Chuck S2 E1, Heroes S3 E3, Duggars S1 E1&2

It was a big TV night last night!

Chuck was good. I didn’t like the first 15 minutes or so, which was basically a recap of what happened last season. But the rest was good, and I liked how it ended. (Also, the part where he called Morgan to tell the bad guys how they were surrounded.)

Heroes was good. As I imagined there would be, there is tension between Claire’s moms. The HRG and Sylar team is like the best thing ever! PresentPeter is out of Jessie and now he gets to face FuturePeter. Parkman gets sunburnt and uses Black Isaac’s magic headphones. The Nikki/Tracy story gets way more interesting, and Micah seemed calmer than a normal person would be when meeting his dead mom’s clone. Hiro and Ando are cute yet their story didn’t make me laugh nearly as much as HRG and Sylar..? Was anyone on this show actually raised by their biological parents? And no sign of Mohinderfly this week, but it looks like he’ll be back next week.

The Duggar show just made me angry. They lost a kid in the airport and didn’t realize it until they heard it on the loudspeaker?! (And Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t even hear it, they said one of the camera people told them!) The kids seemed less than impressed with Michelle’s announcement on the Today Show. “We’re expecting.” [Crickets] Josh: “Well, it has been about nine months since the last one.” I love that Johannah (the second-youngest girl) is so naughty! We saw her getting a talking-to in Central Park, plus when Jim Bob got everyone together outside the pizza place, Michelle was off the the side with a shrieking Johannah! Best scene: Jim Bob and Josh trying to flag down a taxi in NYC by waving wads of money in the street. And handing out family photos to every cab driver, police officer, and fan they met on the street! (Bonus: check here for a video from the Today Show yesterday that includes some footage of Josh’s wedding [which was Friday].)

Stinky Guy Update

If you missed my edit, below, the guy from the concert with horrible B.O. made the majority of his photos friends-only. I think someone was leaving nasty comments on them… (It wasn’t me, though, I promise.) But I just saw that he wrote up a review of the show on TMBW, so in case it ever gets edited or removed, here it is (with my comments in italics):

I drove 170 Miles from home to be there, and I loved the show to the point of singing along, although I tend to scream it out due to a slight background of heavy metal & punk. But this was MY VERY 1ST TMBG SHOW that I’ve went to, much less THE VERY 1ST CONCERT of ANY BAND in history for me. [I was going to ask you if you’d ever been to a concert before, due to your total lack of etiquette.] Flansy mentioned about there being no punch-line to his joke, and he called me nuts for saying that it was like a Balki Bartokomous joke, since there was no punch-line. Then again, he even mentioned about subscribing to the TMBG Podcasts on iTunes, and I did say that I subscribed to them & got Flans’ message from long ago. Therefore, he told the crowd that I was the reason for their keeping up-to-date with what everything they do, I think? [They never said anything to you. They certainly didn’t compliment you.] But I do remember Flans giving me a hardcore snarl after I was the last few strumbs on his guitar at the end of Istanbul(Not Constantinople), since I was all hardcore-face when doing so. [Actually, it was because you pretty much grabbed the guitar out of his hands!] Linny kept looking into my direction half the time, and that was also when I said how he was the best Poopsmith ever due to SBEmail #200 from Homestar Runner. [He was looking at you because he saw how the rest of us around you were reacting to you!] I loved The Mesopotamian, Istanbul(Not Constantinople), Damn Good Time, Fingertips, Birdhouse In Your Soul, Don’t Let’s Start, She’s An Angel, & I Love To Sing, in which I said “I LOVE YOU, LINNY” at the end of the show. [“Mesopotamians” and “Times” are both plural.] Only 1 fan was highly irate with me saying how I ruined the show and everything, but that’s how I have fun, even though some would take it as rude & most would take it as a form of random enjoyment, but I was told from a friend that I made the show A LOT more interesting, yet the rest of the night was awesome in the same. [I’m assuming you learned this due to the comments on your photos on Flickr, which were not from me. I’m irate too, so that’s at least two irate fans. And I know of at least 10 others.] It was a great experience of my life, and I hope to do it again in the future. Not only that, but one of my friends who attended the show that night was kinda jealous that I got the band’s attention, as well as the comments on MySpace & having to be mentioned by Flans. Still, she & I hung out at the end of the show, and just like TMBG shows, there’s ALWAYS a happy ending somewhere. In short, I had some “DAMN GOOD TIMES”!!! [You don’t need to work song titles into all your conversation – he did this throughout the night.]

TMBG at the Chameleon

Last night’s They Might Be Giants show at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster was, sadly, probably my worst experience seeing Them. And it’s really all attributable to one guy, who we’ll get to a little later. Amazingly, this was the first TMBG show I’ve attended that TDK didn’t also attend!

GG and I both left work a little early and booked it out to Lancaster, where we met MB and Alan at the mall for dinner. My little pumpkin came running into the restaurant to meet me with open arms! We had a nice, quick dinner at Qdoba, and then headed into the city to find the Chameleon. None of us had ever been there before, but we had directions and a general idea where to go. The tickets said the show was at 7:00, so we aimed to get to the venue by 6:00. There is a big parking garage conveniently located directly across the street from the Chameleon, so we parked in there (once the machine finally accepted the $5 bill we were feeding it!) and walked across the street to see DT, who was already in line with some friends. Then we walked around Lancaster for about 15 minutes, since the line was still pretty short. When we got back, we took our place at the back of the line, which had grown only slightly. It was about 6:30 at this point.

It had been raining on and off all day, and as we stood in line, it started just spitting again. It was tolerable. We stood and talked, and eventually the line moved a few feet, and then… stopped. It got to be 7:30… 8:00… And that was about when we got in. MB, Alan, GG, and I took a spot about one row of people away from the stage, on Linnell’s side, near DT. While we waited for the opening band, Jules texted me (she and Kevin were going to be a little late, which obviously didn’t matter since we didn’t even get in until 8) to see where we were. Also, we started talking to a group of people next to us. One of the guys in the group recognized GG, and it turned out they’d graduated from high school together! So they reminisced about some old classmates and stuff. Also, this strange guy next to me turned around and randomly told me and MB that the girl he’d come to the show with was only 20, so they made her stand upstairs with the under-21 people. “Have you seen her? She has brown eyes and glasses.” Um… noooo… I suggested calling her cell phone. Instead he turned around to face the balcony, and there she was, waving at him. I figured he’d go up to stand with her, which would be great, since his BO was pretty funky.

The opening act came on. Now, we have seen some strange opening acts for TMBG before. For example, Michael Leviton, who played the ukulele while a lot of the audience booed him, and Corn Mo, who’s sort of a one-man accordion band. I think Les Chauds Lapins were the strangest yet, though – a man and woman who played very small banjos (though at one point the woman switched to an acoustic guitar) and sang old French songs about skinny dipping women marrying men who caught them naked, among other things. At some point, Jules and Kevin showed up and made their way to where we were standing. They stood between us and the stinky dude, helping to block the smell from poor MB, who is at armpit-level.

Les Chauds Lapins

Then there was a break before TMBG came on. In talking to the people around us, we learned that nobody had any perfume with them (GG wanted to douse the smelly guy), and also that the pretty young woman who was flirting with stink-o had a 14 year-old daughter up on the balcony. (She must’ve been 14 herself when she had the kid, then.) This lady was totally hitting on the smelly dude, too. They were hugging, taking pictures together, etc. We thought they must have known each other, but apparently the people behind us had been talking to her outside, which is how they knew about her kid. Later I saw her eying up DT, as well, though he appeared to have come with a girl(friend) – go DT!

I was hoping that once TMBG actually started, we would kind of forget about the BO bandit. It didn’t really work out that way, though. As soon as the band came on, he was holding his camera up, getting in everyone’s way, moving all around and bumping into people (and this is even with an open area around him where people were avoiding his stench). In addition to shouting the lyrics to every song, he would randomly yell out other stuff, too. GG made a joke during the opening act about playing “Banjo Hero” (a riff on the game “Guitar Hero”), and for the rest of the night the smelly guy shouted things about “Guitar Hero,” “Accordion Hero,” and whatever else he could think of. During any quiet moments, he would shout stuff like, “Flans, I love you!” and “I love you, Linny!” At one point, Flansburgh held his guitar over the audience for people to pluck, as he often does, and this dude practically ripped it from Flans’ hands! There were several times when I had to physically push him away from me, because he was getting too close or whatever. At one point They instigated a conga line, which of course this stinky weirdo joined, and we happily rushed forward to where he’d been standing, and hoped he wouldn’t be able to make his way back. Be he congaed right back to where he’d been, and squeezed himself into his previous spot! Oh and also, he totally stunk! Like, I have smelled smelly people before, but I can’t really describe the stench of this guy – especially as he held his arms up with his camera (which he did for the entire concert).

By the end of the night, I was extremely ticked off at this dude. He had a huge negative effect on my experience. I was all set to give him a piece of my mind before heading out, and had the blessing of several others around me, but he was climbing onto the stage to grab the set list (as people yelled for him to “get off the stage!”). GG said he’d rather just get out of there, it wasn’t worth it to talk to him. But I had it all planned out, what I would’ve said to this jerk!

I’d planned to print here an open letter to the guy, but actually I have since found his MySpace page, Facebook, Flickr stream (here’s the girl he abandoned on the balcony), and YouTube channel (check out his video of The Mesopotamians for a great example of his scream-singing that he did all throughout the show). [Edit – 9/28] Well, as of today his Flickr stream is mostly friends-only. [/Edit] Oh well, here’s my open letter to him anyway – I hope he finds this!

I’d like you to know that you really ruined a lot of people’s fun last night, with your total lack of concert etiquette. All the pictures you took with your flash are going to suck because of the smoke machines. All the videos you shot are going to suck because the tiny microphone on your camera can’t handle standing directly in front of the speakers on stage. Not to mention the fact that I’m pretty sure TMBG did not want their entire concert recorded. You rudely bumped into, elbowed, and blocked the view of many people around you as you held your camera through the whole show. Your constant shouting was annoying and not at all funny (which I’m assuming you thought it would be), nor did your frequent declarations of love for John and John impress them (which I’m assuming you thought they would). And finally, and most importantly, you have horrendous body odor. You probably didn’t notice that there was usually a 1-foot radius of emptiness around you, but it’s because you stink horribly.

I guess in addition to that loser, I also was kind of unimpressed with the song selections. They’ve been doing this thing lately where they play one song off every album (though they seem to have completely missed Factory Showroom last night). So it was cool that they did a Mono Puff song (probably the only one I know, too), and my favorite State Song, “West Virginia,” and they opened with “Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal,” which was awesome… But man, do they have to perform “Istanbul,” “Particle Man,” and “The Alphabet of Nations” at every concert?

Linnell on the keyboard

Linnell on the accordion

Flansburgh rocking out on guitar

Flans with “the stick”

The Office, Tired

Who watched The Office last night? OMG, so good! But none of my Office-watching friends at work have seen it yet, so I can’t talk about it, arg! Favorite moments: Kelly talking about the tapeworm, cut to Creed: “That wasn’t a tapeworm.” Ryan talking about his (court-ordered) volunteer work. And Ryan replacing Ronnie because Michael found her “too blah.” Stanley sneaking exercise! Dwight spraying bug spray into the vending machine full of fruit. Angela acting whorish. Phyllis taking over the party planning committee! Andy talking about how “every little boy dreams about his fairytale wedding.” Holly realizing Kevin isn’t actually retarded. Of course, the scene at the rest stop!!!! Also, watch out for Pam’s new friend! Until we find out his name, I’m calling him Fat Jim. And poor Toby’s scene at the end!

I got up a little early this morning and came to work earlier than usual, since I have to leave early. I didn’t think it would make a huge difference, but I feel really tired already! Hope this doesn’t last, or it’ll be a long day…

PR 5 Episode 11, Excited, WFH Again

I didn’t really like last night’s episode of Project Runway. It was like they tried to cram two challenges into one. Kenley totally sucks, what a brat. And why did they get LL Cool J as a guest judge, when he is so closely related to just one of the styles represented in the challenge? It was like they were setting Kenley up to fail (which, they obviously were).

So excited to go to TMBG tomorrow! It looks like they’ve been putting on really good shows recently! Last time I saw them was their totally awesome horn show last November, that was like a lifetime event for me.

Working from home again today… Set up at the kitchen table, at least for the morning, because I have to do a lot of typing. By this afternoon I’ll probably be upstairs or on the sofa. I am really enjoying this! But I hope I don’t get spoiled…

Heroes Season 3 Episodes 1 & 2; Ivan’s Dental Appointment

I know you’re all eagerly awaiting my review of last night’s premiere episodes of Heroes, but it was so intense, I don’t think I can write well enough about it. So I will just say… Mohinder’s storyline so far is paralleling “The Fly;” I’m very disappointed with how quickly Maya went from shrugging Mo’s hand off her to sleeping with him; Claire is well on her way to becoming a villain; Future Peter sucks; Angela Petrelli sucks; Sylar and his eyebrows are back!, but I’m not fully believing that Angela is his mom; also not fully believing that Tracy is not Niki, but considering her prominence in the governor’s circle, maybe she really is someone else (popular opinion is she’s a clone or twin); Hiro and Daphne are cute; I saw Ghost Linderman coming when nobody addressed him but Nathan; Matt’s in the desert with Black Isaac?; does HRG work for the company now or not?; and where are Micah, Monica, and The Haitian? Best line of the night: “Are you going to eat it?” “Eat your brain? Claire, that’s disgusting.”

Today was Ivan’s dental appointment. I had to chase him for twenty minutes before I could get him into the carrier! He meowed and howled the whole way there. They were going to do some bloodwork first, then anesthetize him and extract his two bad molars, then put him on IV fluids for a while. When I dropped him off they said he’d be ready around 3:30 or 4:00, so I was a little surprised when I got a call at 1:30, thinking something had gone wrong – maybe the bloodwork came back bad and he was sick again and they wouldn’t be able to do the dental work. But actually he was already done, but they wanted to keep him until 5:00 so he could get some more IV fluids while he woke up. Since I had my own dentist appointment at the same time, GG went to pick him up on his way home from work. He was still a little groggy by the time I got home, and he kept licking his arm where they’d shaved it to put in the IV. The instructions were to not let him eat until around 9:00, and then to give him a little bit of wet food. Well since Fringe comes on at 9, I gave him wet food at 8:30. He wolfed it down! (He’s been fasting since 9:00 last night, so I’m sure he was starving.) Meanwhile, I put the dry food back out for Katrina and Sacha. Ivan walked over and started eating that, too! Except with two molars out on one side, he has to figure out how to just chew on the other side. He’s kind of tilting his head to one side while he crunches, it’s cute and weird.


Busy TV week this week!

  • Monday – “Heroes” premiere
  • Tuesday – “Fringe”
  • Wednesday – “Project Runway”
  • Thursday – “The Office” premiere

Also … One of the signs of the apocalypse … Duggars to Get Reality Show. Though I would be kind of interested in seeing how they are all the time, and not just when they’re neatly lined up for the camera.

Shoes and other weekend stuff

It was another busy weekend! Friday we couldn’t think of what to do for dinner, and it was getting late, and finally GG suggested Pizzeria Uno (which I didn’t realize is now called Uno Chicago Grill or something), so we went up there and got our little pizzas. It was almost 9PM by the time we got home, and I still had a bunch of stuff to do in preparation for the wedding, like paint my nails and finalize clothes and stuff. But I got it all done.

So Saturday, for the wedding, I ended up wearing that 3/4 sleeve black dress. I was recounting my outfit to someone today, and I realized: my dress was from Avon, my necklace and scarf (tied as a belt) were from Target, and my shoes were Payless. Classy! Anyway, the ceremony was neat, they did a couple non-traditional things, and then the reception was pretty standard, but also had a couple unique touches. And the bride was wearing the prettiest wedding dress ever, she was beautiful. Also on Saturday, the kitties were snuggling in various configurations – here’s some choice shots:

I spent this morning doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and going food shopping. I got home and thought about going out for a couple things, but I really wanted a nap… Then my mom called to see if I wanted to go out with her, so I ended up getting my stuff after all. I got a purse organizer for the back of my closet door, which allowed me to move most of my purses out of the drawer where I was keeping them. Then I cleaned out my shoe shelves (to make room for the two pairs I got today, whoops), put a bunch in a bag to donate, and moved all my sandals into the drawer I’d moved the purses from. Phew!

Oh also, I found out who Babyshape is! (Hi, and thanks for e-mailing me!) Mystery solved :o)

Weekend Plans, Silly Co-Workers

How is my workday half-over already? I feel like I’ve been on the phone all morning. Stop calling me, I have forms to sort out and sign!

This weekend we are going to a wedding! Of course the bride is family :o) I realized the other day in all the excitement I hadn’t even picked out anything to wear, but luckily my black dress I wore to Heather’s wedding is looking nice, or I have a 3/4 sleeved black dress I could probably jazz up a little bit if it’s chillier.

One of my co-workers told me this morning that someone she knows just died in a motorcycle accident on a bridge, and it reminded her of me, and I was like, “Oh great, thanks.” But it was really because the bridge is near where I live. (But still…) Then another co-worker asked me if I could photoshop this lady’s head onto a picture of Bigfoot because her name sort of rhymes with Sasquatch. This is for a birthday card for her. So that was a fun little activity. (The guy who asked me to do that is so silly! He said we could both sign the card, but I said it was okay, he came up with the idea so it could be his card.)

Babyshape?, PR 5 Episode 10, WFH – does anyone know what this site is? It’s a private blog, so I can’t view it, but people come to my blog from there fairly often. Maybe someone who’s visiting from that site right now can just tell me what it is?

I liked last night’s episode of Project Runway, and besides Joe and Suede’s jacket, I liked the clothes they made. But I don’t think most of them were appropriate for the jobs these girls were going to be doing – which in some cases the judges cared about (e.g. Leanne’s dress and jacket), though in other cases the profession didn’t seem to matter at all. For a photographer who’s going to be carrying equipment and moving around a lot, I don’t see how Suede’s dress is very practical (and let’s not even mention the flutter sleeves of the jacket). For an artist’s assistant, who’s probably going to be getting messy and running around, Jerell’s pencil skirt and long cardigan also didn’t seem like a good choice (though I did love the outfit and am fine with him winning again). And I have seen the girls who work in the labs here and they are wearing pants (often jeans), so I don’t know if Korto’s dress and jacket were the best choice for that job, even though the jacket was awesome and fit her great. I hate to say it, because she’s gotten super annoying, but I did like Kenley’s outfit. It was cute and perfect for Mini-Kenley’s job. But she’s got to learn to take criticism and not be so argumentative! Also, if Tim Gunn tells you to do something, do it. (I noticed that even though she did argue with him over the length of the tulle coming out the bottom of the skirt, she ended up cutting it.) Oh also, LOL at Suede getting his girl to agree to a dress, because he doesn’t do pants: “I was working on the top, and it was still long… like a dress…” My picks for the final three are Leanne, Korto, and Jerell, though they’ll probably rig it so Kenley chortles her way into the top three instead of Leanne.

Yesterday was my first “regular” work from home day. It was so nice! I got up an hour later than usual (which was still 6:30, so it’s not like I was sleeping in). I stayed in my pajamas until like 11 AM. GG came home for lunch and we walked across the street and got sandwiches and ate together. Then there was no stress to rush home from work, wolf down some dinner, and take a nap before band, because I already was home, plus I was so well-rested from my low impact day. I had time to make a nice dinner and still take a good nap! I am going to enjoy this WFH thing…