challenge.) We’ll be down in Virginia next week, but they have cable, so hopefully I can remember to be home Wednesday night to catch it … but if not, it’s not like Bravo won’t repeat the episode about 9,000 times. I just want to see it ASAP! (Rumors are that it’s Keith! I liked him at first, but now he’s just annoying.)

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