Linky Thursday – 10/4

Hugging Banned at Chicago Middle School: The principal says “students were forming ‘hug lines’ that made them late for classes and crowded the hallways.” You can read a discussion on this topic on etsy.

Kitty Litter Cake: Seriously? Ew.

Unclutterer – Unitasker Wednesday: Remember that site Unclutterer I posted last week? This is my favorite section of theirs. Every Wednesday they review a “unitasker” – a single-use item that mainly causes clutter in your home. (I know Alton Brown of Good Eats is against unitaskers as well!)

Not Martha on Matteresses: Tons of good info here if you’re looking to purchase a new one. (Not that we’re in the market for a new mattress. But I’m sleepy right now.)

This entry features copious amounts of parenthesis.

GG was supposed to interview for a new job last night, but when the manager told him to come in on Tuesday he must have forgotten that he’d be at some sort of management conference all week. Good thing GG called ahead! So he rescheduled for Friday.

Since we now had the whole evening free, I suggested a trip to Ikea. I wanted to look at wardrobes again (I really need more hanging clothes space), as well as check out this set of drawers I thought I’d use by my desk for office supplies.

We got to the drawers first. What I want to do is swap my three-drawer plastic storage thing for one of those units with a whole bunch of shallow drawers. I’d been looking at the Helmer drawers in the Ikea catalog, but when I got to the store I was surprised by how tiny they were! There’s also the Alex drawer unit, which is nice, but a little wide and also a little more than I was planning to spend.

So that was a bust, and then we headed to the wardrobes, where I usually don’t have much luck finding something I like that will fit the space I have to work with (I’ve been checking for a while now), but I knew there were some new products available and I actually found two things I liked! Neither is on the US web site, as far as I can tell. The first one I saw is the Hosle wardrobe (seen on the Ikea Australia site), with two sliding doors and a shelf inside above a hanging bar. We wouldn’t have been able to bring anything home last night, because GG doesn’t have his car back yet and the long boxes won’t fit in my car (at least not with GG in the passenger seat), so I just wrote down the number and we headed out. Then we came across the Hajdeby in a display in the self-serve warehouse! (I can’t find a link for this anywhere, except for a small picture on the Ikea Hong Kong site.) The style matches my desk and other furniture in the room perfectly, and it has two doors that open out, two small drawers, and a shelf and hanging bar. I need to go back and get it! (It also costs way less than anything else!)

Then we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner and GG got a big beer (since I was driving), and when we got home he pretty much fell asleep for the night. I napped too, for a little bit, but I also caught True Life “This is Me Now” (update show), and the season two premiere episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Yay, television. (I still want to rescue Jon. Who’s with me?!)

Nice Fall Weekend

Another busy weekend! We started carving pumpkins on Friday night, which was fun, though I think really we were just after the pumpkin seeds..! GG cut the tops off of them, and then I scooped out the insides and started roasting the seeds. GG drew designs on both of them and started working on the first one, which was a clown face. He wanted to try that style of carving where some areas are cut out completely and some areas just have the skin peeled away. I think he started out a little too advanced, and he was disappointed with the way it turned out, but it’s still a kind of creepy clown. I ended up carving the second one, which was a skull face that turned out relatively well. Oh, and also I tried putting Sacha in a pumpkin, but he wasn’t really into it. Too bad, it would’ve been cute. When everything was finished and cleaned up (which wasn’t until about 8 PM), we went out to pick up some dinner and gifts for the two parties we’d be attending over the weekend.

On Saturday there was a parade in our town for a new firetruck or something. And the fire station is a block away from us. So that kind of sucked because we went out and did all our errands early to be home before they closed off all the streets around us. And then there were the bagpipes. And then I was trying to take a nap before we had to go out for the night, and I was rudely awakened when every fire engine from both fire companies in town sounded their sirens for like ten minutes straight, right at the end of our street.

Then we went to Pete and Kristen’s house for their second annual barbecue. It was fun, and there was lots of good food and nice people. And they had an excellent mix CD playing! We left there around 8 PM, stopped for some coffee, and then went to see Jim Gaffigan at the Tower Theater! It was the 10 PM show, and by the end I could barely stay awake, but it was really good and he was funny. Of course, he did the bit about Hot Pockets, though not until the end. He also did about ten minutes just about bacon. “He sure has a lot of jokes about bacon!” I think he and I would get along pretty well, based on his level of laziness, love of sleeping, and enjoyment of bacon.

I really wanted to sleep in on Sunday morning, but the cats weren’t really letting that happen, so I got up early and did laundry and stuff. In the afternoon, we left for Joe’s birthday party in New Jersey. Driving across the Walt Whitman bridge, GG realized there weren’t any cars coming from the opposite direction. Then traffic on our side came to a halt. After listening to the traffic report on KYW, we learned that there was a car fire in the middle of the bridge on the west-bound side. So while our side eventually inched across to New Jersey, the people heading west were totally stopped as far as the eye could see, and they were just hanging out outside their cars. I saw the car that had been on fire – it was just a black shell of a car by the time we saw it. So we finally got to Joe’s and had some food and hung out, but we only stayed for about two hours. We went home a different way, which involved taking a tour through south Jersey. But we were home in time to catch most of The Simpsons, as well as Family Guy and American Dad. Plus, a sewed a bunch of stuff for etsy.

This should be a busy day at work – there’s SOPs and Policies getting issued and becoming effective, which means lots of updating for me, plus we have to announce the migration of our web site..!