• GG got some bad news at the end of March and April started a new and hopefully ultimately positive and exciting chapter of our lives/year.
  • We did Easter Brunch with my family at our current favorite local brunch spot (those Eggs Benedict, mmm!), followed by Easter Dinner with GG’s family, which, like most holidays, was a lot of food for one day!
  • Celebrated National Cheese Fondue Day at The Melting Pot; I signed up for their “fondue club” or whatever, and learned of a special member deal they were doing. I do love me some cheese…
  • Spent a very hipster night out in Philly to celebrate GG’s friend’s birthday – we went to Barcade, Johnny Brenda’s, and Frankford Hall. Because it was the first gorgeous weekend day of the year, these places were all packed. If nothing else, Frankford Hall totally sold me on building my own fire pit at home ASAP.
  • GG took his annual plane trip to visit friends out of state, and I stayed home and enjoyed having the place to myself for a week ;o)
  • We saw TMBG in Philly!! I know, the last time we saw them at the TLA we decided we were too old (or their new child fans were too inconsiderate and unaware), but we decided to give it another try. We actually had a decent time. It was “An Evening With TMBG,” so there was no opening act, just two long TMBG sets. They played a lot of their new Dial-A-Song tunes, but it turns out that “Glean” is a great album, and they meshed well with their other classic songs. Stage banter was fabulous – I was so glad there were no sock puppets! But I loved the phone calls from Mama and Papa TMBG (including callbacks to earlier jokes, like a warehouse full of all the rats’ asses they don’t give about flash photography). We met up with a guy GG knows while we were waiting in line, so we had someone else to chat with. There were a few annoying kids (like, teenagers, and actual kids who were there with their parents even though this was explicitly not a kids’ show), but all-in-all, it was a good night. This was my 13th TMBG show!
  • Went to a breast cancer fundraiser/fashion show with my breast cancer survivor friend J :o) It was a really nice venue, nice set-up and decor, little bar when you came in, the fashion show was fun, good raffle prizes, etc. but, we were told there would be brunch. They finally served everyone a small wedge of quiche and a handful of lettuce leaves, and… that was it. They collected our plates and there was nothing more. Everyone at our table was like, “Was that it?” (They did eventually release us for cookies and coffee/tea :o/)
  • I read Growing Up Duggar and tweeted my thoughts as I went through it. If you are a fan (or anti-fan) of the Duggars and don’t follow me on Twitter, you’re really missing out. I have a bunch of followers who basically like me just for my Tuesday night live commentary of the show.

Beauty Reviews

A few things I’ve been using recently…

Jamberry_IndulgenceJamberry Indulgence Hand Care Set: If you read my nail blog, then you know that for all the funky manicures I do, I just cannot get Jamberry wraps to stay on my fingers. I don’t have the patience to wear the same design for two weeks, anyway! So I’ve given up on the wraps, but a number of my friends are selling Jamberry now and I want to support them, so I’m trying their hand and nail care products. This is a nice kit, with four different components:

  • You start by washing your hands with the biotin-enriched Cleanse soap. It has a nice scent, but it’s a teeny bottle. Also, it’s apparently a “bonus” item with this kit, so don’t expect to have it always.
  • Next comes my favorite part, the Buff exfoliating sugar scrub. A note on the web site told me that due to the cold temperatures during shipping, the coconut oil in it may solidify, and it can be revived by running under warm water. What they don’t say is that it requires a long soak in very hot water to be able to dispense it from the tube, and it will re-solidify every time. So now using this stuff requires some planning, as I need to get it to a point where I can get it out of the tube. That said, this is the best product in the box. If they tinker with the formula, so it doesn’t turn into a solid chunk every time, I would buy this by itself for sure. Probably the best hand scrub I’ve ever used.
  • The Nourish hand cream is used next, and meh – it’s a nice smelling lotion. I have other hand lotions I like. It’s fine, but nothing to write home about. Not greasy, which is a plus.
  • Finally, you apply the Quench cuticle cream. This stuff is great, and I’ve used it on its own without going through the rest of the routine. It helps to warm it up a little, too (you can just hold it in a pocket while you’re getting ready), but it goes on nicely and really hydrates your dry spots. Definitely the runner-up product in this set.

So would I buy the whole set again? Probably not. If Buff and maybe Quench were available separately, I would probably purchase them. I’d definitely get Buff if it were reformulated so it didn’t harden in the tube, or maybe if it were packaged in a jar so you could dig out a scoop and warm it up in your hands.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows and Pigments: I tried these based on the review of another blogger I follow, before I realized that they’d been popping up everywhere a few months earlier. I am totally hooked! They’re amazing. I am mostly sticking to the more neutral colors (Girl Crush is amazing, as are the other browns and grays I’ve tried), but I have a couple of the more colorful, sparkly ones (Rex is a gorgeous blue, and Lace is a beautiful, rich purple). The texture is fabulous, they last all day, and once you get the hang of applying with your finger, they’re easy to apply and blend. You can use a brush, too, though I would just use it to blend once it’s already on. I will say, the container is a little misleading – the actual pot of color fell out of one of mine, and it’s not even 1/4 the depth of the white container, so don’t be surprised when you reach the bottom. On the plus side, these are only supposed to last a year once opened, so I guess this will ensure that you keep them fresh.

ColourPop Lippie Stix and Pencils: I do not recommend these :o( The colors are great, and I’ve tried a few of them, but they are just a mess. I have Button (a nice nude), Lumiere (a neutral everyone raves about because it looks good on everybody, but somehow it really just ages my face), and Heart On (a gorgeous magenta that I continue to try to wear because I’m obsessed with it). They go on nicely and have a nice vanilla kind of scent. That’s where the positives end. They then smudge all over your face, slide off your lips, and look like a disaster. I have two of the matching pencils, thinking that would help keep the color in place, but I think they just make things worse. (Also, the pencils come in a plastic tube that you need to sharpen? They don’t just twist up…) My best tip is to apply a small amount in the center of your lip and then spread it with your finger.