Hey, remember that table I bought last October?

Remember back in October and November when we were redoing our kitchen? And I ordered a new table and chairs from this web site, One Way Furniture? Their gimmick is that you pay a $6.99 service fee, but shipping is free. So I ordered everything, received it, no problem.

On Saturday, I got a letter from the shipping company. Apparently, they have been trying this whole time to collect $111.30 in freight charges from the furniture company. Now it has become my responsibility to pay these charges by August 31. Whaaa??

So I wrote the following letter to the One Way Furniture help center. I also plan to contact the shipping company later on (they’re in California, so I can’t call yet) to make sure I understand the issue correctly, and also see if they’ve had this problem with the furniture company before, or if this is maybe a one-time thing that somehow slipped through the cracks.

I ordered a table and set of four chairs from you on October 22. The order was delivered by Target Logistic Services shipping company on November 01. I paid $479 for the furniture, plus a $6.99 service fee, with free shipping.

On August 11, I received a letter from Target Logistic Services stating that they have made multiple attempts to collect freight charges from your company and, unable to do so, are now charging me $111.30 in shipping costs, due by August 31.

As I was promised “free shipping” by One Way Furniture, I expect that your company will be paying these outstanding fees. Please let me know if you need any further information to resolve this issue. Thank you.

…Will update when more info becomes available…

[Edit – 1:06 PM] I checked in on the ticket I submitted this morning, and the status had been changed to Closed. I logged in to see what the problem had been, but in the “solution” section (where I assume they would write how they solved the problem), the only thing was a guy’s e-mail signature:


Anthony Duffy

So I reopened the ticket with my response:

I see that the ticket has been closed. Could you please confirm with me that this issue has been resolved? You can e-mail me at ***@***.com – Thank you.


[Edit – 8/14, 9:56 AM] It continues!


My apologies, I closed the issue due to that the operations manager here had planed on calling you himself to take care of the situation. I hope that by this time he has done this and you were able to resolve this matter, if he has not called you than please reply to this message, and if this has been taken care of than I’m glad and I hope you have a nice day. Again my apologies for your inconvenience.


Anthony Duffy

Thanks for your response. I have not received any phone calls or other communication. Could you please provide me the name and number for the operations manager, so I can call him myself?

I do have a phone number for a Brian at One Way Furniture, which was on the letter I got from the shipping company. I was trying to call him all day yesterday, but only got voicemail. Maybe this is the guy who was going to call me? Otherwise, maybe I’ll try calling him again today and leave a message. [/Edit]

[Edit – 8/14, 1:41 PM] Still more!

Hello Again,

Ok, I have went to talk to the Operations Manager and asked if he can make sure he contacts you today and he has told me that he most certainly will get in touch with you TODAY to clear this up.


Anthony Duffy

Still no phone call, though. [/Edit]

[Edit – 8/14, 3:26 PM] Brian from One Way Furniture just called me! He said that his company was aware of the problem and would be working with the shipping company. Apparently there was a discrepancy, some of their payments to the shippers were held up, bla bla bla, and he’s been on the phone with people about this all day. The shipping company was contacting One Way Furniture’s customers in an attempt to get to OWF. He said I shouldn’t need to follow up with the shipping company, because he’s been in touch with them already. Soooo, I hope this means the case is closed, and nobody is going to show up at my house to reposess my kitchen table! [/Edit]

Bunch of Weekend Stuff

Another busy weekend! Though I have to say I am kind of digging this “get up early and do stuff in the morning” thing.

On Friday night, GG took me to Zern’s, which is an indoor/outdoor farmer’s market, flea market, and backwoods kind of mall. There seemed to be lots of local people there for whom a trip to Zern’s was clearly their usual weekend hangout activity. Before going, the only thing I really knew about this place was that a college friend got his picture taken with Santa there when he was little, and later realized that the Santa in the picture was missing a finger. That’s a pretty accurate description of the place, actually. We ended up getting some corn and a watermelon, and ate a bunch of junk (cheese fries, funnel cake, etc.). If I go again, I might like to visit during the daytime, because things were getting a little creepy as the shops closed up for the night. [Edit – 1:58 PM] Here is a really good entry from someone else’s blog about Zern’s, complete with photos. This is another good one – the captions on the photos totally cracked me up. [/Edit]

The cats woke me up early on Saturday morning, so I figured I might as well mow the lawn while it was still cool out. Then GG and I went to the Phoenixville Farmer’s Market, which was small but really nice. There was a musician in the center, with a little area for kids to play or something. They had several farms selling produce (we got apples, pears, huge peaches, carrots, and beans), a “raw milk” cheese stand (made from unpasturized milk, but it pasturizes itself during the cheese aging process; I got a wedge of blue cheese, which GG could not support), Amish pies (we picked one up for dessert that night), a stand selling buffalo meat (!), and a bunch of crafts and candles and stuff. Lots of jellies and honey, too. Everyone was really friendly. I could definitely see making it a habit to go there. Afterwards, we had brunch at Nudy’s cafe – banana walnut pancakes I couldn’t even finish..! And we stopped by my grandmother’s house and picked up the headboard from my old bed, which I took home and attached to our spare twin bed – yay, no more pillows falling off the back of the bed!

On Saturday night we went to Ed’s house for dinner with him and Kate. We brought the corn and half the watermelon from Zern’s, and the Amish berry pie, plus GG went to this seafood place he’d just learned about and got crab, mako shark, and salmon. Ed got steaks (they were really good steaks…), and made appetizers. We sat outside, and while I ate dinner, mosquitos ate me. Then we watched The Usual Suspects. I’d never seen it before, but I knew what the twist was at the end. I could barely follow the story, though! I don’t really know how this is so many people’s favorite movie.

On Sunday morning, GG and I went to my grandmother’s house to get the last of my stuff out of her basement. There was way more in there than I’d realized – like, boxes and boxes of books, toys, papers and things… We filled up two cars with everything, and brought it back to our house. Then while GG was out doing errands, I spread everything out in the living room and sorted it. I ended up throwing a bunch of stuff out, offering a bunch on Freecycle (with more to come, I just couldn’t list everything at once), and consolidating a bunch more to store in our basement. We’d had a set of wire shelves hanging around for a while that we finally put together on Saturday, and then on Sunday GG bought another set, so I could finally put away everything I’d moved out of my grandmother’s house, which had been sitting around our living room and dining room for weeks. And then I vacuumed! Aaahhh..! It felt so good to be able to finally pack everything away and clean. I kept bugging GG to help me carry the last few heavy boxes downstairs, because I couldn’t do it myself. I told him once he did that, the day’s nagging would be over. Then he joked something like, “And so begins the nagging for Monday.” I’d been thinking of going out to dinner, but GG was tired and so was I, so we just ordered Chinese food from the place down the street :o)

Laptop Bag!

My birthday present from GG arrived today! He got me a beautiful bag for my laptop from Janine King Designs. It’s so well made, fits my computer perfectly, and even though her shop announcement says to allow extra time for delivery because she’s on vacation, it arrived really quickly!

(I kind of hate this picture, though. I look awful [this was first thing when I came home from work today], and I’m standing in front of the junk pile that is GG’s studio. It’s just that this was his first etsy purchase and I wanted to show him how to leave a customer appreciation photo with his feedback.)

Can I talk some more about how much I like having a laptop? Right now I am laying on the bed with Ivan snuggling up next to me, which of course wouldn’t happen if I were sitting upright in a chair at the desk. Not just because it would be physically impossible, but also because he’s terrified of people until they are laying down – then he’s all over you.

Don’t mind me, just complaining about work…

[vague] I am so sick of this. I’m sick of the know-it-all attitude, and how people don’t take the time to learn about things before assuming control of them. There have been so many screw-ups lately, just because of dumb mistakes. How did people get by before? Someone must have known what was going on. I’m sick of being told to do one stupid thing, and then having to go back and re-do everything a different stupid way. And I am especially sick of being yelled at over the phone. [/vague]

So remember when I wrote about how I didn’t get that job? (Probably not, the post was password-protected, and nobody’s ever asked me for the password.) Well, it was still listed on the job posting site with a new HR contact person, so I e-mailed her, but the job has definitely been offered to someone else. Now… there was another job posted that was slightly less awesome, but I was also considering applying for it. It sounds like all the cool parts of what I do now. But I’m a little reluctant… sort of that “devil you know vs. the one you don’t” type of thing.

I haven’t cleaned the house for a couple weeks because it’s just been so hot. And also I have this giant pile of stuff I moved out of my grandmother’s house (and more on the way this weekend!) and nowhere to put it until we organize the basement, so it’s just sitting in the living room and it’s very depressing. But last night I cleaned the kitchen and I vacuumed the whole upstairs. Progress! Maybe tonight I can work on the basement some, or maybe at least vacuum downstairs…

I updated the About Me and Characters pages slightly last night.

PS: I might need a pair of these.

Lonely Rainy Day…

This morning has been so rainy and gross. The worst part is, the rain isn’t bringing down the temparature at all – now it feels even worse and more humid. With Heather out sick today and Julie in her new department, I’m all alone here at work today :o( I went to Trader Joe’s last night and got all this yummy food to pack for lunch, and then I got lazy last night and didn’t even pack anything!

Also, I want to join a CSA (I know, it’s a little late in the season, but maybe for next year?), but the one closest to me has like a two-year waiting list?! And the next closest one is pretty far away… and they don’t deliver (they are “experimenting” with home delivery), so I’d have to drive there to pick stuff up every week. Oh well, the close one sells at a local farmers’ market, maybe I can try to catch it. (It’s only open 9 AM-1 PM on Saturdays, so it’s a rare occasion that we’d actually be awake, dressed, and ready to go in time…)

Note to self

  1. Get swap goodies for Vickie from GYS.
  2. Go to Genuardi’s to take advantage of last couple days of 10% off everything with club card.
  3. Vacuum.

I’m boring.

[Edit – 8/7, 1:21 PM] Well, two out of three isn’t so bad… (Didn’t vacuum – of course.) [/Edit]

A weekend deserving of a good nap.

This weekend was pretty busy and productive.

GG and I went to see the Simpsons Movie on Friday night. It was really good. I am a longtime Simpsons fan, and GG likes the show okay, but is sort of prejudiced against it because he claims to prefer Family Guy. I’d heard nothing but good things about the movie, and GG heard from one guy that it sucked. Turns out, he enjoyed it just as much as I did. They were able to put in a bunch of stuff that they could never have gotten away with on TV, but it wasn’t so outragous or different that it didn’t feel like the good old Simpsons we’ve come to know and love. Our only complaint was that we were told Gil appeared in the movie, and maybe he was in a crowd scene or something, but we were hoping he’d make more of an appearance.

On Saturday I thought I’d throw our curtains in the wash to remove the cat fur that’s all over them. Turns out that although we got them at Kmart and Target, our curtains were all “dry clean only!” I discovered this after the fact, as I was hanging them back up and noticed that they are now about four inches too short. I was so ticked off. Then I went out to MU for a goodbye party for a girl from my fraternity. She and her husband are moving to Arizona for his job. It was a pretty laid back party. I went with Lina, and we got there around 5 PM. I left at about 8:30, because I didn’t want to be getting home too late. When I got home, I had all this stuff I’d planned to do, but I ended up falling asleep until GG got home (his band had been playing at a high school reunion in Reading).

Ivan woke me up on Sunday morning – he’s getting very agressive in the mornings, standing on me and meowing to wake me up. It was only about 6:30, but I really wanted to cut the grass while it was still cool out, so I just got up then and did all our grass, and I even trimmed the edges! I’d told GG I wanted to wake up and get going early, so we actually were both ready to go by about 9:30, when we headed to Target to get some new curtains..! I was able to find the same kind as the ones I’d had in the front bedroom, which I love because they’re really heavy and thick and keep the light out well. We got the same kind for our bedroom, which GG is happy about (the sun rises on that side of the house, so it gets bright early). We picked up some other things while we were out, and went to get some lunch. When we got home, I ironed and hung all the new curtains, and did all our laundry. Then I took a really nice nap! When I woke up, we went to Outback for dinner (sort of a last minute choice), and then Trader Joe’s.

So now it’s Monday and I’m back at work, and it’s like “and then there were two.” There used to be five of us that hung out all the time: Jen, Julie, Jess, Heather, and me. Then Jess got laid off and came back a few months ago working for another company as a contractor, in a different section of the building. Jen moved to a different group in our department and works part time now, so she’s only here two or three days a week. Julie started a job in a different department this week and today is the first day that she’s actually moved to her new location. So it’s just down to me and Heather. At least we sit next to each other…

Question: You know those big metal boxes that you often see in parking lots, marked “Shoe and Clothing Donations” or something similar? Where do they actually go? I have a bunch of clothes to get rid of, and I’d like for it to go to someone who actually needs it. (Otherwise, I’d just post everything on Freecycle, but I think there’s a lot of freebie-grubbers who would just take anything, regardless of whether or not they need it, just because it’s free.)

Exciting week for Discovery

Well it’s been a big week for the stars of TLC/Discovery/Discovery Health.

It came out a couple days ago that Matt Roloff, the father of the family featured on “Little People, Big World,” was arrested for DUI on June 19. I totally cracked up at the open letter from Best Week Ever to the cops that arrested him.

And today, Jennifer Danielle Duggar was born! (At last, I can stop checking TWoP every five minutes to make sure I didn’t miss it!) “Less than 30 minutes after giving birth, the Duggars already were talking of having more.” Little Jennifer is child number 17, by the way.