“You want me, baby, I dare you, try and tear me down”

OMG, I updated my WordPress theme! I have been wanting to change it for a long time, but never got around to it (see also: the frequency with which I update this blog!). Lots has changed in the last 8.5 (OMG!!) years – it’s way easier now to install and customize a theme. Why did I wait so long?!

While I’m in an updating mood, let me tell you what’s been going on lately. I had my band concert at the beginning of the month. It was fine. Usually there is at least one piece that I’m really excited to play, and even if I don’t like all our selections at the beginning of the season, several more will grow on me. However, that never happened this spring. So I guess it went well, I just didn’t particularly care :o/ Afterward, GG and I took my grandmom out for dinner, which also counted as her Mother’s Day celebration, because I couldn’t coordinate a time with her and my mom to celebrate.

The following weekend, GG and I were supposed to go to this bacon festival, but it’s been postponed until October! (Based on feedback about another bacon festival that took place the weekend before, it sounded like that was a good idea, so they could have enough time to better organize the event.) Then it turned out that my brother was going to be in town on Mother’s Day, so I did end up seeing my grandmom, and my mom, when we all got together for hoagies.

The weekend after that was opening day for our local farmer’s market, plus it was the day of the compost bin and rain barrel sale for our county, so I went with GG and finally got my compost bin (I’ve wanted one for a few years, but was never able to go to the sale)! And we hit up the farmer’s market and checked out some new vendors. On Sunday, MB and I went to New York to see “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” with Neil Patrick Harris on Broadway! She called me after her birthday party to tell me that some of her coworkers had given her a pair of tickets, and I started telling her about the show and what a great time she and A would have. Then she was like, “Actually, he doesn’t want to go… so do you want to go with me?” Um, yes! Besides the craziest blister I’ve ever gotten, we had an awesome day! The weather was perfect, we picked up some gourmet macarons before the show, the show was amazing, we got dinner afterward at a neat Belgian restaurant, and everything worked out with getting the train to and from NYC. Loved hanging out with my chicklet for the day!

So now we’re coming up to the end of May already, which I can’t believe! My goals for Memorial Day weekend are to put my office back together (I’m reorganizing after getting a new desk and rearranging the furniture a little, but I think it’s going to take a little longer than I intended…) and finish some freelance design work (which might also take longer than intended, because I am missing a key piece of info from my client, who is now on vacation). Other than that, I am just relaxing, because June is going to be crazy!

My Third Stitch Fix

I’d been wanting to try another Stitch Fix, but their wait times were redonk (like almost two months!) so I didn’t bother. However, I randomly checked one night and the wait was more like a little less than a month, so I decided to schedule one. If you missed it previously, I’ve tried this service twice, earlier this year. The first time was a total miss, and the second time I kept three out of five pieces (a jacket, a top, and a necklace). For this mid-May Fix, I asked for pieces that I could wear on an upcoming business trip and/or our anniversary overnight trip.

As has become my M.O., I went ahead and googled everything in my box after it shipped, to try to get a sneak peek. I couldn’t find the necklace (but a rhinestone necklace? come on), but I did find all the tops, and it looked like a lot of loose, dolman sleeved, twist front type stuff. I tried to make it abundantly clear that I wanted things that would fit my curves, so I figured I would reserve any judgement until I actually tried everything on.

My first thought upon reading my stylist note and seeing the items in person? I am so happy I finally got a stylist who understands me! Darien referenced the anniversary trip in her note (no mention of my business trip, but that’s fine because it’s since been cancelled!), and understands where I need things to fit! Had everything fit well, I might have kept it all (and gotten the 25% discount)! However, I had to be a little more judicious, so I just made a couple selections. But overall I’m really happy with this box and this stylist!

Tart “Eames Gathered Waist Short Sleeve Shirt” – $58
Best thing in the box. I love the bright blue color, I love the soft jersey fabric, and I love that the waist is nipped in. Of course, it’s also the most expensive thing in the box… Keep.

Loveappella “Janie Cross-Front Dolman Sleeve Knit Top” – $54
Marlyn Schiff “Rylin Rhinestone Teardrop Pendant Necklace” – $42

Not my usual color or style, but I wanted to give it a shot. Definitely needs a tank or something worn under it. For some reason it kind of reminds me of a maternity shirt (maybe the “belly band” part of it), but I do like the way it fits, and I think it’ll be fun for my trip and for going out this summer. Keep.
I love the necklace, and had it been in the $20-or-less range I would have kept it (or if all four tops had fit me, I would have kept it to get the discount), but I am not paying that much for something that feels cheap and I could get somewhere else for much less. Return. (Side note: the chain was horribly tangled when I received this. They maybe need to package necklaces differently.)

Renee C “Malcolm Striped Dolman Sleeve Knit Shirt” – $48
I was actually really excited for this one, it looked like something fun and casual to wear this spring, but the openings of the sleeves are weirdly tight, and there is no stretch to the fabric at all! Since I can’t get the sleeves to the right spot on my arms, the whole thing just ends up fitting very strangely was was kind of uncomfortable. Too bad! Return.

41Hawthorn “Milano Twist-Front Crew Neck Knit Top” – $54
This was one that I’d seen in other people’s fixes, and I really was not sure that it would not look good on someone who is not a stick. I tried it on by itself, and there were way too many lumps and bumps. So I pulled out a secret weapon (my Ruby Ribbon cami!) and tried again. This helped a lot, but the shirt is still so… strange. And kind of requires a lot of fiddling to get all the foldy parts right. And is really long. And is long-sleeved?! (The fabric is so soft, though!) Seeing it in this photo just sealed its fate for me. Return.

So overall, I kept 2 out of 5 items, which isn’t amazing, but I liked everything and would have kept the whole box if it had worked out.