Thanksgiving Weekend

Wow, so what did I do this weekend? Thursday I just hung around and killed time because the entire country was closed and there wasn’t even anything good on TV. GG was at his side job until 9PM, when he called me on his way home and I went out to meet him at his parents’ house. They’d skipped cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year and went to a buffet at a restaurant, so there was no food, but his mom had like three pies anyway. So we ate pie and then I fell asleep while GG and his dad watched TV and read stuff.

Friday I cleaned around the house some and just killed more time. I really didn’t want to go anywhere because we live in like the shopping capital of the east coast, or at least PA, and I didn’t want to mess with that. In the afternoon we went to my grandmother’s house for our Thanksgiving dinner (she’d pushed it back a day since everyone seemed to have somewhere else to be on Thursday). It was really good! My brother brought one of his roommates – they’d had dinner with the other guy’s family the night before. So that was fun and after dinner we all sat around the living room with the fireplace going, just talking and digesting. Also, pumpkin pie!

On Saturday I did laundry and stuff, then GG and I went out to feed his parents’ cat, his grandmother’s cat (who we saw! usually he’s a big scaredy and hides from everyone [and by “big scaredy” I mean big, he’s definitely larger than Ivan and Ivan is a bulky 22 lbs!]), and then went food shopping. Later that night we went out for my band friend’s son’s wedding reception. This was kind of a weird situation. First of all, I’m friends with this woman from band, and we live nearby so we carpool together, and she’s treasurer and I’m secretary, so you know, we see each other a lot. Her son who got married on Saturday is actually my age, but I’ve only met him a handful of times. So it was just weird that we were hanging out more with the “grown ups” than the “young people.” But anyway, this was kind of a last-minute wedding, and when she told me about it I said I’d do anything to help, so she asked if I could wait at their house for the caterer, who was due to arrive while everyone else would be out at the ceremony. And then she said GG and I were both welcome to stay for the party. (Really? You want GG there?) So it was really nice, the house was packed, the food was great (and plentiful), and it was a really nice time, despite the fact that I only knew a couple people there. And we went home with some yummy leftovers :o)

Today I went out early to go to Target and try to straighten out this gift card situation. I gave my brother a Target card for his birthday this summer, and apparently he went to use it (for the first time) this week and the cashier said it hadn’t been activated. So he called me up, thinking I’d played a trick on him, but why would I do that?! So I found the receipt from when I bought the card (which had the card number and balance on it), and he gave me the gift card at dinner on Friday so I could get it taken care of. So I went to the customer service desk this morning and the lady looked at me like I was nuts for asking, scanned it, told me the balance (which was what I’d originally put on there) and said he shouldn’t have any problem using it. So I think he just needs to shop at a different Target. I came right home because it was raining and I didn’t feel good (more on that later). Since I was up and out so early, I told GG we should go out for lunch, so around noon we ventured out to the mall and actually it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it might be. We had a nice lunch and then walked all around the mall, picked up a couple things, and went home. By the time we left, parking was pretty crazy, someone asked us if we were heading back to our car and GG was like, “Eventually,” as he swerved around the parking lot. (She ended up getting our spot though.)

Back to work tomorrow… Tuesday I’m working from home because I’m waiting for our TV delivery!!!! Wednesday I took the day off to go shopping with my mom, but that won’t be until the afternoon, which works out well because I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. So here is the deal: a week ago, the top of my foot felt a little sore, like I’d been wearing shoes laced too tight, except I hadn’t, and the pain didn’t go away. It hurt to put weight on my left foot while walking, but it was okay to stand, didn’t hurt to touch, etc. Since then, the pain has continued, but it’s gone from the top of my foot near the base of my toes, to more like my heel and up my ankle when I put weight on it. Also, since last night, my leg has been kind of tingly. I’m always paranoid any time my leg hurts that I have a blood clot (since I’m on the pill). Even though this foot/leg thing I have happening is missing a lot of blood clot symptoms (e.g. hot to touch, painful swollen area, pain in the leg), I’ve been reading about DVT and learned that 30-50% of cases don’t show the regular symptoms. So who knows. Hope I don’t die! My regular doctor closed his practice last year and transferred his patients to this new guy, so I’ll be seeing him for the first time this week. (And while I wish I could just say this is a pulled muscle or something, it seriously came out of nowhere and I didn’t do anything that would have pulled to strained my foot. And I always wear comfy shoes [okay, except for that time].)

Showcase, TV, T’giving

Tuesday and Wednesday I paid for slots in the Gifts for Him Showcase on Etsy, which has been featured on the front page, so I figured it would be some great exposure and worth the money. Well, no. I had all my hats lined up in there, because they are great gifts for guys, but while I gained a few shop and item hearts, I only sold one hat in the two days I was featured. Disappointing. That was my first and probably last time buying Showcase spots. Oh well.

GG and I bought our Christmas gift for each other, and it should be here next week! After a lot of research and shopping around, I got what I think is a great deal on what I think is the best TV for us, a good sized LCD TV. (But really, anything would be an improvement over the tiny thing we have in the living room right now.) I can’t wait to have people over to watch movies, maybe host a Super Bowl party..!

I don’t get my Thanksgiving dinner until tomorrow, so I’m just hanging out at home today. I made pancakes for me and GG for beakfast, and later on I guess I’ll make some late lunch/early dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Weekend (Chores, Concert, Cat), Religion, Short Week

It was a pretty normal weekend, I guess. I spent Saturday morning cleaning, then we went food shopping in the afternoon, and later we went to the mall to buy hand soap at Bath & Body Works (seriously, never pay full price for that soap, it is always going on sale). Sunday I did laundry and got GG to help me fold it, finished cleaning the house, and played in a concert that afternoon at a retirement community. This place has a huge new theater, but hardly anyone comes to the concerts – I think probably 1/3 of the audience had come with band members, and the place was still almost empty! The clapping was pitiful. Also, at one point our director mixed up his pages and announced the wrong song. I was all set to go with it, but someone corrected him, so he went back and announced the right piece. Then he would check with us on the order for the rest of the concert. He’d announce them like, “Our next number, I’m told, is ___.”

GG’s parents came over yesterday to drop off some stuff and see Bugs, the stray cat, but it was late morning and I don’t think he was back yet from wherever he goes at night. I went out to feed him when I got home from my concert, and he was on his usual perch in the garage – on top of a box on the workbench at the back of the garage. I put a fleece blanket there for him to sleep on. I got GG to come out with me and make a little video of me feeding him, which I put on YouTube, though it’s a bit dark (no lights in the garage). I put the first dose of monthly flea treatment on him on Saturday, and I think it’s working already – he just feels very soft, no bug-based lumps in his fur. Then we ordered Chinese food, I didn’t get to watch my usual Sunday cartoons because of that “24” movie, but I did catch “Forbidden Love: Geisha,” which I really didn’t like that much and it certainly wasn’t as interesting or thought-provoking as the polygamy one.

Speaking of polygamy (haha, not really), I’ve been reading a lot about the LDS church, both good and bad, and have been doing a lot of thinking about religion – which is pretty funny, since I am not religious at all, and really believe in science with a dash of fate, but that’s another post for another time.

Between the holiday and my WFH day, I only have 2 days in the office this week. Yay! Our holiday is going to be kind of mixed up because of everyone’s schedules, so I might not have any Thanksgiving on Thursday, but I will definitely get at least one dinner this week (on Friday). Also, we’re probably going to get a new TV on Black Friday! Any last-minute recommendations?

I just witnessed a miracle

Remember my highly complimentary review of Zep Drain Care as used on our extremely slow tub drain? I’ve been doing the treatment one night every month keep the drain clear, but it did start slowing down again, so for this month I decided to do the full three-day thing again. This morning was the third morning, and like last time, I expected that GG would take a shower first, plunge the drain, and then it would work like a dream again. Instead we had several inches of water (with random bits of hair and slimy crud floating in it) all morning. No amount of plunging would get it moving.

I called the place that installed our tub surround, and they e-mailed me instructions and a diagram about how to remove the pop-up drain cover. With that out of the way, I kept plunging and feeling around for a blockage, but there was nothing there. Frustrated, I plunged one more time… and “WHOOSH!” there went all the water spiraling down the drain! It was amazing! So my faith in Zep Drain Care is once again restored, plus I now know how to disassemble our drain cover, which should lead to more effective plunging in the future. I’m so excited. About a drain. That’s sort of sad. Anyway, I think they determined that we’re destined to have a slow drain because it’s not at a steep enough angle or something, but at least now I can unblock it better.

Also, if you hadn’t noticed, I added a response to Monday’s post on that polygamy show from an actual LDS woman I found (hi Nikki)! Check it out, she addresses the questions I had and also the comments some others made on the post.

“Forbidden Love: Polygamy”

For some reason I hadn’t heard about it in advance, but managed last night to catch a new show on TLC called “Forbidden Love: Polygamy.” The host, Dawn Porter, traveled to Arizona to spend time with two different polygamist families. The show was filmed during the raid on the FLDS compound earlier this year, so maybe not the best time to do a TV exposee on this lifestyle, but actually after meeting with some women in the first community, they did allow her in.

The community where the first family lived was a whole town of polygamists, so the kids growing up were surrounded by this environment. The 14 year-old son (they said he was oldest, and in charge while his father was away, but there were also grandchildren in the family, so he was probably just the oldest still living at home) said he wanted as many wives as he could get, and when asked if he had his eye on any of the girls at school, he said, “All of them!” This family had three wives, and 16 kids currently in the house – the woman Dawn spent most of her time with had given birth to eight. In an interview with the first wife, we learned that she’d been married to her husband for 17 years before he brought in number two. How much would that have sucked?! Apparently, it wasn’t until she got sick and recovered a couple years ago that she suddenly no longer felt any animocity toward the other wives. She said knowing what she knew now, she’d like to join a family as the fifth wife – by that time, all the struggle is over and systems to run the household are set up. The husband in this family was actually out of town while the show was filmed, and I wonder if this was because he didn’t want to be on the show, or because the women were trying to keep it a secret from him? (Or maybe just bad timing.)

Dawn spent a day with another family, who lived in a double-wide trailer in the middle of nowhere, she said with no water or electricity. There were two wives, and I think six children? The oldest daughter was 14, seemed relatively normal, and said she wasn’t sure whether she’d like a polygamist marriage or not. The two wives were young and attractive-looking, and the girls were all wearing pants! However, husband Moroni (yes, his name sounds very close to “moron,” but he says it’s an old family name) admits that there was jealousy between his wives at first. He also says he’s looking to add a third..! But he’s apparently been turned down more than once, needing his other wives to console him. (Hmm, maybe they found out what the living arrangement was going to be.) After spending a night at this home, Dawn says her goodbyes and gets into a waiting truck with her camera crew. She seems really shaken/upset, and kept saying what an experience it was staying there. Well, I think there were some things about this situation that didn’t make it into the show, but they are mentioned in this blog entry, written by the host. (She also mentions how she picked up her colorful, vintage wardrobe for the show.)

At the end of the show, Dawn still seemed unable to wrap her head around why anyone would choose to live this lifestyle, but she had exposed some positive aspects, such as the community atmosphere, and oh did you know that you’ll become a goddess? Yeah, that was news to me, especially considering Mormons are christian (and therefore, like, don’t believe in multiple gods and goddesses)… Another Mormon-related question I had: LDS weddings involve “sealing” the bride and groom together for eternity, and this can only be done in a special room of the temple you can only enter if you’ve done certain Mormon things, which is why non-Mormon family members can’t watch their Mormon kids get married, bla bla bla. Anyway, since polygamy was offically outlawed by the church in 1890, does the second wife and beyond get to be sealed to the family too? Maybe they have their own polygamist temple that will allow this?

After doing some research, it looks like this was just one of a four-part series originally called “Dawn Porter: Extreme Wife.” Next week TLC will air “Forbidden Love: Geisha,” and there are two other programs in this series, on mail-order brides and a German free-love commune, which will air next year in the US but not on TLC.

[Edit – 11/18] I was in touch with this girl Nikki, who watched the show and is a member of the LDS church. I asked if she might be able to comment and answer the questions brought up here. Well, there was some technical problem with her comment, but here is the response she e-mailed to me:

I’m not sure exactly what your question was about the temple and sealings, Lola Geek, but that is true what you said about it. If you’re not LDS you can’t really go in to the temple at all for the ceremonies and such. It’s not that it’s secret but it’s sacred. We don’t want something so sacred to be mocked even though it is anyways. My parents are not members of the church and when I got married they were not allowed to go in. It is sad especially since parents usually dream about their children growing up and walking down the isle but I believe in the church with all my heart and I know that’s just how it has to be. And most people who are married/sealed in the temple choose to have a little ring ceremony for the people who could not go in.

I am LDS and we are Christians in the same way every other Christian religion is “Christian” we do things differently but every church has their own unique things and common things.

We worship God and believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. We believe in the New and Old Testament mainly the King James version.

Kevin, there are no such thing as “Mormon polygamists” or “LDS compounds” they are “polygamist compounds” or “communities” The recent polygamy issues have been misinformed to the public by the media. They are not Mormon and have absolutely zero connection to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints today. A long time ago Mormons did practice polygamy for reasons I’m still do not completely understand and even the men who were asked to marry more than one wife struggled with it. It wasn’t something they wanted to do but since they believed it was a command from God they obeyed. Also my husband informed me that something like only 2% of our church ever practiced polygamy during that time.

The polygamists today may still have Mormon values and may use the Book of Mormon but they are not official memebers of the “Mormon” church. They probably have their own church and their own beliefs. Like the “god” and “goddess” thing from the program on TLC. They believe that only polygamists will be gods or goddesses but we do not. We believe that Earth life is to learn and become more Christlike and gain his moral and spiritual attributes so we can someday be like Him.

From what I know most polygamists in the issues today aren’t and never were Mormon and if they consider themselves that it’s because their anscestors might have been members when Mormons did practice polygamy but they continued to do polygamy after it was part of our church anymore and they left the church.

About the planet thing, Marty, I don’t know much about that because it’s not something that is commonly talked about in our church. It seems to be something non LDS people talk a lot about though. People seem to like to pick out things and run away with them. I had this quote on my blog by the late President Gordon B. Hinckley:
“I wish to state categorically that this Church has nothing whatever to do with those practicing polygamy. They are not members of this Church. Most of them have never been members. They are in violation of the civil law. They know they are in violation of the law. They are subject to its penalties. The Church, of course, has no jurisdiction whatever in this matter.
“If any of our members are found to be practicing plural marriage, they are excommunicated (no longer a member), the most serious penalty the Church can impose. Not only are those so involved in direct violation of the civil law, they are in violation of the law of this Church. An article of our faith is binding upon us. It states, ‘We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law’ (Articles of Faith 1:12).” That pretty much sums up the polygamy thing.

If you want to know more about our church go to or you can search topics on and read talks and articles and even news articles about our church. Any information from anywhere else on the internet may not be correct except for on those two websites.


Hello Lurkers, Brandywine River Museum (and Lunch), Chores

Well, my Mount Laurel and Bellmawr, NJ visitors have certainly been busy reading my blog recently! Visits from Plymouth Meeting, PA have also picked up, as well as someone in Sanford, FL. At least someone has added me to their Google Reader, though, instead of doing a Google search for my blog every time. So, who are you all?

Actually, this is a call for all unidentified blog readers to identify yourselves. Who are you and how did you find me? Or if it was so long ago you don’t remember how you found me, why do you continue reading? Leave a comment, or just pop me an e-mail if you prefer to remain a lurker :o)

We were thinking of going to New Hope and/or the Mercer Museum on Saturday if the weather was nice, but actually it was supposed to be rainy and gross, so instead we went to the Brandywine River Museum. They had an exhibit called “Double Lives: American Painters as Illustrators,” which GG as an illustrator liked. Plus we are both into N.C. Wyeth, GG as an illustrator and me as a fan of pirates. (Actually, the one piece of artwork currently hanging [well, leaning] in our living room is a poster of his Treasure Island cover.)

We also took an extra trip to the Wyeth house and studio, which neither of us had been to before. It was really neat! I wish we’d been able to see more of the house, because we really only saw like two rooms, but it was very interesting and we learned a lot about the Wyeth family. The studio was amazing. So much more spacious than it looked from outside, and he had one large room with a high ceiling and sunken floor where he worked on his huge murals – which was also interesting to GG the muralist! I wish we’d been allowed to take pictures, because there’s only like two pictures on the museum’s web site.

When we’d seen everything at the museum, we were going to have lunch at their cafeteria, but after taking a look at the clientele, and seeing that the day’s specials included a liver and onion sandwich, we instead decided to eat at a restaurant we’d noticed on the bus ride from the museum to the house and studio tour. So we had lunch at Bistro on the Brandywine, which was excellent. I would love to go back again to try some of their other dishes, because it was hard to decide on one thing for lunch! I ended up with one of their stone hearth pizzas, topped with pears, gorgonzola, mozzarella, pine nuts, and truffle honey. It was delicious! I ate the whole thing (with a little help from GG). GG had basically a classy cheesesteak that was supposed to come with gorgonzola, but due to his fear of stinky cheese, he got mozzarella on it. We would’ve gone for dessert, too, but we were really stuffed.

After coming home, I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening doing some stuff for band, and otherwise hanging around. GG and I were all set to watch SNL at 11:30. Of course, I fell asleep after the first sketch (better than I usually do, actually), and GG said he fell asleep after Weekend Update. Will I ever be able to watch a full episode when it airs?!

Today was my day for chores. I did laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and running the dishwasher. Also did our food shopping for the week. And I took a quick afternoon nap :o) Tomorrow’s my busy day at work, but this was a kind of low-volume issuance period, so hopefully it won’t be that crazy. Maybe I can catch up with some of my data entry work…

Modesty and Taking Responsiblity for Your Own Thoughts and Actions

I’ve been reading a lot about modesty lately. I don’t know why, probably a combination of the Duggars, that Purity Balls special, and the Modbe clothes. There seems to be big business in selling women clothes (or encouraging them to wear clothes) to keep them from “tempting” men, or show them anything that might be a “stumbling block.” In fact, this web site for young Christian guys ran a modesty survey to collect young men’s opinions on various topics. Um, why is it my problem that it’s a “stumbling block” for 46% of men to see a lacy shirt that reminds them of underwear, or 29% of men to see a girl take off a pullover? Or how about this comment from a 24 year-old respondant: “…it is such a blessing when we know that we can spend time with our sisters in Christ, enjoying their fellowship without having to constantly be on guard against ungodly thoughts brought about by the inappropriate ways they sometimes dress.”

Well, sorry guys, but I am of the opinion that you need to be responsible for your own thoughts and actions. Women have their own minds, bodies, and lives to take care of. So mind your own thoughts and I will mind mine.

And lest you think my purchase of Modbe clothing means I’m getting into the modesty movement or whatever, I’ve been wearing that hoodie (which is awesome, I love it) with cleavage-bearing v-neck shirts.

Buncha Stuff

For the last week and a half, my car was making this noise while accelerating, like a fluttering “card in the bike spokes” kind of noise. It still drove fine, but I was worried that the engine would suddenly fall out in the middle of the highway or something, so yesterday I took it for state inspection and also to see what that noise was. Turned out, it was the EGR tube that had rusted through and broke, and it needed to be fixed anyway for my car to pass the state emmissions test, so that was fine with me. (Expensive little tube, though!) I also needed a light and new wiper blades to pass inspection, and I got an oil change.

I think last night’s episode of The Office was one of the better ones this season. Still so depressing, though! We need to get back to people pulling pranks on each other, instead of Andy making Angela miserable, Angela making Dwight miserable, Jim and Pam somehow making each other miserable, and Michael being miserable over losing Jan and Holly. I’m surprised there was no closure on the Pam/Fat Jim relationship, but I wonder if they’re saving that for another episode – like, he follows her to Scranton to try to talk her into coming back to NYC, and he and Jim get into some sort of fight. Also, I loved Michael’s presentation on international business relations or whatever: “In Italy, you must always wash your hands after going to the bathroom. This is considered to be polite.” And: “I would like you to pretend that you are from Abu Dhabi.” “Helloooo…” What was up with Darryl? Kelly sent him the break up text, he wrote back that it was cool, then we see him walk to his truck, and… that’s it? I thought he was going to go slash Ryan’s tires or something. Also hilarious how the moment the chase was over, Ryan was disinterested in Kelly again. But he “realized that for whatever reason, [he] just couldn’t do better than Kelly.”

I’ve been listening to the recording of our Fall Concert. It’s got its moments. For one thing, there was a kid (probably a couple kids) screaming throughout the performance. We just had a big discussion this week at band about asking your friends with kids to please be respectful of the fact that other people paid to attend (not to mention the fact that we’re making an archival recording), and take your kids out of the room if they won’t be quiet. This was probably the noisiest crowd ever. Of course there were also a few mistakes here and there, questionable soloists, etc. But overall I think it was great. “Porgy and Bess” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” turned out excellent!

Our plans for this weekend depend on the weather. I’ve heard conflicting reports. So I’ll let you know what we ended up doing, but either way we’ll probably be in Bucks County.

Linky Thursday – 11/13

The Ball Gown Challenge: Project Runway designers were asked to design a gown for the next First Lady (not decided at the time) to wear to the inauguration. I liked Malan’s and Leann’s the best. Too many designers did such a literal flag thing! But of those, I think Rami’s was the classiest. (PS: A note was added after the fact that the sketch claiming to be Jay’s was not really his and it was removed from the slideshow, but it’s the one on the right side of the thumbnail with the question mark over her head.)

Project Runway’s A Nightmare Before Christmas: Two things I love, synched up really nicely..! It’s pretty funny.

Amazon’s New Uncluttered Packaging Program: I think we can all agree that most products come in way too much packaging, but it’s usually designed to protect the item and attract attention while it sits on store shelves. Take away the store, and you can take away a lot of the packaging – nice!

Modbe Clothing Review

I’m sure everyone is really curious as to what I ended up getting or not getting from the list I posted a couple weeks ago. Well, the Sigerson Morrison shoes are all pretty much sold out at Target, but I did get the fake Uggs boots, and today my package from Modbe arrived! Yes, I gave the Mormons my money. Here’s my review.

First of all, it took forever to get my stuff! I didn’t hear anything for nearly a week after I placed my order, then I was finally notified that it had shipped, and it took nearly a week to receive the shipment via FedEx. When my package finally arrived, I started unpacking and thought, “That is a lot of clothes… and I didn’t order any jeans!” I discovered that another person’s order was in the same box as mine, with their packing slip and everything! So I sorted out mine from hers, and called Modbe customer service. They said they’d e-mail me a shipping label so I can send the stuff back to them. (And gosh, if this other girl hadn’t been a size smaller than me, there could’ve been a real problem..!)

So how are the clothes? Some are really nice, some seem kind of cheap. In general, their basic pieces seem like they’re good quality and fit nicely. The trendier pieces, not so much. And I understand that they’re trying to cover up the tummy, but all the shirts are so long! Like, I could just about wear them as dresses. Here’s what I got, and my thoughts on each:

  • Printed Tee: I see now that the model in the photo is wearing this over another shirt. Good idea, because the material is very thin, which makes it feel like not such good quality. I do like that the sleeves are a little longer, but still fitted.
  • Second Skin Cap Sleeve: Very nice little shirts, they fit great and would be perfect to layer under things, wear with a sweater, etc. While I’m not afraid of showing a little cleavage, it’s nice that the scoop necks are cut just a little higher. They feel like really nice quality, well-made, with good stretch, which is so important! I actually got one pink and one black, and I’d be happy to go back for more, though the available colors are pretty limited at the moment – maybe they’ll expand their offerings in the future. I’d love a blue or a brown, for instance. Based on the quality of the cap sleeve tees, I’d also be likely to check out their tanks or long-sleeve shirts. (I didn’t take a picture of this specifically, but I’m wearing the pink one in the following two photos.)
  • Wrap Sweater: In my earlier post, I had a picture of the brown one, but I ended up getting black. Not so happy with it. The knit fabric is very thin, and it has seams in weird places – across the shoulders, and down the back. (Side question: They only show it worn with a short-sleeved shirt, do you think it would look weird to have long sleeves sticking out from underneath?)
  • Re-Zip Hoodie: Love it! Yet another piece I wish were offered in more colors. Again, feels well-made, with nice quality material and a heavy-duty double zipper so you can unzip from the top down and the bottom up. (Being able to unzip from the bottom up is a good thing, because it’s so long, I needed a little extra hip room!) Another really nice feature is the little thumb holes in the sleeves.

And since I happened to receive that extra order in my box, I was also able to take a look at the long-sleeve tee and a pair of the Jane jeans. Don’t worry, I didn’t take them out of their packages. But the long sleeve shirt seems to be of the same quality as the cap sleeve, which is promising, and the jeans seem to be made of nice quality material as well, but I’m always wary of buying jeans without trying them on first, plus these cost like twice what my regular jeans do, and I’m not digging the back pocket embroidery so much. (And OMG, her order was placed a week and a half before mine, she must really be wondering where her things are!)