Humid Concert Weekend

I had a hot and busy weekend. Because of last weekend’s rain, we ended up having three concerts in four days.

On Thursday night we had the most (or maybe second most) uncomfortable concert I’ve ever played in. It was hot and incredibly humid, with no breeze or anything. Plus we were on a stage at this park, with hot lights on us. I was surprised how many people were actually in the audience, it was so opressive out.

Friday after work I was free, so I just did a bunch of stuff around the house I’d been meaning to do. Also, my unpaper towels arrived, and I went to Ikea and got a basket to keep them in. It’s a nice woven basket, and I think it’s supposed to be an office supply, but it’s the perfect size to lay them all in a flat pile, so I don’t even have to fold them to put them away.

On Saturday, GG and I went to the farmers’ market and the supermarket, and then took a brief nap before I had to get ready and leave for my concert, which was about an hour west. This place has us play literally in a field – there is no shelter or any sort of acoustics. We were horrible. However, the audience probably didn’t notice because they wanted to sit in the shade under trees about 50 yards away. Before the second half we convinced some of them that it had cooled off enough for them to come sit closer. But mostly that venue is just weird. And someone needs to come teach them how to be an audience, because they are just really bad at it.

Yesterday was our final concert of the summer. This one is about an hour north, and these people know how to be an awesome audience! They make the drive up there worth it, and make up for the people out west. It was still hot and humid, but there was a nice breeze. Actually, the wind picked up a bit at times, and blew around a lot of music. Luckily, I have a pretty good set-up now with my heavy music stand and plastic sheet, so I wasn’t worried about any of my stuff blowing away.

I’m slowly working my way through When You Are Englufed in Flames. It’s hilarious, which I thought would be a problem because I usually read before bed, and I was worried that laughing would not be conducive to sleep. I underestimated my awesome sleeping abilities, because I can get through about one chapter, but when I start a second one, I zonk right out. It’s taken me a week to get halfway through what should be a quick read. I am definitely enjoying it, though.

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