Cars and Cats

GG got his car yesterday! Except… he doesn’t own it yet. For reasons I don’t understand, the dealership has some “courtesy” service where they let you take the car even before your loan has been fully approved. And they now own his old car. I would want to wait until everything is approved and I actually own the car before I leave my old one and pick up the new one, but… I’m not the one buying a car.

Last night we went to GG’s previous drummer’s house for dinner. They have two very cool cats that they were trying to give away a while ago – actually, if GG and I had been ready for cats at that point, we probably would have taken them. Well instead, we ended up with Ivan and Katrina, and the drummer and his family still have their cats, Ben and Jerry. They’re a brother and sister, the same age as our cats. So apparently, he’s actually still trying to find them another home, because they have a 10 year old son and they just had another baby, and they feel like they don’t spend enough time playing with the cats or anything. Which is sort of sad, but the longer we stayed there and saw how awesome these cats were, the more we considered bringing Ivan and Katrina home two friends. I still don’t know… if someone said I had to double the number of cats I own, right now, I would take those two, definitely. But… four cats is quite a lot, and our house isn’t all that big, and really Ivan and Katrina have just gotten used to me and GG finally, so I’d hate to destroy their world again so soon.

When we got home, I took off the sweater I’d been wearing (that was covered with Jerry’s fur) and put it on the floor for the cats to smell. Katrina kind of sniffed at it, but Ivan was all over it, sniffing and giving me concerned looks, like, “Are these cats here?!”

I don’t know, as awesome as they are, I don’t think we should get two more cats, at least night right now. Also, even though their current owners say they don’t have the time for cats and don’t feel like they’re giving them enough attention, they do seem happy there, and last night they sure were getting attention from everyone. So I would feel kind of bad taking someone else’s pets.

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