This Week…

Monday: Both GG and I had the day off for Presidents’ Day. But not all of our sites were closed for the holiday and people were expecting me to get stuff done, so I ended up working from home for much of the day. I was supposed to meet up with a coworker coming from out of town for dinner, but her plane ended up being delayed and she didn’t get in until late, so instead GG and I went out with his old boss and his wife. I kind of didn’t want to go, but actually they were very cool.

Tuesday: My busy week at work started out with an overnight snowstorm, so GG and I had to shovel out early. When I got to work, it was literally non-stop meetings. I was expected in meetings I hadn’t even been invited to, which was a blast. Apparently they were asking me questions and I wasn’t there – someone finally forwarded me the teleconference information five minutes before the meeting ended so I could dial in and answer. I was invited to another 90 minute meeting over lunch, but they did provide pizza :o) And a half-hour phone call to discuss setting up some training appointments turned into another 90 minutes on the phone.

After work, a couple of us went out with our visitors for sushi. Well, they all ate sushi, I had tempura chicken and vegetables since I don’t eat seafood. (But I wish I did – it looked good!) We had a great time.

Wednesday: I spent the day in a conference room with a few coworkers, testing computer-based training courses. Late in the day, things slowed down, but we expected more to come in so we decided to hunker down, ordered in food, and got to work. I finally left a little after 8 PM, because there was nothing more for me to do, and I hope everyone else headed out soon after! Luckily, I’d already been planning not to go to band practice this week.

Thursday: I moved desks – again – and now sit closer to the rest of my group, yay! I actually arrived before my boxes had been moved, so since I was just moving four desks away from my old spot, I moved them myself and had everything unpacked and set up before the moving guy turned up.

Spent the day locked up in a conference room again testing courses, except there wasn’t much for us to test all day. We were told we should go out for dinner and by the time we got back, there should be work for us. Well, we went to the KoP Mall food court (so our visitors could at least say they’d been to the KoP Mall, even though we didn’t have time for an actual meal), and then headed back to the office. When nothing had come in by 8 PM, we agreed to go home, log on to our computers, and wait around until 10 PM before signing off for the night. I had a horrible headache to the point that I couldn’t even form a sentence when I called GG to tell him I was coming home. Well, stuff came in at 9:30 to test. So I was up until a little after 11 testing, then I just crashed.

Friday: A busy day at work, filled with meetings and last minute reminder e-mail distributions, as our big event begins next week! Since we worked late every day this week, and will be working over the weekend, we decided (and were able) to go home at a reasonable hour. I actually was home before the sun had set!

One of our visitors was supposed to fly home tonight and come back on Sunday, but her flight out was canceled and they rescheduled her for Saturday morning, when we would actually need her to be online, and it would be pointless for her to go home for one night. So she canceled her flights and decided to stay here for the weekend, and GG and I went out to dinner with her.

This weekend: work, party, work, and work.

Fried Rice at Hibachi is the Best!

Well, this past week will be the last of my boring weeks for a while. Now for the next month or so I’m going to be extremely busy with work, and busy with parties and showers and stuff on the weekends. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t have much to report this week.

GG and I decided to go out to the Hibachi restaurant for dinner last night. We haven’t done that in quite a while – I really just had a craving for the fried rice there, which is the best. (I’m going to try to make my own at home this week.) Of course, I always forget how awkward it is to go as a couple because they seat you with a table full of random people. So we were at one end of this table that was like six members of an extended family. We mostly just disregarded them. The food was very good, but there was so much of it. I actually have a container of leftover chicken and steak in the fridge right now.

Also this week, I received two face products that I’d ordered. I may do a full “review” post on them after I’ve been using them for a while, but I’ll just mention them now. The first is Hylexin, which a friend of mine was raving about, and I trust her opinion more than online reviews. It sounds like if your dark circles are due to lack of sleep or allergies, it won’t help you, but if you have genetic dark circles, people have great results. I have had dark circles under my eyes since high school, and it doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, so I am hoping that I am a good candidate. Anyway, don’t pay full price for this product, because I found it for much less by shopping around. The other item is the Pretika SonicDermabrasion Facial Brush. I’d been thinking for a while about getting a Clarisonic brush, which everyone says is fabulous, but they’re so expensive (even the less expensive, single-speed Mia model). The Pretika brush also gets great reviews and does seem comparable to the Clarisonic. I’ve been using it twice a day for the past couple days and already notice an improvement in the dry patches on my face (they are bad this winter). The brush does seem a little rough, but I heard they are testing a “gentle” brush head and I wrote to them about it, so maybe I can get one to try out.

I have the day off work tomorrow, but other sites are still open so I do have to do a bit of work. And one of my co-workers will be coming down tomorrow to spend the week, and it’s her birthday, so we are going out for dinner. And then an insane two weeks will kick off..!

Linky Thursday – 2/17

Software Calculates Appearance of the Average Woman in 41 Countries: Very neat! I was sort of waiting for a generic, beige, “United States” woman, but I’m glad they didn’t go there.

Atlas Obscura: Really neat compilation of unusual locations all over the world – but actually, I found a few places right in my own state that I’d like to check out!

Logan Real: I read about this guy in the last issue of Lucky magazine. Look, having a background in art myself, I hate discounting and undervaluing people’s work. But this guy is charging $300 to paint geometric doodads on leathergoods that you provide him?! I don’t think so.

Nobody Said Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Was Easy: Another of my OitO quotes was published this week. This one actually happened very recently – I just heard this incredibly interesting snippet of someone’s conversation as they walked past on their cell phone. Would love to know what was going on there…

Fartin: Speaking of things of mine that were published, I forgot to post this one last week, but I also had a submission published on the new site, Captcha Fails. (If you see any funny captchas, send them in, they need submissions!)

Sweet Valentine’s Surprise

GG and I went out for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and he did the cutest thing! We were seated and the waitress handed us our menus and a printed list of specials. I didn’t even bother looking at that because I already knew what I was going to order. Then GG mentioned something about one of the specials, so I took a look at the list. There was an appetizer listed, then two entrees, and then a special message from GG (a really awesome life-effecting surprise that I won’t mention here, but no, he wasn’t letting me know that I was pregnant)! It was so sweet and such a neat surprise! I was smiling and laughing so much for the rest of the meal!

On Sunday, besides a brief trip to go grocery shopping, we spent literally the entire day on the sofa. It was lovely. Definitely looking forward to the slightly warmer weather this week! And starting next week, my crazy busy month at work begins, so I will enjoy relaxing this week, as well.

Linky Thursday – 2/10

Um, Have You Seen the New Temp?: They published another one of my OitO quotes! Gosh, I don’t even remember submitting this one. It was a couple years ago that people moved to the smaller cubes at work!

Food Network Humor: I found this site via DYAC, and it had me laughing so hard at work I almost started crying. If you are a fan or casual viewer of the Food Network, you will find something here to laugh at, trust me.

NFL Best Fans Ever Super Bowl Commercial – Side by Side: One of the neatest Super Bowl commercials – they took scenes from a bunch of TV shows and edited them to look like they’re wearing football stuff. This video compares the commercial to the original scenes! (I have a problem with it, though – the people on The Office are known to be Eagles fans, not Steelers!)

“Steppin’ Out” – The New Single: Tom Brislin totally tears it up on keyboards on Yes Symphonic Live, and he wants to eat my Christmas cookies. And now he’s covered Joe Jackson!

Day Out with Chicklet, Super Bowl Commercials, a Week Without Snow

On Saturday, MB and A came out for a little visit. A was ready for another guitar lesson with GG, so they retired to the basement while MB and I went out to do girl things. Our first stop was a nearby carpet store that she and A had tried to find on their way to our house, but their directions were all messed up. When I took her there, it turned out that the very first rug we saw was perfect for their family room, so she called A to come over with their car, bought it, and loaded it up! After that, we went over to Zwahlen’s for some hot chocolate (me) and a Yodeler (MB). And then we went to the mall to look at things pregnant ladies like to look at. (Her belly is adorable, by the way.) After a while, we called home to the boys, who had apparently reached the limit of what could be accomplished in a day’s lesson, and they came out and met us for dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen (we refuse to call it CPK), where we had the most energetic! and excited! waiter ever!

I didn’t do anything special for Super Bowl Sunday. GG actually went to his parents’ house for the day, and I ended up staying home to watch the commercials (and doing other stuff during the game). But I had the whole internet to entertain me! Anyway, here are the commercials I wrote down because they amused me:

  • McDonald’s bears
  • LivingSocial lumberjack turning into woman (apparently this was very controversial though!)
  • Audi “escape old luxury” with Kenny G
  • Chevy pickup truck acting like Lassie
  • Bridgestone “reply all” e-mail
  • Old West bar breaking into “Tiny Dancer”
  • Teleflora note “Dear Kim, your rack is unreal” – “my heart told me to”
  • Career Builder monkeys parking a guy in
  • Carmax “feel like a ___ in a ___”
  • Bieber 6G fever “What’s a Bieber?” “Kinda looks like a girl.”
  • reviews
  • Pepsi Max woman’s thoughts vs man’s thoughts
  • Beaver chops down tree to save man who didn’t hit him
  • House refuses churro from child fan, throws cane at him
  • E-Trade baby “bless you, Peppers” sneezing cat

And now we are well into the next week, and it looks like we might actually have a week without a snowstorm! Cross your fingers, because we have a telepresence meeting on Friday that’s already been postponed 2-3 times due to busy schedules and bad weather!

Buncha Bad Stuff… and Bacon

Haven’t written much lately because things have been kind of depressing and unexciting and who wants to read that except a blog stalker who’ll greedily gobble up whatever mundane information I provide?

I feel like I’ve hardly been in my office at all the past couple weeks, between the various holidays, snowstorms, and regularly scheduled work-from-home days. Today will make almost three full days I’ve been in the office this week, which is a new high.

I say “almost three full days” because I was sick at work on Monday and left a couple hours early (then went home and called into my conference call). That was no fun. I was feeling sick all morning and finally threw up in the bathroom, and then I was feeling better so I figured that was it. Nope, I threw up again a couple hours later, so I figured I’d better head out. Then I ate almost nothing until Tuesday night. But hey, I lost a couple pounds!

Then yesterday morning I got up and went into the bathroom, and we had no running water! I called the water company and they said there was a water main break in our town, they were aware of it but didn’t know where it was yet, so couldn’t say when the water would be back on. By the time I left for work (by the way, my morning routine goes much more quickly when I can’t shower, don’t have to do my hair, and can’t wash my face) we had some low-pressure brown water, and by the time I got home last night things seemed fine. But even this morning you could tell there was some air in the pipes. Seems like there’s been a lot of water mains breaking recently! I wonder if it has to do with the cold weather, ice expanding and all that?

And finally, to cheer things up, here is a picture I drew for a coworker – we were joking about tattoos (and bacon?) and he said he’d like a tattoo of a muscular piece of bacon beating up broccoli, so I was inspired to draw this little scene: