“Yeah, you’re all gonna be in this experimental film”

  • Had an all-day workshop at work on Valentine’s Day, but at least I didn’t have to travel to New York City for it, as originally suggested. The whole thing went pretty well, but I ended the day with a major headache and just went home and crashed.
  • Went out for a nice Valentines dinner on Friday night, to a local restaurant we hadn’t been to before. It was nice, but I don’t know if I would go back. Among other things, I asked for my steak well done and it was bright red and bloody throughout. And I ordered the raspberry sorbet for dessert and they brought out a giant bowl with at least a pint of sorbet in it. It was like they took a whole container and dumped it into the bowl as a joke. Also we were accosted by a man in a bear costume on our way out (it is next door to a theater, and they were about to put on an outdoor show).
  • For two weeks in a row, I had 33% savings on our weekly food shopping (I would like to thank Extreme Couponers). Then last week, GG came shopping with me, and our savings was 9%. Boo.
  • We went to the Franklin Institute on Presidents’ Day to see the Titanic exhibit. It was very good. But I underestimated the amount of kids that would be there… Of course there were lots of kids, they had the day off school and their parents wanted to take them somewhere educational. We were the only adults there without kids of our own. We did go through the rest of the museum anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Bloodmobile playing near the heart exhibit! (Of course, now that I’m looking at the wiki, I see it was written for the Franklin Institute!)
  • My side job is going extremely well, and this has been an especially exciting couple of weeks. I have lots of exciting plans in the works and am making great connections, which is really the best part of all.
  • I got discount tickets so we went to the local Home Show at the expo center, which we should really stop doing. It’s like being in a live version of those coupon packets you get in the mail every couple weeks for gutter guards and replacement windows. Except they’re in person and talking to you. We don’t need any of that. There was a stand with some dip mixes, which I am a fan of, and someone selling hot pickles, which GG went nuts over, so we didn’t leave empty handed.
  • We had kind of an “oppressed peoples movie night” last night. GG rented “The Help,” which we watched over dinner. It was pretty good. I liked that they didn’t change too much from the book, though there were a lot of things left out (for the sake of time, I’m sure). Then I had to go make some phone calls, and when I got back, GG had “Schindler’s List” on, so I watched the end of that as well.

“When I got the call, I thought it’d be a snow day”

Another month, another set of bullet-point updates…

  • I watched the 30 Rock finale twice. I was delighted by the ending the first time. The second time I really watched it and realized that everyone saying their goodbyes to each other was actually how they really felt about the actual show ending, and I did get a little misty…
  • Watched the Super Bowl at home again, which is really the best way to do it because nobody’s interrupting the commercials. I actually paused the football parts, went and did stuff around the house, then came back to the TV and fast forwarded until I caught up to the commercials! (My favorites: Doritos with the goat!, genie granting wishes, old people getting Taco Bell, the one with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, and anything with a panda.)
  • I was a little concerned about Katrina last week, because she was throwing up every time she ate. They all throw up a lot, so it wasn’t that unusual at first. And the first couple times, there were hairballs among the food she threw up, so I figured it was a hairball issue. But then she threw up a couple times without hairballs, and at that point it was like the third day of this, so I started to worry. Since she pretty much had no food in her stomach, I decided to see if she’d eat some straight tuna. She wolfed that stuff down and had no problem keeping it down! I sat with her all day (was working from home), and she didn’t throw up a thing, and hasn’t since. So… I think she was just being a brat and staging a protest against cat food.
  • Survived the “blizzard” this weekend, which really turned out to be nothing here, but a lot of my co-workers in CT are still digging out from 2-3 feet of snow (not to mention power outages)! Heard we might be getting another storm next week though… Ugh. Weather is so inconvenient.
  • Keeping up with my 2013 goals: about to finish my fourth book of the year, blogging more regularly… Didn’t send any notes last month, but felt weird about it since we just did Christmas cards. I’ll do double for February to make up for it.

One last note, I’ve started getting these terrible headaches when the weather changes. I often get a headache on rainy days, but the last two times it’s snowed now, I’ve gotten the most horrible migraine (seeing lights, feeling like I’m going to throw up, etc.). I assume this is related to the barometric pressure. I’ve seen a lot of friends mentioning that they’re getting headaches when it snows, too. Not cool, body, not cool…