I Don’t Have a Moustache

Yesterday I went to get my eyebrows threaded. It had been a while since my last visit to the eyebrow lady, even tweezing at home I was getting a bit shaggy. As she leaned over my face, she asked, “Eyebrows and lip?” And I said, “No, just my eyebrows.” “Really? You really need to do your lip.” I just chuckled and said I’d never done anything with my lip, and please just do my eyebrows. When I got home, I examined my face very carefully in the mirror. Yes, I can see hairs on my upper lip when the sun hits me the right way, but I can see them on the rest of my face, too. You have to look really hard, and they’re so fine and light blonde, I’m not worried. I asked GG if he thought I had a moustache and he looked at me like I was crazy. So there, eyebrow lady. This isnt’t the first time I had a problem with her. But she does a good job, so I keep going back…

Today at work we’re having this lunch thing with the senior management of our group, who were all in town for an all-day meeting. Some of us were not invited until the last minute, so I didn’t know until like Monday that I was going (and we’re supposed to prepare a brief talk on what we’re working on). Then they changed the time of the meeting. Then we found out the head of the organization isn’t coming after all, because of some problems with her flight here. So… Just another typical meeting around here.

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