Heroes Season 2 Episode 6: The Line

I again semi-liveblogged Heroes on Twitter tonight:

  • Okay, I missed 99% of “Chuck,” but are he and Morgan in a Sandworm costume from Dune?!
  • Adam Monroe folder!!! Spoilery spoiler is right so far!
  • Woo hoo, new languages on Heroes! And Noah speaks them!
  • SYLAR!!!! <3 <3 <3
  • Ando and the scientist are the new Ando and Hiro!
  • Oh they’d better not kill off Monica, she’s awesome!
  • 1) Why are they hanging out AT SCHOOL drinking? 2) That was an AWESOME prank! (Too bad it’ll ultimately backfire, I’m sure.)
  • Ahhh, did Hiro break time again?
  • Ohhhhh nooooo… He might not’ve broken time, but he’s going to break the Kensei story…
  • Evil Kensei!!
  • Whoops… Yatta?
  • Why does Heroes have to be about an apocalyptic pandemic now?! The ONE genre that totally freaks me out!

Caitlin got over her brother’s death pretty quickly. “Well, it’s his own fault that he was burned to death by a woman looking for you. Now let’s go to Canada, mystery man I met a week ago.” West says the ability to fly means he can disobey his parents? Besides transportation, though, doesn’t he need them for other things… like, food, shelter, etc.? And Odessa (in the Ukraine) was a little disappointing, also sad in terms of Bennet and how he hasn’t really changed at all.

Very interested to see what becomes of Adam Monroe (I don’t want to wreck it for anyone, but according to the world’s most spoilery spoiler, he’s a character we’ve already met..!) Also, not nearly enough Sylar in tonight’s episode, though there was one little glance in the car that I know is going to show up as a screencap all over the internet tomorrow.


I took a vacation day today because 1) I have a bunch that I have to use up by the end of the year and 2) I have a lot of stuff to work on for band that I figured I’d take care of. So I’m watching Tyra on TV while working, and she’s interviewing families about the whole Purity Ball thing. The thing they keep emphasizing is that it’s for daughters and fathers to bond, and how important it is for daughters to know their fathers find them beautiful and will protect them and bla bla bla. Well, guess what. I grew up without a father. He was an evil guy who popped up from time to time in our lives and only caused problems. But, I think I turned out pretty awesome. I didn’t go crazy, I didn’t become an alcoholic, I didn’t get pregnant in high school (or, um, ever), and I think I’m a pretty normal and well-adjusted person who is happy and successful, and now I have the most wonderful husband who’s a good person and treats me well. Just saying. I hate when people assume that if a girl doesn’t have a good relationship with her father, she’s going to be all screwed up.

Okay, I’ll write more later about Comedians of Comedy last night, I just wanted to get that other stuff off my chest. (In the meantime, I put a bunch of pictures on flickr.) Back to work!

Halloween Show

GG’s show last night was fun. We got there around 9 PM and they usually start their show at 10, but because the Penn State game was on TV, they were told they might not be able to perform until the game was over, which probably wouldn’t be until 11 or later. And I was not very excited about having to stand around for two hours waiting… but luckily Penn state was pretty clearly losing, so the band was able to start at 10:45.

I was disappointed that there were actually very few people in costume there. I ended up just going as a regular maid, not Magenta, because the wig was too long, it was uncomfortable, and I didn’t want it to end up all smokey. I knew it’d just be a mess. All the guys in the band were in costume, though:

L to R: GG as Dr. Blue, Fetus Eater; Nick as a beer wench?; Vic as a member of The Geeks (their old band!); Ralphie as the Grim Reaper?; Vic as a vampire

GG and me (notice his fetus in a glass)

I left after their first set. (I would’ve waited until the second set, but they started late, so bla bla bla.) I’ve decided that I don’t mind going to their shows if they’re local and I can drive myself and leave early. It’s so much nicer to be able to come home and take a shower and go to bed, instead of having to wait around all night for GG, wait for him to pack up his stuff, etc. A couple hours is really all I can take before my eyes start hurting from the cigarette smoke, anyway.

In a little over an hour, we’re going to be leaving to get dinner somewhere on South Street and then see the Comedians of Comedy at the TLA… so hopefully I’ll have some photos from that coming up! (Assuming photography is allowed…)

Linky Thursday – 10/25

In preparation for Halloween…

BWE’s Top 10 Topical Halloween Costumes Everyone Will Be Wearing Even Though We Wish They Wouldn’t: Includes such costume don’ts as the iPhone; Crazy Bald Britney; and Any YouTube Viral Video, Ever.

Costume Ideas from American Apparel: AA has thoughtfully put together some “simple costumes inspired by film and television,” complete with generic titles like Mystery Solving Team, Classic TV Threesome, and 80’s Pop Star.

The History of Halloween: It comes from The History Channel, so you know it has to be accurate! Very interesting (and found while reading their History of Christmas).

Dalek Pumpkin: I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see this in an old episode of Doctor Who.

The Anal Retentive Rocky Horror Costume List: I’m dressing as Magenta for GG’s Halloween show on Saturday night, and found this site while researching what type of stockings she wears. Wow! They are detailed! Down to accessories and props, tattoos, makeup – someone even had custom sequined fabric made to recreate Columbia’s costume at $40/yard!

Blaahhh rain.

Sacha went to the vet yesterday for a regular check-up and shots. He was so scared! He mewed from the moment I put him in the cage, the whole way there in the car, and in the waiting room. Once they put us in an exam room he calmed down, but he burrowed under the towel I had in the cat carrier with him. When the vet came (she is so nice, we love her!), she brought the towel out with him and kind of draped it over his head while she did her exam and gave him his shots, so he would feel a little more comfortable. He’s totally healthy, and he probably doesn’t have feline asthma. Then he mewed the whole way back home in the car. As soon as I let him out of the cage at home, he jumped right up on top of the kitchen cabinets! (That’s where he goes when he’s super scared.) He didn’t come down for at least an hour, and that was only after I teased him with the laser pointer. Poor baby cat!

Also last night, after two years of nagging, GG has finally moved his music stuff downstairs to his basement studio! His need to have a music studio in the basement was why our house hunt was limited to homes with full basements (preferably finished, though ours is “partially finished”). So now I’ll really never see him. At least before when he spent all day on the computer he was just in the next room. Now he’ll be in the dark, buggy basement, and I don’t want to go down there any more than I have to. I’ll miss you, GG.

I have a meeting in half an hour with the head of our department about this process mapping/database software I haven’t even touched for a year… Yay, awesome.

Hope it stops raining by this evening, it’s my night to drive the “Montco Contingent” to band practice.

Heroes Season 2 Episode 5: Fight or Flight

I just read the spoileriest spoiler yesterday that pretty much gives away the whole plot through episode 10 or 11. It was the talk of the internet yesterday, and actually a lot of other spoiler readers were saying that they were sorry they read it because it gave so much away. Of course, it could be totally bogus, since the person never really gave their source. But anyway, it’s making me watch now in a whole new light.

I kind of live-blogged Heroes last night, on Twitter. Here’s my posts:

  • Aww, Parkman’s dad seems so harmless, how could he be the Nightmare Man?
  • OMG trapped in nightmares! NOOOO!!
  • Waaayyyy too many commercials tonight.
  • Phew! Glad they woke up! I take back what I said about Papa Parkman earlier.
  • Oh no, who is Elle’s daddy?!
  • Oooh, Sylar is back next week! ♥ ♥ ♥

Overall, a kind of boring episode, except for the whole Nightmare Man thing. So now I’m wondering, can Matt’s dad really read minds, like his son, or was he just saying that to get Matt into the other room with him? Because otherwise, that means that Matt could potentially do the same kind of nightmare thing, right?

A shame about Caitlin’s brother, though I was never really a fan of any of the Irish characters, so I don’t mind too much. Also, Peter’s box turned out to be a major disappointment! I never watched Veronica Mars (though I’ve seen clips and commercials), but I don’t see what the big deal is about Kristen Bell. She was a pretty sucky actress, in my opinion. I mean, it felt like she was acting, not like she was a real person. And I know that the character of Elle[ctricity!] has some behaviorial “issues,” but I think she could’ve been a little more realistic in her delivery.

Also, why is the 9th Wonders “muscle mimic” named St. Jane? Does that signify anything?

Next week looks like we’re back to awesomeness! Can’t wait!

Ready for the work week to be over…

Last night I painted my nails with this new Avon nail polish I got called Warm Black. I was expecting it to be, well, a warm black, maybe a very dark brownish black. But it actually just appears to be a straight up black. So I was a little disappointed. Plus, I noticed this morning that the nail polish has cracked on almost every nail! Like, a long crack in the polish down the length of my nail! I’ve never seen that happen before…

Tomorrow night GG and I plan to see The Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson’s new film. I say we “plan” to see it because according to some web sites it doesn’t come out until next weekend, but it’s apparently playing at KoP this weekend, so we’ll see who’s right I guess. It sounds really interesting, and I’ve read that the soundtrack comes from Bollywood movies! (GG keeps spelling the title of the movie “Djeerling,” and he’s a tea lover – you’d think he would know “Darjeeling!”)

We have band practice the night of Halloween, and there’s been talk of people coming in costume, so I was thinking I might go as a Sylar victim – I could just paint a bloody slice across my forehead and that would be it. But, apparently I’m not the only person with this idea, and I’d feel pretty dumb walking around with a big gash on my face, so while it might be fun (and it would definitely be easy, because I could wear my regular clothes and still be able to play my clarinet and everything), I probably won’t actually be doing it.

I’m very tired and ready for today (and the work week) to be over!

Linky Thursday – 10/18

I don’t have tooooo many links this week, sorry. I was pretty busy with work, after-work stuff, and reading Heroes fan fiction ;o)

Vegetable Twister: Ooh, pretty! (But apparently, not that effective – read the comments.)

Brutus on The Daily Kitten: OMG, this kitty gets his teeth flossed!

Parents Use Religion to Avoid Vaccines: That’s a shame. Vaccines are scary and have been linked to lots of problems in kids. But on the other hand, if everyone stopped getting them, many diseases that we’ve eradicated would come back. Yet another reason for me to not have kids – I wouldn’t want to have to make that choice.

Time’s 50 Best Web Sites of 2007: Etsy made #5! Is it sad, though, that I’ve only heard of only heard of 21 of these, and only used 5 of them?

Computer, Rearranging

My new computer arrived yesterday! After dealing with my old desktop doing weird things, like restarting itself whenever it felt the urge (usually while I was in the middle of doing something and hadn’t saved my work), it’s so nice to have a new, fast machine. Yes, I really tricked it out when it came to RAM and processor speed. As a test, GG had me open up Photoshop, which usually takes a minute to start up. It popped open and was ready to go about twice as fast! This is going to be a multi-tasking master! (Plus, now I finally have Microsoft Office! Although, how insane are the Office 2007 programs? They don’t even have menu bars..?! I just had to guess at which tabs things might be listed under.) Also, I got a new widescreen flat panel monitor which is amazing…

Anyway, while I was going to have my old computer all unhooked from my desk, I thought we could take the opportunity to rearrange the room according to the plan I’d mapped out last week with Floorplanner. I pulled all the little stuff out of the room, and GG and I started moving furniture around. We were pretty much finished when I realized… it just wasn’t going to work. I don’t know how, it looked good on paper, but once the furniture was in place I realized how much more inconvenient it was going to be than the current layout. So we just put everything back the way it was before. (I’m sure GG loved doing all that!) Oh well. For our next house, I’ll really need seperate areas for office and crafts. I mean, even though he’s still not moved into his basement office, GG currently has two rooms for art and music! (Hey, maybe if he doesn’t move his music stuff downstairs soon, I’ll take over his space as a craft room! It’s been over two years that he’s been “working” on the office down there.)