Humid Concert Weekend

I had a hot and busy weekend. Because of last weekend’s rain, we ended up having three concerts in four days.

On Thursday night we had the most (or maybe second most) uncomfortable concert I’ve ever played in. It was hot and incredibly humid, with no breeze or anything. Plus we were on a stage at this park, with hot lights on us. I was surprised how many people were actually in the audience, it was so opressive out.

Friday after work I was free, so I just did a bunch of stuff around the house I’d been meaning to do. Also, my unpaper towels arrived, and I went to Ikea and got a basket to keep them in. It’s a nice woven basket, and I think it’s supposed to be an office supply, but it’s the perfect size to lay them all in a flat pile, so I don’t even have to fold them to put them away.

On Saturday, GG and I went to the farmers’ market and the supermarket, and then took a brief nap before I had to get ready and leave for my concert, which was about an hour west. This place has us play literally in a field – there is no shelter or any sort of acoustics. We were horrible. However, the audience probably didn’t notice because they wanted to sit in the shade under trees about 50 yards away. Before the second half we convinced some of them that it had cooled off enough for them to come sit closer. But mostly that venue is just weird. And someone needs to come teach them how to be an audience, because they are just really bad at it.

Yesterday was our final concert of the summer. This one is about an hour north, and these people know how to be an awesome audience! They make the drive up there worth it, and make up for the people out west. It was still hot and humid, but there was a nice breeze. Actually, the wind picked up a bit at times, and blew around a lot of music. Luckily, I have a pretty good set-up now with my heavy music stand and plastic sheet, so I wasn’t worried about any of my stuff blowing away.

I’m slowly working my way through When You Are Englufed in Flames. It’s hilarious, which I thought would be a problem because I usually read before bed, and I was worried that laughing would not be conducive to sleep. I underestimated my awesome sleeping abilities, because I can get through about one chapter, but when I start a second one, I zonk right out. It’s taken me a week to get halfway through what should be a quick read. I am definitely enjoying it, though.

I Don’t Have a Moustache

Yesterday I went to get my eyebrows threaded. It had been a while since my last visit to the eyebrow lady, even tweezing at home I was getting a bit shaggy. As she leaned over my face, she asked, “Eyebrows and lip?” And I said, “No, just my eyebrows.” “Really? You really need to do your lip.” I just chuckled and said I’d never done anything with my lip, and please just do my eyebrows. When I got home, I examined my face very carefully in the mirror. Yes, I can see hairs on my upper lip when the sun hits me the right way, but I can see them on the rest of my face, too. You have to look really hard, and they’re so fine and light blonde, I’m not worried. I asked GG if he thought I had a moustache and he looked at me like I was crazy. So there, eyebrow lady. This isnt’t the first time I had a problem with her. But she does a good job, so I keep going back…

Today at work we’re having this lunch thing with the senior management of our group, who were all in town for an all-day meeting. Some of us were not invited until the last minute, so I didn’t know until like Monday that I was going (and we’re supposed to prepare a brief talk on what we’re working on). Then they changed the time of the meeting. Then we found out the head of the organization isn’t coming after all, because of some problems with her flight here. So… Just another typical meeting around here.

TMI Beet Salad

When we went to Lambertville this spring, and when Jess and I went out for lunch and pedicures a couple weeks ago, I had delicious beet salads. The one at No. 6 was roasted beet with baby greens of some sort, blue cheese, and I think walnuts. The one I had with Jess was roasted beets, fava beans, almonds, and goat cheese. I’ve been wanting to make my own beet salad, but was nervous about the beets making a mess in my kitchen.

The other day a recipe for a beet salad popped up in my RSS reader, and I figured it was a sign and I’d just go for it. So I got all the ingredients (baby greens, beets, goat cheese, and candied pecans in this one) and looked up directions on how to roast beets. It actually wasn’t hard at all, and nothing got stained!

To roast the beets, you cut off the stems, scrub them, and put them on one side of a piece of tin foil. Then drizzle with olive oil and fold the foil over and fold up all the edges to make a packet. Then bake at 375-400 for about 30-60 minutes (it depends on the size and age of the beets – just poke them periodically to see when they get soft). When they’re done, let them get cool enough to handle, then use your hands to peel the skins off – they pretty much come right off. And my hands didn’t get stained or anything.

I cooked six beets last night and put two of them on my salad for dinner. It was delicious! The goat cheese – yum! I kind of could have done without the candied pecans – plain almonds or walnuts would have been better, in my opinion.

Here’s the TMI part: This morning I got up, went to the bathroom, turned around to flush, and – OMG, is that blood in the toilet?! I was freaking out. I’ve been kind of having tummy troubles recently, and thought this meant I was getting worse, not better. I worried all morning as I got ready for work, thinking, “I hope that was just beet juice or something…”

Turns out, there’s something called beeturia, which is having red or pink urine after eating beets. Even though I’ve eaten beets before, it seems like this condition depends on a lot of factors of both the beets and the eater. The general internet consensus is that it isn’t anything to worry about, though some people say it could be a sign of certain allergies or deficiencies. Also, everything I’ve seen written about it says that it affects 10-14% of the population, but if you Google it, it looks like tons of people have experienced this, so I wonder how rare it really is.

Anyway, that was my little internal bleeding scare of the day! I will probably skip the beet salad tonight, just to make sure everything has cleared up, but if I’m looking better by tomorrow morning, maybe I’ll have another one for lunch tomorrow – it really was delicious!

Polo Party 2.0

I finished up my busy weekend by going out to Lancaster for our second (hopefully) annual Polo Party. You might remember when I went last year. A bunch of us got together to watch a polo game and tailgate. We actually had quite a large crowd there, and a good set-up with tables, a tent, a grill for burgers and hot dogs, and tons of food! Luckily, the humidity of last week went away, as did the rain and storms of the previous two days. Yes, the grass was a little brown, but we had a nice shady spot and it was a gorgeous day, and lots of fun to get together with my friends!

Some of our group (including Winnetou [Vinny], Dan’s new puppy)

Apparently there was some sort of game going on while we were there

“The Bubble Queens” had a reserved spot next to us – their set-up includes tablecloths, coordinating colorful food displays, games, a blender for making drinks, and a pool in the back of their truck

This is totally juvenile, but during the game, the horses all came running past where we were sitting, and one of them passed gas, really loudly. It was right in front of our group and everyone heard it and started laughing. Later that night, when GG and I were about to go to sleep, he started talking about it again. He said it was something he’d never forget: the Challenger blowing up, 9/11, and the horse farting.

While we were out there, Jess called to tell me she’d heard there was a big fire in our town. She didn’t realize we were an hour away. So then she kept calling me with updates from the local news. It was at a candle factory (how ironic) a few blocks from our house, about a 1/4 mile away. By the time we got home, the firefighters had things pretty much under control, but there was still lots of smoke and hoses and trucks and stuff everywhere. We walked over to check it out. The latest we heard was that it was a 13 alarm fire!

Lots of fire trucks from all over, and hoses running through the streets

As we moved further from the scene, you could see more smoke in the sky

We’re All Going to Die, So Drink Up

I’d been looking for friends to join me at our town’s annual Italian Festival on its opening night, Friday, and J and B told me they’d come. It poured on Friday afternoon and I called J and suggested that if it was still raining at party time, we could just go out to dinner. But it cleared up a few hours later and by the time they came over it was just super humid. We walked over to the festival, which was only just getting started, and took a quick spin through to see what was up. I thought we’d get some Italian foods there for dinner and make it a night, but we ended up just having lemonade and some pizza fritta, did some people watching, and then walked back to my place. We decided to go out to Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner – beer for B, water and iced tea for J and I, and we split a couple appetizers. Then I went back home to relax for the rest of the night.

This morning GG and I got up early to go out and do some things before I had to leave for my evening concert. It was pouring this morning, but I figured the rain would pass and the weather would clear up in time for the concert. So we went to the farmers’ market, which sucked in the rain. I felt really bad for the vendors – there were just a couple brave people shopping, and they had to squeeze all their displays under their tents. And the baked goods were probably all soggy from the humidity. We just dropped off some empty containers to our favorite cherry farmer, talked to him for a bit, and left. Then we went to Ikea for a couple things – for example, a new small laundry basket to keep downstairs to help with the increase in towel laundry I’m expecting :o)

We were going to go to Redstone for lunch, but we got there a little before it opened, so I suggested we walk into the mall, since it was still raining. We ended up walking around, and got Chick-fil-A instead. It was here that I saw a poster for something I hadn’t heard of before. I knew Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, is really big on Christianity and such (the whole “closed on Sundays” thing, approving of all restaurant managers, etc.). But there was this poster for the WinShape Foundation, which explained that they had camps that taught kids “character qualities” (oh no, very Gothard-y right there!), marriage retreats, wilderness programs, and foster homes for kids! Ugh, why did they need to advertise all this via a huge poster right next to our table? I really like their food, but man, they make it really hard for me to eat there and want to support them…

After lunch, we checked out the many shoe stores – seriously, this mall is like 50% shoe stores! – and I ended up getting a couple pairs of sturdier flip-flops than my regular little Old Navy ones. I was going to get some Nike ones, but although comfortable, they were a little sportier than my usual style, so I ended up going with these classic looking Tommy Hilfigers. Also, GG discovered possibly a new favorite shoe store: The Shoe Department has a special section of men’s size 14 and up! And I was happy to see they had a good selection of shoes for my big ol’ feet, too!

When we got home, I checked my e-mail and saw that even though the rain was clearing up, and there were a few hours until a decision had to be made, our concert had been canceled! GG already had plans to go out with some friends tonight, and I considered going with him, but decided instead to take advantage of my unexpected night off to take care of some things, and let him have a night out with the guys.

Oh, and then I read this depressing article.

Going Green with “Unpaper”

Today I read this blog post on going paper towel free, and I definitely think we could do this. We hardly ever use napkins, first of all, so it wouldn’t be hard to switch from paper to cloth. And the non-paper towels look great if you just have a bunch to rotate through. GG said he would like to continue using paper towels for his painting work, and I’d like to use them to pick up cat puke so the whole thing could just be thrown away… But other than that, I’d love to be a paper towel-free household! We could even take that stupid paper towel holder off the wall…

The Etsy shop linked in the post is sold out at the moment, but I found many more who sell (even specialize) in the birdseye cotton towels – search for “reusable paper towels” or “unpaper towels.” I’m just bought a bunch today! (If I had a serger I’d make my own…)

However… I don’t think we’re ready to make a family cloth-level commitment…

Blog Update and More Happy Reviews

At some point last night, something happened to this blog. I don’t know what, but it was totally inaccessible today – all that displayed was the title graphic and the background. So I spent my entire night tonight setting up new mySQL databases, installing and upgrading WordPress (finally I’m on version 3.0 – quite a jump from 2.0.4 that I was on before!), importing all my data, and then ironing out all the little kinks (for example, somehow all my posts tagged “Cats” were re-categorized as “Blogroll”). After all that, you, the reader, shouldn’t even be able to tell anything changed. I am enjoying the admin side of WP 3.0, though I think I will eventually need to change to a different theme, though, because this one isn’t really 3.0-friendly. I mean, it works okay now, but no widgets. (And I followed the directions to make a theme widget-ready or whatever, but it just gave me error messages.)

However, the outage has prevented you from hearing about our flea scare (no, we don’t have fleas here), and probably also my copious weekend plans. But I’m sure you’ll hear all about that after it’s over.

Now here’s a couple reviews of things I’ve tried recently…

Tovolo Yellow Groovy Pop Molds: As soon as it got hot this summer (which was, like, May?), I started looking for popsicle molds because I thought they’d be a nice treat to cool off. When we went to People’s Pops in NYC, it just intensified my desire to find these (which of course are one of those things you always see in stores, until you want some, and then you can’t find them). So I ordered these online, and I’m very happy with them. Usually popsicle molds are one unit, like an ice cube tray, and you stick the handles in the top. These are actually individual molds that sit very securely in a little yellow tray. So you can take out just one and run it under water to loosen it, without melting the whole batch. The first couple flavors I tried were just things I happened to have at home, and they were okay, but not very good. Then I made a fruit salad (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and peach) and put the leftovers in the blender, and those were the best popsicles yet! I have some apricots on deck, and my next popsicles will attempt to replicate the Apricot Chamomile flavor I had at People’s Pops (maybe with a berry tea instead of chamomile).

Warner’s Invisible Bliss Bra: Stop reading here if you think talking about bras is TMI. Okay, you may know that I’ve been looking for new bras for like two years now. Victoria’s Secret had some nice ones, but they stopped making them. Then I thought they had them again, but the new version totally sucked. And also they’d mis-measured me. So I gave up on them and started seeking out a new brand. I just wanted nice smooth bras, without lace/bows/etc., with good support and molded cups. On a recent trip to TJ Maxx I swung past the lingerie rack and almost passed these by, but I ended up taking one to try on. Oh my gosh, it’s like a miracle. First of all, so supportive. But also extremely comfortable. Very smooth, they say they use “Invisible Edge Technology,” which is like an elastic band that goes around the edges and then becomes the straps. The straps do not adjust, which so far is not a problem for me. I imagine after a lot of use they might just stretch out? But it’s so nice to not have to re-adjust them in the morning, because usually by the end of the day my straps would have extended themselves. Also, no tags. Yet another annoying thing to not have to deal with. The straps don’t fall down, and the underwire doesn’t ride up. So comfy to wear all day. I grabbed a whole handful when I was at TJ Maxx (they’re like 1/3 of their retail price there).

Lazy Holiday Weekend

Because of our new distribution of holidays at work this year, our site had a 4-day weekend this week. Independence Day is today, Sunday, and we have off Friday and Monday. Since most people seem to only have Monday off, I decided to take advantage of my Friday by going out and doing some shopping I had been putting off. (Me? Putting off shopping? Yes. I was just too tired to go after work any evening.) I just went out in the morning/early afternoon, and then spent the rest of the day at home. One of my stops was Plato’s Closet, where I attempted to sell two large bags of clothes. The took one thing, for which I earned $2.80. Hardly worth the gas it took to drive down there.

On Saturday I wanted to go to the mall early, which I did, but while I was getting ready in the morning I heard this rustling sound outside. I looked out the window and in our neighbor’s yard I saw a white cat watching as a giant groundhog wrestled with a sheet of plastic, before tearing part of it off and running away! (I saw the same groundhog come back for more plastic later.)

The cat is behind the bushes here – he was out in the open until I got my camera, of course.

Here’s the groundhog with his big plastic bag.

And here he is running away. I wonder how he compares size-wise to Ivan!

Last night my family got together to celebrate my brother’s birthday, since he was home for the weekend. I got him a DVD of Dead Snow, which seems totally up his alley (zombies and history?!), and a Mr. Rogers card, which he loved. I always worry about the things I get people for gifts, but I guess I usually choose pretty well.

My mom had mentioned she might want to go out with me today, but then she decided to go to the pool or do paperwork or something, so I’ve been bored. My big excitement was going to Bed Bath & Beyond and doing my food shopping for the week. Oh well, I still have one more day of vacation to go!

How I Successfully Navigated New York City

Several months ago, GG and I realized we’d have a free weekend in June, and decided to go up to New York to see a show. I was literally just about to get tickets to American Idiot, when we heard a piece on the radio about Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. It sounded awesome! So I got tickets for that, and we started planning some other things we wanted to do in the city. Like last winter, when I was up there with a couple friends, we stayed in New Jersey and took a bus to Manhattan each morning. Yes, it was hot and humid, but the rain held off and things worked out really well and we had an excellent mini vacation.

Chelsea Market: As fans of the Food Network, we wanted to check out their home base. Sadly, it wasn’t as huge or amazing as we’d imagined. Maybe we’re just spoiled by our close proximity to the Reading Terminal Market, but Chelsea Market basically felt like a fancier version of that. We did enjoy some delicious, refreshing People’s Pops, and saw a few other vendors, but it wasn’t the type of place you could really spend a whole day (let alone two days, as GG was thinking we might have to do!). Also, it was sort of disappointing that the Food Network stuff was all upstairs, and you couldn’t just go up there. It was neat, though. I’d go back again for lunch or something.

The Subway: As you may know, I have a terrible sense of direction, and just thinking of the places we were planning to go was stressing me out because I had no idea how we’d figure out how to get there. And then I realized, Google Maps gives directions using public transportation! So before we left, I looked up directions to all the places we were going, in the order in which we were going there. The first (and last) time GG and I were in NYC together, we took the subway somewhere and a crazy guy was sitting across from us and we were trying to avoid eye contact, and eventually he got up and dumped a bag of Cheetos on my head. So that kind of left a bad taste in our mouths. However, on this trip, the subways were full of non-crazy people, my directions were all good, and everything was running on time and there when we needed it. Somehow I had a better handle on directions (both on the street and in the subway) than GG, the master map reader, and we had no problems. Plus, there’s an awesome new addition on some of the major subway lines now: light-up signs and digital displays that show you what line you’re on and which stop is next, plus where all the transfers are. Now they just need to get that on every train.

Union Square Greenmarket and The Strand: To get from Chelsea Market to Les Halles, we had to take two subways, changing trains at Union Square. Since we had a bunch of time to kill, I suggested we get off in Union Square and hang out there. We stepped out of the Subway, and into the middle of a big farmers’ market that surrounded Union Square Park. There was tons of beautiful produce, cheese, juices, craftspeople, etc. It was really perfect timing, ending up there. Eventually we’d looped through the place a couple times, and decided to walk down Broadway, and happened upon The Strand. I knew it was a mistake, because GG gets so engrossed in every little thing in places like bookstores, but I was feeling generous, so I suggested we go in. While I explored the entire main level, he was caught up at the first table, haha! I finally pulled him away to check out the upstairs and downstairs. They say they have 18 miles of books in there, and it’s really overwhelming. It’s not really the kind of place that you can browse (at least not in my opinion) – you need to have a certain book or at least a topic in mind, and go in looking for it. It was also so crowded, and due to the close quarters among the books, hard to get around. We eventually headed back to Union Square, where we sat on a shady bench in the park for a while, before getting back on the subway and going to dinner.

Les Halles: As big Anthony Bourdain fans, we were so excited to have dinner here! Of course, Bourdain doesn’t really work here anymore (watch him struggle back on the job temporarily in his “Into the Fire” episode), but his former chef Carlos Llaguno is now executive chef, and was there that night! Our waiter was so friendly and funny, putting up with all of GG’s weirdness and helping us choose stuff. GG started with some sort of calamari salad, and I had an arugula salad, which I have to say I was sort of disappointed with – the greens were just way too bitter, and the sliced apple in it was kind of mealy. However, the small chunk of blue cheese served with it was amazing. In order to try the restaurant’s specialties, we each had a steak served with French fries. I was so nervous to order mine well done (knowing Bourdain’s feelings toward vegetarians, people who order meat well done, etc.), but they were cool about it and the waiter even recommended the best steak to have well done. The steak was fantastic and the fries were crispy and amazing. We were so stuffed afterward, but wanted to get dessert, so we split their special that night, which was a sort of ice cream float with homemade mint soda, vanilla ice cream, and some sort of strawberry topping. It was really good, very refreshing!

Top of the Rock and the NBC Studio Tour: We’d been thinking of going to the Empire State Building on Saturday, but GG always talks about when he got to go on this behind-the-scenes tour of NBC in 1996 (a classmate’s relative was an executive there), so I thought it might be cool to take the NBC tour instead. We walked into 30 Rock, and there was a sign with all these ticket package combinations. We decided to do the Top of the Rock and NBC Tour combo. So you have to go down this giant staircase and wait in a long line to get tickets. Then they tell you, the NBC one isn’t really a ticket, it’s a voucher, and you have to go up to the NBC store to schedule a time for your tour. So we actually could have gone there first and just bought tour tickets. We went to the NBC store, but they don’t do it there, you have to go upstairs to this other tour area. Then they take your voucher and give you a ticket for a certain time. We had about an hour and a half, so we did the Top of the Rock in the meantime. Back outside, in a different door, up some stairs, and you’re in that waiting area. At least it was interesting, they had a lot of information on the history of Rockefeller Center. The line is actually slow because they want to take a picture of each group of people, sitting on a steel I-beam like that famous old photo of the construction workers. We weren’t interested, so we walked right through the photo area. Finally you reach the elevator that takes you up like 65 floors, while historic videos are projected on the ceiling. The very first view you see when you step outside is the Empire State Building – awesome! Walking around to the other side, you can see Central Park. You can go up another level, too. It was pretty cool, and there was a nice breeze, on such a hot day. Eventually, we headed back in and got in line for our NBC tour. It was pretty lame, sorry NBC. We saw the Dr. Oz studio (on the way there in the elevator, everyone was going, “Who’s Dr. Oz?” I explained to GG that he was a TV doctor who got famous on Oprah). Then we went to the Jimmy Fallon studio – we actually learned a couple neat tidbits there (e.g. The Roots travel up from Philly in their tour bus every day, you can get special tickets that allow you to go up on stage when the band performs, Jimmy modeled his set on Johnny Carson’s original Tonight Show set-up…). They showed us the “Muppet pipes,” where Jim Henson and some other Muppeteers were bored while waiting to go on a show and decorated these pipes in what was formerly a closet. We went to the Saturday Night Live studio, which was actually the most interesting part of the tour – and it’s so small! And we saw the NBC control room. If the power goes out, it has a back-up generator to power it for a week. If the power’s still out after that, it can run for a week on diesel. If something is going on that’s caused NYC to be without power for two weeks, you probably don’t care about TV at that point. But if necessary, they could also switch operations to their Burbank Studio. Our last stop was a tiny studio where they picked a couple kids from the group to try reading off a teleprompter and giving a weather report in front of a green screen. Overall, I don’t think the tour was really worth it. I picked up a couple interesting facts, but empty studios are kind of boring to look at.

Hustlers: Heaven forbid you stop to look at the map of the bus station, or stand on a corner and think about which direction you need to go in, because someone will come up and offer you directions, and then right when you think, “What a nice, helpful person that was!” they’ll say, “Hey man, I’m tryin’ to make a living out here, can I get a dollar?” or “Now I want to tell you about this homeless shelter I’m running, we’re selling hats for $10, would you like this book about our Hindu gods?” First of all, I would never talk to a random person on the street, but even if they approached me, I would not have a problem saying, “No, sorry,” and walking away when they asked for money. But GG loves to talk to people, and then gets guilted into giving them a dollar or two! Probably the worst hustler, though, was this lady we saw at the Union Square farmers’ market. She had all these cages of kittens, with signs all over saying she was trying to get them adopted, and boxes to collect money for supplies and vet bills. Now, she may well have been legitimate. But after she started opening the cages and shaking the cats around to wake them up (it was hot! they wanted to rest!), saying, “We gotta get these cats homes,” I started thinking. She could have very easily scooped up a bunch of stray cats from an abandoned lot or something, brought them to the market, and maybe she’ll dump them back in the lot later, and keep the “vet” money for herself. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Rice to Riches: GG has been wanting to go to this place for years. The way he described it, it sounded like a restaurant where everything is rice pudding-based, so in addition to dessert puddings, they would also have savory, main course puddings. I thought we might have a late lunch/early dinner there, but it turned out to be more like an ice cream shop. They had a counter full of flavors to choose from, and a long list of toppings. I was hot, hungry, and cranky, and a bowl of sweet pudding was really the last thing I wanted, but I picked a vanilla pudding with a chocolate coffee crumble topping. The names of the flavors and toppings were all cutesy, there were tons of funny little signs all over, and everything was very sleek and modern. But it was crowded and I was in a bad mood, plus GG was freaking out and being embarrassing, so I didn’t enjoy myself. I couldn’t even finish my small bowl, and I don’t know how GG finished his large bowl (the minimum size to try two flavors). The final straw for me was that they don’t take back or even recycle the heavy plastic bowls in which the pudding is served. If you don’t want to keep it, it goes into the trash. Sorry, Rice to Riches, that just clinches your thumbs-down from me.

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson“: This show was awesome! I am so glad we were able to catch it. It tells the story of our 7th president, who on one hand doubled the size of the country and created the Democratic party, but on the other hand killed a lot of people and started the Trail of Tears. It is funny, timely, and educational, and the music (they say it’s emo, but I think there’s a few genres in there) is great. Even GG was totally enamored! Some parts were uproariously funny (anything with John Quincy Adams, for example: “My father was president, I should get to be president too!” and Twinkie-eating Martin Van Buren). You can preview a couple tracks off the original cast recording, and hear a couple other songs on the show’s MySpace page (a few things have changed since this was recorded). “I’m Not That Guy” is the same song as “Life Sucks” – I don’t think they should have changed the title! The show isn’t a traditional “musical,” in that the songs don’t really move the story forward, they’re more expository, or sometimes in the background (e.g. “Ten Little Indians” is performed while Jackson is signing treaties with all the Indian tribes). I am totally getting that CD when it comes out, and GG said before the show even started that he would buy a shirt with the “AJ” logo on it, if one existed. Guess what – I heard it might be coming to Broadway soon!!

You can see all my NYC pictures on Flickr.