Bad Week and Oddities

This week started out to be so promising, and then it turned out kind of horribly.

There’s been more “band drama,” which just makes band un-fun to me. Really, all I want to do is play music and have a good time. I have enjoyed being on the board for the past few years (will be seven years at the end of 2011?!), but it’s pointless for me to be there if my opinions are meaningless and I can’t even do anything in my current board position.

Then I have a big project at work that’s finally wrapping up, after four months. I had almost no guidance through this process, which involved developing training with no training development background, for a topic in which I also have no background. Now it turns out that the little bit of guidance I did receive may have been wrong (not the fault of the person who advised me, this thing is seriously like the blind leading the blind), and I have to work over the weekend to try to fix things to stay on target with the timeline.

Add to that the fact that I have no plans for this holiday weekend and my house is so hot. It’s semi-tolerable if you sit still and have the windows open and fan on.

In better news, I found a new favorite TV show. There’s been a marathon of Oddities today, so I’ve been watching it since about 6 AM when I woke up because it was too hot to sleep. (PS: I didn’t fall asleep until about 2 AM because it was too hot to sleep. I also took a brief, hot nap this afternoon.) Not only is the show really interesting, I love seeing how patient and supportive Evan is with some of their more whackadoo customers. The actual shop, Obscura, is in NYC, wouldn’t it be cool if I could visit there the next time I was in the area?!


GG won a contest on Friday night – he’s now the most offensive comedian in Philadelphia! I am very proud of him, of course. We went out for celebratory burgers on Saturday. Other than that, we spent a remarkable amount of time this weekend napping.

Since we have this big joke about pandas at work now, I had to watch this Pandamania special on Animal Planet on Sunday night. Turns out… we made the wrong choice when we selected pandas as our unofficial mascot. Pandas are so dumb. As far as I can tell, they have basically evolved to go extinct. Get this: the show was about that place in China where they’re trying to breed pandas. So first, they have to get the male pandas to exercise (by standing on their hind legs to try to grab food on a stick) so their legs are strong enough. Then, female pandas only ovulate once a year, and there’s a 12-24 hour window for them to get pregnant. So they have this female panda who they think is ready, and a male panda that they think has the best chance of mating with her, and first they put some of her scent on a piece of bamboo to get him interested. But all he wanted to do was eat the bamboo! Then they put them in a cage together, and they just had no clue what to do. They were just wrestling and laying across each other perpindicularly. So they finally decided to artificially inseminate her, but after that, there is no way of telling, hormonally, when a panda is pregnant, so they just had to watch and assume she was. Then, they could give birth anywhere from 3 to 6 months later! No way of knowing when! And they don’t go into labor, they literally just sit there and out pops a baby. So they just have to be watched all the time. So this female panda got pregnant, and popped out her baby, and picked it up right away so it could start nursing – what a good mom, right? Turns out she had twins, a second one popped out (this happens about 50% of the time in the wild), but she totally ignored it. (This also happens in the wild – the mother panda will just let one of them die and take care of the other one. They said it’s because they get so little energy from bamboo, they know they wouldn’t be able to nurse two babies. Hey pandas, maybe diversify and eat something more than bamboo?!) So to save the second baby, the keepers took it and put it in an incubator. Ten times a day, they will distract the mom with some honey water and switch out the babies, so they both get to be with her and nurse and stuff. And she doesn’t have a clue.

What else have I been watching lately? Parks and Recreation finale (cliffhangers galore! But mostly I want to know, who is Tammy 1?), The Office finale (“BOBODDY, what does the first B stand for?”), Dresscue Me (can’t stand the woman, though: “I’m looking for a dress for a wedding.” “Are you having problems with a man?!”), SNL finale (can’t go wrong with Justin Timberlake rehashing popular sketches, and Stefon’s summer plans: “It’s that thing of when a beach is covered in jellyfish and a sunburned old man braids your hair.”), Strange Sex (the feeder/feedee relationship – he realizes he’s killing her, right?), Extreme Couponing (no comment), My Cat from Hell (I’m on board with everything he does, except why does he carry his stuff around in a guitar case?)… That’s about it.

I don’t sound so good, do I have a cold?

I’ve had a cold for the past week. I could actually feel it coming on as I walked out the door from work on Friday. I got through our dress rehearsal Friday night and concert Saturday afternoon, but by dinnertime I was ready to call it quits. I worked from home on Monday so I didn’t gross everyone out with my constant nose blowing. Then it turned into coughing, which luckily coincided with my regular Wednesday work-from-home day. I’m finally starting to dry up now. Spring and summer colds are the worst, though. When you have a cold, what’s the first thing you want? Hot tea and a blanket. And when the weather is warm, what’s the last thing you want? Hot tea and a blanket. This is a problem.

Actually, the most annoying part of having a cold was that literally every person I spoke to at work this week (in person and on the phone) made a comment like, “Oh, you don’t sound good, are you sick? You sound congested.” Yes people. I know I am sick. I know you can tell I’m sick. My head is full of mucus. Do you really want to discuss this?

GG and I went to see Bridesmaids today. It was better than I expected, and of course GG was fine with all the chick-flick aspects because he is in love with Kristen Wiig. Someone asked if it was like Baby Mama, and I guess it is, in that it’s a funny movie that also tells a heartfelt story, featuring funny women from SNL (and elsewhere)… and they both have scenes that involve using a sink as a toilet.

PS: There was a parade in front of my house Wednesday morning. I know this because I was working from home at the time. Luckily, I didn’t have any meetings during the parade, it would have been weird to have to explain what all that noise in the background was.

Linky Thursday – 5/12

Close 2 Your Heart Necklace: This is a neat idea if you have a special ring you’d like to wear on a necklace (including your own ring, if you temporarily can’t wear it on your hand). Yes, you could just thread your ring onto a chain, but with this extra piece it will lay flat, I like it.

Cats of War: Cats can survive nine times longer than humans, and they always land on their feet.

Go the F**k to Sleep: Even as a non-parent, I can appreciate this book. “Hell no, you can’t go to the bathroom. You know where you can go? The f*** to sleep.”

The Week in Bullet Points

This week…

  • Checking Twitter on my phone one last time before bed on Sunday night, I saw that the president was about to make some special announcement. So we got up and caught the whole Osama thing.
  • Tally Hall’s new album “Good & Evil” became available for pre-order, but it was a special set that came with a vinyl record and a trophy. I just want a regular CD… so I will wait. Clips of all the tracks were briefly available on Amazon, and I’m super excited! (Also, still very excited for Lonely Island’s “Turtleneck and Chain,” and moderately excited about TMBG’s “Join Us.”)
  • I spent some time wondering how the cats select which spot they’re sleeping in for the day, and why they choose weird and different places every day. Case in point: Katrina almost never goes near the cat tree, this week she was all up in there.
  • Two band practices in one week?!
  • GG made a baby … out of clay … for some upcoming comedy gigs. (You may recall that he did this “fetus in a glass of grenadine” routine a couple years ago when he was doing stand-up. Well, junior is back!)
  • My face holes are healing up but still not ready to appear in public yet. I’m getting pretty good at band-aids, though.
  • “30 Rock” ended its season with a weird reference to “Lost” and potential foreshadowing of the series’ cancellation (?)
  • “Fringe” ended its season with an amazing episode and potential foreshadowing of the series’ cancellation (?) – the glyphs spelled out NO MORE (!)
  • We had a very good band concert on Saturday, but I think this whole “switching from Sunday to Saturday” thing will be short-lived – expect us to go back to Sunday concerts starting next season
  • SNL shockingly made multiple Osama jokes but no references to the Royal Wedding (not even the hats!)
  • I finally caught a cold, but hopefully it goes away as quickly as it came on

Heat, Hacking, Hats, and a Tiny Baby

This past week it suddenly turned super hot and humid. However, I refuse to set up our air conditioners this early in the season, so we just suffered through it. It wasn’t that bad, if you just sat still and had a fan and a cool drink. I usually like going to work in the summertime to take advantage of the air conditioning there, but they apparently also decided not to turn it on this soon, so it was humid and gross in the office, too. Things finally cooled off by Friday, after some rain. Thank goodness, I’m not ready for it to be summer yet!

I got my face hacked up at the dermatologist (okay, she sliced off a mole and a pair of freckles), and I’ve spent every day since trying different types of bandages to find ones that are unobtrusive and will stay in place in an awkward spot. So far, I’ve been pretty disappointed. But we now have a large collection of various bandages for future cuts!

What did I think of Michael Scott’s last episode of The Office? Glad you asked. It was cute, but I did not cry or anything. The only scenes that really “got to me” at all were when he talked to Jim, and when he took off his microphone. Also, spoiler alert, apparently they started setting up something that’s going to be a secret revelation at the end of the season. I’ve read a few theories of what it might be, but the one that sounds the best and is my personal favorite is that Phyllis is Erin’s mother! (Phyllis mentioned that she gave away a baby, and we know Erin is an orphan and mentioned this week that she wishes she’d had a mom.) Hmm..! And Deangelo is turning out to be super weird, so I can’t wait to see how they close out that storyline. Also, the one and only Tom Brislin told me he enjoys my live tweeting of SNL and NBC’s Thursday shows :o) This week’s Fringe was also awesome, but the end left me so confused, and I won’t be able to watch the next episode next Friday night! So hopefully I can catch it online over the weekend!

I did not get sucked into any of the Royal Wedding Madness, but at work on Friday it was literally all anyone was talking about. I did spend some time looking at the hats, which are bizarrely fascinating. But seriously, at one point there were three different conversations going on around me, all about the wedding. And this new guy who sits in the office next to me started every phone call with some wedding small talk, and greeted visitors with, “Happy Royal Wedding Friday!”

GG and I had a fun Saturday visiting with MB and A to celebrate MB’s birthday and meet their baby! She is so cute, tiny, and squirmy. I held her for probably about an hour while she slept (and occasionally wiggled), which is definitely the longest time I’ve ever continuously held a baby. She’s a very good baby, despite spitting up a number of times, including one pretty awesome projectile episode. They made us a fabulous dinner, and it was great to get the boys together for another playdate. It’s a good thing the baby is so good at sleeping, what with A’s new interest in the electric guitar!

And finally, here’s some gratuitous kitty pictures!