Polo Party 2.0

I finished up my busy weekend by going out to Lancaster for our second (hopefully) annual Polo Party. You might remember when I went last year. A bunch of us got together to watch a polo game and tailgate. We actually had quite a large crowd there, and a good set-up with tables, a tent, a grill for burgers and hot dogs, and tons of food! Luckily, the humidity of last week went away, as did the rain and storms of the previous two days. Yes, the grass was a little brown, but we had a nice shady spot and it was a gorgeous day, and lots of fun to get together with my friends!

Some of our group (including Winnetou [Vinny], Dan’s new puppy)

Apparently there was some sort of game going on while we were there

“The Bubble Queens” had a reserved spot next to us – their set-up includes tablecloths, coordinating colorful food displays, games, a blender for making drinks, and a pool in the back of their truck

This is totally juvenile, but during the game, the horses all came running past where we were sitting, and one of them passed gas, really loudly. It was right in front of our group and everyone heard it and started laughing. Later that night, when GG and I were about to go to sleep, he started talking about it again. He said it was something he’d never forget: the Challenger blowing up, 9/11, and the horse farting.

While we were out there, Jess called to tell me she’d heard there was a big fire in our town. She didn’t realize we were an hour away. So then she kept calling me with updates from the local news. It was at a candle factory (how ironic) a few blocks from our house, about a 1/4 mile away. By the time we got home, the firefighters had things pretty much under control, but there was still lots of smoke and hoses and trucks and stuff everywhere. We walked over to check it out. The latest we heard was that it was a 13 alarm fire!

Lots of fire trucks from all over, and hoses running through the streets

As we moved further from the scene, you could see more smoke in the sky

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