“When it rains it snows, I wonder why…”

Wow, my first official day in my new job and I’m already getting overloaded. I love it! Except I have lots of business travel coming up and it’s kind of cutting into my personal vacation plans, but hey, we didn’t need to go on a vacation anyway. I also learned a whole new component of my job today that’s actually a lot easier than I thought. My counterpart from another group in our department (who I’ve been working with for a while anyway) is such a good teacher! He throws in all these other little tidbits that are just the sort of things I’m interested in. And I think he’s glad that I got this job – while he was showing me how this system worked, I asked a “Why can’t we do ___?” question, and he was all excited to finally have someone else who “gets it” when it comes to technology :o)

Alsoooo, we got some really good money news today. Not, like, crazy good, but reassurance that we’re on the right life-path and that we’re realistic. True blog fans might be able to guess what I’m talking about. It has to do with the V.E.T.

And finally, I got fed up with all the spam comments again and installed a new CAPTCHA plugin. I tested it out and it seems good – hopefully it’s a little more user friendly than the last one, even; I know some people had problems with that one anyway. Let me know if you have any issues.

2 comments on ““When it rains it snows, I wonder why…”

  1. YES! I can comment again! YEE HAW!

    Glad to hear you are adjusting to the new job. It sucks to re-arrange your personal schedule to accommodate some stuff but then again, that is basically how my life is so I can sympathize.

  2. Considering how little I’ve traveled in the past year (when I thought it was going to happen a lot more), I figure I’m due for some business trips. And a lot of things just happened to occur all at once (training sessions, department meetings). I don’t think it’ll always be like this… I hope!

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