“Blawn aawn?”

I found out why my posts here haven’t been numbered consecutively since I upgraded to WP3.0. Apparently this version gives a new number to various things (uploaded media, previews, autosaves, etc.), so the numbers of published posts will no longer be consecutive. How is that a good idea? I don’t get it. Oh well.

Yesterday I used the handicapped stall in the bathroom of my new building for the first time. I’d been avoiding it because I always feel guilty – what if an actual handicapped person comes in? But it was the only one open yesterday, so I used it. I’ve never actually seen a person in a wheelchair at this entire site, let alone this building, so I think it’ll be okay. (The bathroom where I was before didn’t have a handicapped stall – I guess they are supposed to roll over to this one – so this hasn’t been an issue until now.)

Very Exciting Thing! starts tomorrow. I am very excited!

And finally, this cartoon totally cracked me up this morning. “GLOM GLOM!” But yes, they somehow find ways to do these things even with regular-sized arms, don’t they?

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