Crossed Off the Color-Coded Spreadsheet

I had a super productive weekend. GG was away for the weekend, so while I was home by myself I did a bunch of work around the house that we’d been putting off (for, oh, five years…).

On Friday night I was going to start painting stuff, but first I had to stop at a couple places on my way home, and then make dinner. I was just so exhausted after the crazy week I had, I passed out on the couch for three or four hours after that. Okay, so Friday night was out.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early and decided that I wouldn’t let myself do anything else until I’d painted this big unfinished wall in the basement. (The other walls are all drywalled, but this one was concrete with peeling paint on it.) I didn’t bring my camera down so I didn’t get any really good before and after pics, but here are a couple shots from my cell phone. Anyway, I was down there all morning, just listening to NPR, and didn’t come up until 1 PM, when I finally got a shower.



I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, though I did take a break from that later to finally paint the bi-fold doors covering our washer and dryer. We had new doors put on about three years ago, but I never painted them, so they just had that matte primer finish, and had gotten all grimey and dirty. Now they’re semi-gloss white, and look great! GG said it looked like we had brand-new doors!

On Sunday I got up early to go out and do all my errands, so I could spend the rest of the day working at home. I went food shopping, and got yarn to make a custom hat someone ordered (yes, I started listing stuff on Etsy again last week, and sold two hats last week, plus had more custom requests). I came home, had lunch, and made my hat. Then I went back to the basement to paint one more section of wall I hadn’t done the day before. When GG got home, he helped me move some furniture so I could paint the last of the pipes in our living room that I did to match our walls. They look so nice now – yet another project that’s taken five years to do. Then we spent the rest of the evening in the living room, with our laptops, watching TV, until I fell asleep and decided to go up to bed.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress this weekend. I combined all our little to-do lists onto one big spreadsheet, and we really just have a couple little things to do, plus a few bigger things. I keep thinking of stuff to add, though..!

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