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There is clearly a new porn site that’s been created called Lolablog, so now I’m getting zillions of hits from people looking for porn and ending up here. (Especially from France – maybe it’s a French site?) Too bad they’re instead subjected to stories of cat pee and housework and my otherwise boring life.

Also in site news, I’ve been getting a bunch of hits from what I can only guess is the marketing company behind Senseo coffee makers or the Share Senseo program, as these seem to be the search terms that lead them to my site. Guess they want to follow up on whether or not people are really spreading the word after receiving free coffee makers. (By the way, I tried the cappucino pods last night, and was a little disappointed. I guess there’s just no way to really replicate frothed milk in a pod.)

GG and I are going to H&R Block tonight to get our taxes done. This will be our first year filing jointly, and since he still has all his cover band accounting from last year, I want to make sure it gets done right. Amazingly, even though he is totally disorganized with all his important stuff, GG found everything on the list of paperwork I told him he needed. Except for his borough tax form, but since we’re filing jointly now we can both use my form, so that’s okay. From now on, I need to keep him organized better, because he is always misplacing important papers and things.

Traffic, Neighbors

Remember how I mentioned that the bridge in our town is closed and traffic is being detoured past our house? So that was closed on Feb. 18, and last week the traffic was horrible going past our house. I couldn’t even get out of my driveway at certain times of the day! They must have redirected people, though, because this week I’ve noticed that traffic on our street has greatly improved. Not that it’s back to pre-bridge-closure levels, but it’s not just a parking lot outside during the morning and evening rush. So that’s nice.

The Mexicans who lived next door have clearly been gone for a long time, and last weekend we noticed the landlord of the building doing a lot of work around there. Now today I see there’s a moving truck parked out front and a new family there with a couple little girls. I hope they’re quiet…

Linky Thursday – 2/28

Share Senseo Promotion: Here’s a link to the survey I took that got me the free Senseo coffee maker. Just take the survey and then they will e-mail you if you’ve been selected to get the free machine. Though I wonder if they actually “select” everyone, since I got it and I’ve been hearing about a lot of other people who have, too. You do have to pay $15 for s&h, but it’s still a good deal considering the machines start around $70. Even if you aren’t selected, I also have some $20 off coupons that I can give out – just let me know if you want one!

Apartment in a Box: This is insane! A wardrobe, desk/table, cabinet, chair, 2 stools, twin bed, mattress, and set of shelves that can be condensed into a compact box for transport! Along the same lines as TinyURL, this site lets you enter multiple URLs, for which it generates one short link. You can give this link to someone, and when they click it they will see the full list of all the URLs you are linking to. Also good if you are working with something that has limited characters (e.g. Twitter) or a limited number of slots to enter URLs. Sounds like it would be great for me and GG, we e-mail each other funny links all day long!

Bacon Cups: Hey, remember the Bacon Mat from a while back? Here, Not Martha weaves bacon into cup forms, which she fills with lettuce and tomato for a breadless BLT. Mmm! (Also from Not Martha, Bacon Curls.)

Senseo, Samsung

My Senseo machine arrived yesterday! Of course I had to set it up right away and brew a sample cup of coffee. The verdict: if I made coffee every day, I would probably be in love with this thing. However, as GG and I are both only occasional coffee drinkers, it seems like a lot of effort. We actually already have a coffee maker with a pot, which GG often uses just to heat water for tea, but this is nice if you just want to make one cup. I’m a little disappointed in their standard cup sizes, though. One pod makes enough to fill about half a mug. If you want a full mug, you’re supposed to use two pods – though I just ran a second mini-cup through the same pod and it turned out fine. I like to water my coffee down with milk anyway, though. I guess if you like a stronger cup of coffee, double up on the pods. The machine came with a package of basic coffee, and a coupon for more pods, so we picked up Cappuccino and French Vanilla at the supermarket. Also, the letter that came with the machine said that if you go to the SenseoStore web site, you can save 10% or more on coffee pods, but I did the math, and they’re $5.29 per bag at the store compared to $5.31 on the web site! Anyway, the overall goal of this free coffeemaker thing is of course for people to spread the word about the machine, and it came with this list of helpful tips for sharing this coffee with people. I wasn’t really planning on doing that, but then, here I am blogging about it, so whatever. I guess if you have anything to say you should take their survey and then you’ll be registered for offers like free coffeemakers too. Also, I have some coupons for $20 off a Senseo machine to share.

Speaking of new goodies (and coffee), I got my new phone! I’m glad I held out for the t819, it’s really nice. So I upgraded my phone, upgraded to a new plan (a promotional plan they’re doing, I pay the same amount per month but get 1000 minutes instead of 600), and added WAP internet to my plan. We’ll see how that works out, I can always remove it. But it’s pretty awesome! Even if there’s not a mobile version of a web site, I can still see it (e.g., this blog)! So I spent all last night getting things set up and customized the way I like them. The only annoying things so far: the ringtones are all stupid (I just want it to ring like a phone), and I haven’t figured out how to turn off this little chime sound it makes when you’ve made a selection from a menu. But the camera’s good, the screen is nice, and even the “coffee brown” color is nice (it’s more of a silvery brown, or copper color). So hooray, I finally have a phone technologically advanced enough to keep up with today’s hectic world… or whatever. Also, the phone has a slot for a microSD memory card, as does GG’s, so we each ordered a 2GB card from B&H last night. They sell them for half the price of the T-Mobile store, though the guy there said that T-Mobile’s prices were comparable to other stores’. The salesman was really cool though, he’s helped me out before and even remembered GG from when he was having problems with getting e-mail on his phone a few months ago, and we ended up staying and chatting with him about HD-DVDs for a while after the transaction was over.

TV Chefs, New Phone?

Even though I fell asleep before it was over, last night’s episode of No Reservations in Romania was possibly one of my favorites. I think it was mostly due to Zamir – he seems to get funnier with each episode he’s been in. Trying to work the phrase “no reservations” into everything he said, drunkenly singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” into a string of sausages… It was great. Even the parental warning where the letter O got impaled cracked me up. (I mean, the parental warning almost needed a warning of its own, it was so bloody!) Also, Tony mentioning that he’d given up smoking – is that the first time he’s outright said so? It actually surprises me a little that a chef and food-lover like him ever smoked in the first place, considering what it does to your sense of taste. Anyway, I totally need to catch a repeat of that so I can see what I missed. I don’t remember laughing that much at an episode of NR.

Speaking of TV chefs, this is pretty exciting: Martin Yan (of “Yan Can Cook”), is going to be at my office on March 13 to sign copies of his book! I watched his show on PBS when I was very little, I remember it well, as does GG. So I am excited to even be able to meet the guy!

I stopped by the T-Mobile store yesterday and took a look at the Samsung t819 – the first time I’d seen it in person. I think I’m going to upgrade to that one (finally!). It got kind of bad reviews when it came out several weeks ago, but it’s not that it’s a bad phone, I think the reviewers were just expecting something more from Samsung at this point, but it’s actually very similar to their existing phones. I mentioned to the saleswoman that I was interested in this one because it’s 3G capable and she said yes, but they don’t have 3G yet, and I said I knew, but that I heard it was coming this year. Then she said, “In June, but don’t tell anyone I told you.” Whoops!

Ikea Table, Coffee, Cat Pee, Trash Can, Movie, Senseo

I did a lot of stuff this weekend, so sorry but this is going to be jumping all over the place with my various topics.

On Saturday GG was gone all day working on his mural. He did some time-lapse photography of himself working, and it’s pretty awesome! He plans to continue doing this as he works, and in the end I’ll string the pictures together into an .mpeg movie or something, and it’ll be really cool. While he was gone, I did a lot of errands. I got us a new coffee table! (It’s the same as our old coffee table, only it looks like it’s made out of wood. We had the white one before.) I built it right away, and then realized part of the finish was scratched off the top. I called the store twice, and both times sat there for literally 10 minutes while the phone rang and nobody picked up. I hung up both times. All I wanted to know was whether I should return just the table top, or the whole thing.

When GG got home, we had been planning to see Be Kind Rewind, but we realized it was too late to go out if we also wanted dinner and bla bla bla. So instead we just went to do some errands. We took the whole table back to Ikea, and got a whole new one. (Which I built when we got home and it’s perfect.) Excited for the return of Saturday Night Live, we decided to walk over to Wawa around 10:30 to get some coffee to keep us up. Usually I fall asleep around Weekend Update. So we had our coffee, yum yum, I watched the whole show with no problem, and… I couldn’t sleep a wink. I slept about an hour all night. Blah.

So another awesome thing that happened this weekend was that on Friday night GG and I were going to snuggle on the sofa under our big down comforter, and he went to pick it up and it was literally soaking in cat pee. It had a cover on it, which I washed and it’s fine, but the comforter itself had to be thrown out – there’s just no way to get cat pee out of down (we’ve tried). We assumed it was Ivan, because that’s where he peed before a couple years ago when he was sick. Except then there was noticable blood in it and that was his way of telling us something was wrong. This time it was just straight pee. So, okay. Saturday when I built the new coffee table, I disassembled the old one and the pieces were sitting on the loveseat. When we got home Saturday night, I noticed that there was pee splattered all over the shelf of the table, laying across the loveseat. As I started cleaning that up, I realized that there was also pee on the seat cushion and a lot of it on the back pillow. Luckily, I don’t know what kind of magical fabric that sofa is made out of, but liquids just roll right off of it. So the stuffing wasn’t affected at all, and I was able to throw the cover of the pillow in the wash. I’ve since put the loveseat back together and covered it with a configuration of trash bags. This is really unacceptable, and I’m assuming it’s Ivan doing this, but I don’t know what he’s trying to tell us. He doesn’t like tables sitting on seats? He enjoys peeing on blankets? Who knows. But he did seem apologetic and snuggled up next to me in bed all night on Saturday (I know this because I couldn’t sleep, remember?).

Yesterday we finally got a new trash can. Our old one apparently blew away last week when it was so windy one day, and is nowhere to be found. Which is weird, because even on extremely windy days it’s never gone that far, maybe down the block or so. But I checked all over the place and couldn’t find it, so I’m kind of wondering if it was stolen. Anyway, we got a really nice big one, and this time we put our house number and street name on it with BIG reflective stickers. It looks nice! I’m excited to put the trash out tonight!

We did eventually get to see Be Kind Rewind, last night. It was cute and funny, though the previews were a bit misleading. I would have liked to have seen more movie remakes, and less feel-good community togetherness stuff. I do like Michel Gondry, but his films are so open-ended. The Science of Sleep: What happened to Stephane at the end? I’ve seen it suggested that he died from his concussion! Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: The theory is that this wasn’t the first or the last time that Joel and Clem had their memories of each other erased. And now Be Kind Rewind: The condo developer puts his arm around Mr. Fletcher at the end, but I think we are still to assume that the building is demolished. There were very few people in the theater to see it. So, the movie opened at #7 or 8 this weekend, which is okay for a Gondry film I think, but kind of poor considering the big name actors and the amount of advertising they were doing.

Also, I won a free Senseo coffee maker (the kind that uses those pods to make a cup at a time) by doing a survey online, just had to pay $15 s&h. Considering that the unit itself costs like $70, plus it comes with some starter pods and coupons for more, I figured that was a good deal. So I just checked the delivery status online and it’s out with the courrier right now! (I hope the delivery guy doesn’t get mad, we have signs on the front and side doors requesting that packages be delivered in the back, but it’s all snowy back there still, I wouldn’t mind if he left it at the side door, I just don’t really want the front door propped open all day with a box in it because it’s on a busy street.)

Snow Day!

Since we knew ahead of time that it was going to snow today, I decided yesterday that today would be a vacation day. (I still have 3.5 that I have to use up by the end of March!) I woke up at 6:30, and since there were already a few inches of snow, I went out to shovel. It took about an hour to do the sidewalk, front and side steps, and driveway, plus clean the snow off my car. GG went to work around 8:30, and said the drive was terrible. It stopped snowing around 10:00, and I shoveled one more time. Then I hung around until 1:00 or so when GG got home from work (he took a half day), and we walked over to Wawa and got cheesesteaks for lunch. Then we drank hot chocolate/napped/watched Dr. Katz DVDs. I woke up energized and went on this big cleaning spree: I hung new curtains in the living room (I’ve been meaning to do it for months, the old ones were all clawed up by cats), vacuumed the living room and dining room, dusted both rooms, cleaned the tables and windows and everything, refreshed my reed diffuser, and changed the artwork that’s up in the living room.

Tomorrow GG is going to spend the day sketching his mural design on his client’s walls. (Yay!) Meanwhile I will be doing some errands. Then hopefully we will be able to catch Be Kind Rewind tomorrow night.

By the way, if you enjoyed the Barak Obama is Your New Bicycle link yesterday, you’ll probably also like Hillary is Mom Jeans.

Linky Thursday – 2/21

5-Pointed Star in One Snip: Holy cow! I just made one at my desk right now! It turns out perfect even if you use 8.5×11″ paper, not 8.5×10″ like they call for.

Life Expectancy Calculator: Here’s my results:
Biological Age: 25
Virtual Age: 8.3
Life Expectancy: 90.7
Guess I’d better keep saving for retirement…

LOL Momz: Real e-mails from real momz. Look familiar?

Dancing Taps Presley, Carolla, More: You’ve probably heard the line-up for the next season of Dancing With The Stars at this point. I have never watched the show, but I am kind of curious to see 6’7″ magician Penn Jillette and deaf actress Marlee Matlin.

Secrets Behind Your Favorite Toys: Origins of the Slinky, Erector Set, Lincoln Logs, Play-Doh, Etch-a-Sketch (was originally controlled by a joystick!), Trivial Pursuit, and Mr. Potato Head.

Barak Obama is Your New Bicycle: So, like, I’m not really sure what this is. But it’s weird and fun. Just keep clicking.

Band Meeting, Weird Dream

Last night’s band Town Hall meeting went… okay. Not quite as smooth as I would have liked, and due to some discussion early on in the meeting that was a little more involved than expected, some of the later topics got kind of rushed. I felt bad about that, because those were the discussion points suggested by band members, and I didn’t want them to feel like they were being glossed over. We really should have dedicated the entire night to the meeting, but after missing last week’s rehearsal due to snow, we really needed some practice time before getting started with business. Unfortunately, the band seems to want more changes to our Bylaws, which is further delaying our application to become a non-profit organization, the goal we’ve been trying to reach for the past four years. But apparently the band wants to increase the size of the Board. That’s the main focus of these changes, I think. I’m not sure what type of “policy making” the band thinks the Board does – if anything, the “policy” of the band is the Bylaws, and as we saw last night, the entire membership has input into that document. I think some people feel that the Board has a narrow point of view, being comprised of our Director plus four female clarinet players. Maybe if the current Board were made up of two men and two women, representing four different instruments in the band, nobody would have even thought to increase the size. Marty, if you’re out there, maybe you could shed some light on what people are hoping to achieve by increasing the size of the Board? And what people think the Board is doing, that they also want to get involved with?

I had this crazy dream last night that we lived next door to a restaurant (in our same house), and GG went over there to pick up dinner to us. While he was gone, these two guys in a pickup truck who were going to eat at the restaurant parked in our driveway. I went outside to yell at them and make them move their car. When I got back inside, GG was already back, but all the lights were off and he told me, “The UPS man is in here.” Then I noticed a man dressed all in black crouching in front of the living room window, and I was like, “Oh, we’re being robbed?!” As soon as he knew he’d been spotted, the guy jumped up and ran out the front door with a bag of things he’d stolen from our house, and I foolishly chased him to get our stuff back! As I was running after him, I was thinking, “Wait, this is dumb, I don’t know if he has a knife or a gun or something!” So, the moral of the story is, I’m much happier to live next door to the police station in real life than a restaurant.

Check back later for today’s Linky Thursday – I know that’s why you’re all here, anyway.

3-Day Weekend (Day 2)

It’s been a really good, productive weekend. on Friday night, GG and I went out for dinner to this sandwich place and ended up waiting half an hour for our food. After 25 minutes, I said, “How long does it take to scoop two bowls of soup and make half a sandwich,” we were literally the only people there. Turns out there must have been some technical problem and our order never got sent back to the place where they put the food together. So the kid working there got us our food right away. I wrote a comment on the restaurant’s web site about what a good job the kid did, and also that there’s some problem with their order system.

Yesterday I went out early and did all my errands. Later, GG had an appointment with some potential mural clients. They really liked his sketches, so he’ll be faxing them a contract this week and hopefully can get to work soon! This is a really good project for him, and it could potentially lead to a lot of other jobs because the family he’s doing the mural for have a lot of friends and seem to entertain a lot, and they’ve already told some of their other friends about the mural they’re getting.

This morning we went to the Pet Expo at the convention center. It was not at all what I’d expected. There were baby tigers there, but they were more like a circus spectacle, in a tiny metal cage with two creepy looking guys overseeing them. The guys claimed to have rescued the tigers, which is great, but rescued them for what? They’re now being dragged around to pet shows to have people crowd around them and take pictures. It was kind of sad. Most of the other stuff there was dog-related. Even getting there within an hour of the show opening for the day, it was so crowded, and I just get kind of overwhelmed in situations like that. It makes me really tired and cranky. Also, lots of people brought their dogs to the show, and the whole place had a vague pee smell. So after going through the whole expo, we came home and I did a lot of chores around the house.

I have the day off work tomorrow, but GG doesn’t, so I plan to do some other errands and things, and just enjoy my extra day off before heading back for what could potentially be a tough week. Ugh.