New ICHC Picture

Made from yet another picture of Katrina with my shoes!

Note to self: upcoming TV premieres to watch:

  • Friday, Sept. 21, 9 PM – The Duggar’s Big Family Album
  • Monday, Sept. 24, 9 PM – Heroes
  • Thursday, Sept. 27 – The Office

Linky Thursday

Practice Mensa Test: How’d you do? I got 20 out of 30, not bad, they said I’d have a good chance of passing the actual test!

The Boy Who Everyone Loved and Who Never Died: “Hello! I’m from the candy bank! We made too much candy!”

Where’s George: I’m sure you’ve seen this site before – enter the serial number of a dollar bill (or any other denomination), and you can track where it’s traveled around the country. I’ve used this site several times through the years, and it was brought back to my attention recently when I got a dollar from Stuckey’s in Virginia with stamped on it. I entered it into the computer. Now here’s the weird part: it actually started in Pennsylvnia (near Erie) three years ago, and I’m the first person to have logged it back in since then! What kind of adventures must it have had on its way to Virginia?

Eagles Cell Phone Flask: It looks like a cell phone in a leather case. But, it’s actually a 4 oz. flask! I can think of several guys – and a couple girls – this would be a perfect gift for. (Lots of other teams can be found at the eBay store Sports Gifts For You.)

For Heather: Funny stuff from the Troll…

First Visit to the TMJ Doctor

Yesterday I went to the TMJ doctor. My dentist didn’t really care when I told them about my jaw, and my orthodontist thought I was being overly sensitive when I said my teeth didn’t feel like they met the same way anymore. So GG has been bugging me for the past couple years to see a specialist. He got a recommendation for one from his doctor (turns out he’s the TMJ doctor’s family physician, too), and I made an appointment.

They’d sent me a packet of papers to fill out about my history and any past treatment, so I handed those in when I first got to the office. I also had records from my dentist and orthodontist sent there ahead of time. Then the doctor took a few minutes to look over everything before I went into his office to meet with him. We basically went over everything I’d written out, and he kind of restated things in his own notes. He also looked at the x-rays sent by the dentist and orthodontist. (While he was looking, he was like, “Oh, you got your wisdom teeth removed?” and I was like, “Um, no, I don’t have wisdom teeth.” [Well, I have one. But it’s way up there.])

Then we moved into the examining room, where he looked at every tooth and made comments on it while his assistant wrote everything down. Then he took some measurements with a very tiny ruler. The jaw is one of the most complex joints of the body, because it can move up and down, left to right, and forward and back. He measured my jaw doing each of these movements, to see how far it went in each direction. He also noted at approximately how many milimeters it would make a popping sound. (Only the left side pops, but it pops loud! Both he and the assistant were commenting on it, like, “Wow, I heard that one!”) He also noticed something that I’ve kind of felt and suspected for a log time, but no one has picked up on – when I open my mouth, my lower jaw kind of swerves to the right after the left joint pops. When he went to measure the forward/backward motion of my jaw, there was no popping noise. That was odd. It turns out, I was unconsiously swerving my jaw to the right while doing that move, too. When he held my jaw so it couldn’t move to the right, it made a loud pop as it moved forward.

I put my retainers in, and he did all the measurements again, to see how far I could close my mouth and everything, while wearing those. He also tried to slip a piece of paper out from between my back teeth while my retainers were in. A thicker piece of paper could be held between my teeth, but he was able to slip out the thinner paper. After all the measurements, he felt around different areas of my face, neck, and shoulders to see if there was any pain. There really wasn’t (except for the pain of him pressing my face).

The doctor left the room, and came back with a chunk of hot wax that had been formed into a vaguely retainer shape. He put the wax into my mouth and had me bite down, and positioned my jaw in a certain way, to make an impression. Then he ran some cold water over the wax to harden it. He put the wax back into my mouth, and with my jaw in that position, I opened and closed my mouth. There was almost no click!! In maybe five times of opening and closing, there was a very slight click twice. It was amazing!

Because he was able to get that paper stuck between my teeth, even with my retainers in, he said I was really able to clench my jaw at night. What he wants to do is put an additional piece on my upper retainer that will keep my mouth further open. This is something called Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition (NTI). The theory behind this is that the usual mouthpiece people get to treat nighttime tooth grinding (the kind that covers all your upper teeth like a sport guard) may also increase the intensity of jaw clenching. The NTI system is a piece about the diameter of a pencil, which goes between your upper and lower front teeth. If you bite on this, your teeth don’t have high intensity contact, and your muscles contract only slightly. The doctor used the wax mold to figure out exactly how many milimeters he wanted to add in thickness to my retainer.

Finally, they did two types of therapy on me. I didn’t really enjoy either, couldn’t feel anything while it was happening, and don’t feel any difference now that it’s the next day. The first was ultrasound therapy. The assistant used an ultrasound thingy to rub cold goop all over both sides of my face for five minutes each. While the assitant was doing this, the doctor left the room to get me this thing called a Therabite. It’s a U-shaped piece of rubber that goes between my upper and lower teeth. For five minutes at a time (he said definitely before bed, and maybe another time, like driving to or from work), I’m supposed to clench and relax with this in my mouth. The theory is that it will tire out the muscles (so they don’t clench as much on their own), but no real damage will be done because there is this rubber layer between my teeth. Then the second therapy they did was Diathermy, which is basically a sound wave therapy. It was only done on the left side of my head. The doctor and I both wore ear plugs, and he held this gun-like thing to the side of my head. It made a really loud noise, and something about the sound waves was supposed to be good for my jaw. He had me wear the Therabite thing and clench and release while he was doing the sound waves. It was really loud, and the thing was held right next to my ear. He also gave me my ear plugs back at the end, which I assume means I’m supposed to bring them back next time in case he does Diathermy again.

When I was all done, the doctor and I went out to the front desk together. He said my next appointment should be for an hour and fiften minutes, and he wants it to be in a week, no more than two weeks. Well, I don’t know if that’s going to happen. Also, this doctor doesn’t do anything with insurance. I have to pay them up front, and then they just give me a form that I can send to my insurance to be reimbursed. I’d been told that the cost of the consultation would be about $200, which was true, but… then they added the Therabite and Diathermy and the ultrasound, and it came out to more like $300. Ugh. (Which I may or may not even be reimbursed for!) They also gave me a form with the costs of everything they plan to do at the next visit. I was looking over it, and it didn’t look so bad, probably about $200 again… then I got to the line about adding the NTI thing to my retainer. I thought it said $59 (sounds good, they’re just adding a small piece of plastic to my existing retainer). Then I looked again. Squished near the edge of the page was an 8. $598?! If my insurance isn’t going to cover this, I don’t know about going back there for a $600 centimeter of plastic, you know?

So, overall, it went really well. The doctor noticed things that others had missed, and didn’t think I was crazy in the least. In fact, I thought I had a pretty minor case, but out of four options for the severity of the patient’s condition – Limited, Intermediate, Extended, and Complex – he has categorized me as Extended. He was friendly (so were the rest of his staff!) and thorough, and although his office is a pain to get out of at rush hour, it’s relatively easy for me to get to, even from work. So… we’ll see. We’ll see what my insurance company says, we’ll see if anything is covered (or goes towards my deductible, more likely), and we’ll see if I go back. I guess I would like to.

Heather’s Wedding, Vacation, Mulaney

Vacation was nice, and very relaxing… but I’m glad to be back, too. So, here’s what I was up to in the last week:

Saturday: Heather and Joe’s wedding was so nice. Of course. Heather planned every last detail. It was at a beautiful old mansion, with the wedding outside in a garden, followed by an indoor/outdoor cocktail hour, and the reception in the big hall inside. The weather was perfect (Heather had been worried about it being too hot). Heather looked beautiful, and most importantly, she looked like herself, just dressed up. The ceremony itself was nice, with a couple funny parts. For one, the priest’s little sermon or whatever consisted pretty much entirely of a synopsis of the 1977 movie Oh, God! – the moral of the story was that god gave us each other. I wonder if Heather had any clue that was coming. Also during the ceremony, the best man tripped and dropped the rings! But we later found out that it was a planned prank, he fake tripped and dropped some coins or something. (Later on, he gave a really funny toast, too.) The reception was a lot of fun, because everyone from work was seated together, and of course we’re all friends. I even danced a little!

Sunday: We didn’t leave for vacation until about 1 or 2 PM… because GG is lazy. Of course, we traveled through Girdletree and Stockton and all that. We got there at dinnertime, and had a little of what GG’s parents were having. I went to bed pretty early. Oh also, it was GG’s birthday :o)

Monday: To celebrate his birthday, GG’s parents took him (and me) to Crisfield, MD, which is the crab capital of the world or the country or something. He got a big tray of all-you-can-eat steamed crabs. Plus soup, hush puppies, corn… I had a burger, since I don’t eat seafood. After lunch, we walked around the town a little bit, and also made a stop at the Sysco Cash and Carry store – which I had heard so much about, but never been to! We both went to bed pretty early, to prepare for the next day.

Tuesday: Since the Colonial Williamsburg passes we got for our vacation last year are still good until Sept. 20, we figured we’d get another day’s use out of them while we were in the area. Tuesday and Wednesday were both possible days to go, and I chose Tuesday because it seemed less likely to rain. Well, it didn’t rain, but it was 95 degrees and humid. We left around 7 AM, and drove south to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Guess what – we didn’t miss the restaurant this time! After stopping for breakfast, we continued to the mainland and then turned north towards Williamsburg. It was around this point that we got stuck in a little traffic (rush hour, I assume), but we got to the historic area around 11 AM. Since we were prepared for more of a gray, rainy day, we were both wearing jeans, and I had a sweater tied around my waist. Not needed! It was so hot and humid, I felt like I was melting as we walked around. We didn’t go to most of the sites we’d been to last year, and instead tried to hit things we’d missed last time (the print shop, courthouse, the magazine, etc.). We stopped for a refreshing colonial treat called Shrub, which is raspberry sherbet in a cup with lemonade (or cranberry juice) poured over it. Then we made our way over to Merchant’s Square for lunch (and air conditioning!). We went to The Cheese Shop, which we’d enjoyed so much last year, and got sandwiches. Then we sampled and purchased some cheeses. We were going to also go to the Williamsburg Winery to get some of their wines to bring home, but I saw that they carried a large selection of WW wines in the wine shop downstairs! Some of the wines cost a little more than at the winery, and some were a little less, so it evened out and saved us a trip. We could have stayed all day, but I was so hot and miserable (and I’m assuming GG was, too) that we left in the early afternoon. That night, we went to play mini golf and GG beat me by only one stroke! Since I’d been going on and on about how horrible I am at mini golf, he thought I’d been lying, but really that was just an amazing, fluke game.

Wednesday: This would have been the better day to go to Williamsburg. It was cool and overcast, but didn’t rain. Oh well. We spent most of the day walking around town, going in little shops and taking pictures. It was GG’s parents’ anniversary, so we went out to dinner with them that night at the nicest restaurant on the island. (That isn’t saying much – there’s nothing in that town that you can’t wear jeans to.) We played another game of mini golf at a different course, and GG beat me by ten strokes, so I think that finally proved how awful I am at the game. I think the course was much harder, though. We both had scores way above par (or below par? what’s the proper term when the goal is to be lower than par?).

Thursday: We didn’t do too much on our last day on the island. GG made me a delicious Belgian waffle for breakfast, as promised the night before. Then he drove us around for a while, and we stopped to look at some ponies that were just penned up by a hotel. (Some of the hotels advertise that they have ponies on premises, as that’s of course one of of the main draws to the island.) We spent the rest of the day lounging around, and left in the early evening. We stopped in Ocean City, MD on the way home. Usually we go up there for a day during our vacation, but since it’s north anyway, we just made it a slight detour on our way back. We got dinner and walked along the boardwalk for a while, as well as the next block over, where there’s some cute shops and things. We got home around 9:30 PM, which wasn’t too bad at all. The cats wouldn’t let us touch them at first – they were like, “Where were you?!” But within a couple hours they’d warmed back up to us. You can see all the vacation photos here.

Friday: Did some errands, hung out… Then it was time to drive in to Philly to see John Mulaney! (Oh, also Greg Fitzsimmons, and Jim Tews.) First we went to Qdoba for dinner. Then we went to Capogiro for dessert. I’d e-mailed John the week before to see if he was interested in meeting us for gelato (our treat!), but never heard back from him, so I guess not. Oh well, maybe it was creepy, but the place is only a block away from Helium, so whatever. We got to Helium about an hour early, and sat on the couch in the bar watching The Simpsons until the doors opened. The first two rows were reserved seating, but we got good, center seats right behind that. Host Jim Tews was really good – and looks a bit like Jake Gyllenhaal, I might add. Then came John Mulaney! He is funnier in person than he is on TV and the internet. Even though I’d heard almost all the jokes before, I still laughed my head off. (Oh PS: He is super cute.) Greg Fitzsimmons was also really good, I guess GG is a fan of his from the Howard Stern show, which I wasn’t even aware that he was on. After the show, he’d set up a table in the hall to sell CDs, and GG stopped to talk to him for a minute. Then Jim Tews joined him there, so I was like, “Great, where’s John?” But he wasn’t anywhere to be found. We were on our way out the door, when GG asked one of the security guys, “Look, I perform here on open mike nights, my wife is a big fan of John Mulaney, do you think it would be possible if we go backstage..?” The guy just stared blankly at GG. So we kind of headed back towards the backstage area, and then, from the bathroom, appeared John Mulaney! He was like, “Oh hey, you made it…” and then he looked at GG and agreed that they do weirdly resemble each other. Meanwhile, I’d had things planned to say (like, “How did you enjoy performing at MU [my alma matter] last night?” or “Happy birthday!”), and I had my camera in my hand for a picture, but somehow my mind went totally blank. So he was like, “Hey, thanks for coming out,” and I kind of stammered, “Well, thank you… um… for coming to Philadelphia.” Also, he shook my hand. And then GG was like, “Why don’t you give her a hug?” So he kind of one-arm hugged me. It was weird. I would’ve much perferred meeting for gelato. Next time, Mulaney!

Saturday: I wore pajamas all day. At 3 PM I got dressed for my grandmother’s birthday dinner at Maggiano’s. Tons of food. After dinner, GG and my mom and I went over to the mall, and he put up with us very well as we shopped around Sephora, shoe stores, etc. Oh, they totally redesigned Payless and I hate it! Instead of being arranged by size, it’s now arranged by style (you know, like a reglar shoe store). My mom was ticked off, too. I mean, it looks nice, but I liked being able to go to the size 9 section and not having to worry about seeing something I liked and then it wasn’t available in my size. I think I might write a complainey letter to Payless. Also, I bought a 3-piece set of luggage that was on sale for $29.99. (Perfect to take to Florida in January..!)

Sunday: GG and I went out and did some errands… somehow I also ended up with two pairs of shoes. Whoops.

Monday: Back to work! I felt like I was going back to school after summer vacation. It only took me about an hour to go through all my e-mails, and there’s only 8 or 9 that I actually need to act on. Soo… better get back to that.

Heading Down to Vacationtown

I made a big mistake at work today. There’s a woman who sits near me (who has such an annoying voice, by the way), and she’s always having little technical problems and questions and things. It takes a lot of effort for me to not call over to her and tell her how to easily fix her problem. But I usually bite my tongue. Julie and Jess used to sit by her, and they knew that once you start helping her out, she’ll always come to you for advice. Well, today she was going on and on about not being able to get a certain time to show up when she made appointments. I knew how to change settings and set the times you want displayed, but I bit my tongue and grimaced and listed to her asking everyone else in the world for help, calling the Helpdesk, and everything else. Finally, I couldn’t take listening to her whiny voice anymore, and I walked over (while she had the Helpdesk on the phone, no less!), and quickly showed her what to do. Apparently, I’ve made their group’s day, and they’re so excited that they can make appointments at the times they want now. Unfortunately, they now know that I sit opposite them, and already two people have walked by my desk to thank me, so I’ve probably opened a big can of worms with this…

Today is our usual half-day at work, and then we’re going out for a luncheon for a co-worker who’s leaving for another company (she also happens to have been my boss for about a year and a half, and I watched her cats a couple times while she was on vacation). She actually was part of our department’s big lay-offs last year, and took a job with the company that was taking over the training function for our organization, so she’s still been here, but working for another employer. Her new job is literally right down the street from her house, though – like, a mile away. Lucky!

I found this really nice LiveJournal community this morning, Lovely Living. Basically a younger, hipper, more realistic Martha Stewart, it has daily reminders of chores you should get done, things you should enjoy, etc. Plus recommendations of web sites, movies, TV shows, books… Very cute, I’m going to start reading it!

In an e-mail to GG yesterday, I laid out our plan for the next week or so:

  • Saturday – Heather & Joe’s wedding
  • Sunday – head down to Vacationtown
  • Monday – Crabtown, USA
  • Tuesday – enjoy Vacationtown, or go to Williamsburg for the day
  • Wednesday – enjoy Vacationtown, or go to Williamsburg for the day
  • Thursday – Vacationtown in AM, OCMD in PM, then home
  • Friday – Helium 8PM

Linky Thursday

I’ve decided I’m going to take one day a week to post a bunch of links. Maybe that day will be Thursday.

Helvetica: A Documentary Film By Gary Hustwit: I’m sorry I missed the screening of this film when it was in Philadelphia this spring. I love typography! But, it looks like the DVD will be out at the end of September! “How did a typeface drawn by a little-known Swiss designer in 1957 become one of the most popular ways for us to communicate our words fifty years later? And what are the repercussions of that popularity…?”

Judy’s Book: Put in your location, and Judy’s Book will give you local deals and discounts in your area. This web site is a good idea, but turned me off pretty quickly. First of all, the name is too similar to Angie’s List. And I love Angie’s List, and hate copycats. Second, it didn’t recognize my zip code. Third, when I put in my actual city and state, it gave me a bunch of generic sale announcements from CVS and Pep Boys (there isn’t a Pep Boys anywhere near me, that I know of). But try it with your town and let me know how it goes.

And finally… from Overheard Everywhere:

Frat guy: You ever been to the Franklin Mills Mall?

Bimbette: No! I live in King of Prussia! If I left King of Prussia to go to any other mall, it’d be like leaving Italy to eat at an Olive Garden. No!

(It’s true.)

Gimme Your Stuff Swap – with England

My second Gimme Your Stuff swap is complete!

Vickie is a nurse from rural England. She’s really into scrapbooking, so I sent her a whole bunch of scrapbook supplies: stickers, frames, pockets, papers, and a scrapbooking magazine.

I was so surprised when I opened my package from Vickie today, and saw all the awesome stuff she sent! GG had requested Wine Gums, which are a fruity gummy candy, so she sent a bunch of those, as well as some similar fruity candies. She also sent Nestle Smarties, which are like hollow M&Ms. That big package on the left in the photo is some sort of puffed corn fruit flavored stuff. I wasn’t sure if it was cereal or candy, but guessed it was candy based on the fact that everything else was candy. But, if it was from the US, it would be cereal – it tastes almost exactly like Fruit Loops. She also sent along some cute tissues, a postcard, a book about the regional accent, some coins, and a cell phone charm with my initial.

Even though we agreed on a price limit of $20 (and I went just a bit over), I feel bad like I didn’t send enough to her. But I guess you get more candy than scrapbook stuff for $20. Overall, a very good swap! Thanks Vickie!!

I’m way too excited about everything.

Last night my mom and I went out for shopping and dinner. It was nice. I pretty much hated her while I was living at home (especially sharing a bedroom with her!), but she’s okay in small doses.

I got a stereo for our dining room (finally!) …It’s designed for iPods, and it’s actually called the iSymphony, and I know I said I didn’t want an i-anything, but it’s exactly the right size and perfect color (black stained wood speakers), and there’s a lot of other neat features about it. There’s a USB port, which I assumed meant I could plug my own MP3 player into it via USB cable, but it turns out I can’t :o( However, it did charge the MP3 player while it was plugged in. So I think I’ll be able to plug the MP3 player into the audio in jack, and hook up the USB cable, and play music from it without running down the battery. I hope. This will require some other audio cable that GG has to pull from his band equipment, so we’ll have to experiment tonight. But anyway, it will also play MP3, WMA, and I think some other file types, from data CDs, USB drives, and memory cards! Plus, regular radio and CD player, of course.

Also, we picked up a bunch of stuff for my birthday party. I don’t think I mentioned it here yet… but I am turning 25 this year, and I’m having a pirate-themed birthday party! (I liked pirates before they were cool, any of my college friends can vouch for me..!) So we went to the party store and raided the pirate department. I already had some paper pirate hats and skull and crossbones pencils. Now I also have a treasure map table cloth, some little fold-up cardboard treasure chests (to put snacks in, I think), pirate napkins, a banner, eye patches and clip-on gold earrings… oh, and a parrot that attaches to your shoulder! Hahaha! (Oh, I just thought of the most perfect thing – I will serve Pirate’s Booty in the treasure chests!) Closer to the date of the party, I will order some balloons to put up outside – I think black, white, and red latex balloons.

At dinner, my mom was telling me about all her upcoming trips. She and her boyfriend travel quite a lot. He’s always going to business conferences, and they also travel to my aunt and uncle’s house in Florida a couple times a year. She was telling me about how she’s going down there in January, but her boyfriend doesn’t really like going because there’s nothing for him to do and he prefers to be home so he can work, and I was like, “Hey, I’ll go!” So I think I’m going! My aunt and uncle live down there during the winter, but they’ll be away for a week, so my mom is going down to watch their dogs, and I’ll probably go, too. Yes, this means I have to fly on an airplane. Anxiety!! But… I think a big part of my nervousness about flying is thinking about all the planning and coordination that goes into just getting to the airport, checking in luggage, etc. If I’m going with my mom, I don’t have to plan anything myself, she’ll know when the flights are and how to get there and bla bla bla. So all I’ll really have to worry about is motion sickness..!

House Survey

Questions about your home (Finally, a different kind of survey!)

1. What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now?
GG’s bar of Zest or Irish Spring or whatever, and a bottle of Suave Sweet Pea shower gel for me.

2. Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator?
Actually yes, we have half a melon in there!

3. Is there anything moldy in your refrigerator?
Probably … With only two of us, it’s hard to eat everything in time.

4. Are there any dirty dishes in your sink?

5. What would you change about your living room?
I’d like to hang some stuff on the walls.

6. Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty?

7. Do you have a can of mushrooms in your pantry?

8. White or wheat bread?
We have a loaf of white bread at the moment, but usually it’s something wheaty with lots of grains and seeds in it.

9. What is on top of your refrigerator?
Paper napkins

10. Color of your sofa?

11. What color or design is on your shower curtain?
It’s a light turquoise-y blue, just solid color, decorated with kitty claw holes along the bottom.

12. Do you have a grill at your house?
Yes, but it’s never been assembled and has been living in the garage for the past year – waiting to build a patio first so we have somewhere to put it…

13. How many candles are in your home?
I don’t know how many are in the whole house, but I think there are 8 or 9 that are out on display.

14. Is your bed made right now?
The sheets are pulled up straight and the pillows are sort of lined up, but I’m lucky if the bed gets made once a week anymore.

15. If you have a coffee pot, what color is it?
Black… rarely used

16. Electric or standard can opener?
Standard, human-powered

27. Comet or Soft Scrub?
I guess Soft Scrub? I really don’t use either.

28 Is your closet organized?
As organized as can be, considering they were added to the house as an afterthought and barely anything fits in them.

29. What color is the flashlight that you use the most?

30. What kinds of things are in your junk drawer?
Which one? Haha!

31. Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home?

32. Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now?
I did until this morning… time to whip up another batch.

33. If you have a garage, is it cluttered?
No, it’s pretty empty. But it’s so creepy, I wouldn’t want to park in there or store too much in it.

34. Curtains or blinds?
We have both. I guess I prefer the curtains, they’re more solid and really block the light.

35. How many pillows do you sleep with?
Four… two for me, two for GG.

36. Do you sleep with any lights on at night?
Noooo! Dark dark dark!

37. How many ceiling fans are in your home?
Five – one in every room except the living room (unfortunately).

38. How often do you vacuum?
I try to do it once a week – the kitties expel fur whenever you touch them!

39. Standard toothbrush or electric?

40. What color is your toothbrush?
White with blue grippy things

41. Do you have a welcome mat on your front porch?
We have a plain black rubber mat… left by the previous owners.

42. What is in your oven right now?

43. Is your microwave clean or dirty?

45. Chore you hate doing the most?
Eh… I don’t really hate doing any of them… it’s just the “getting off my butt and getting to work” part that I hate

46. What retro items are in your home?
None, I don’t think

47. Do you have a separate room that you use as an office?
I guess, but it’s also a guest bedroom, craft room, TV room, and my personal dressing room.

48. If you have a yard, who mows it?
It’s supposed to be GG, but since I got the push lawnmower and the new edger tool, it’s me!

49. Is there anything on your kitchen floor right now?
Besides furniture, there’s just the cats’ food and water bowls, on a little placemat.

50. How many mirrors are in your home?

51. Do you have any hidden emergency money around your home?
If we do, it’s hidden from me!

52. What color are your walls?
Living room and bedroom are “Bonjour Beige;” dining room is Cranberry; kitchen, hallway, and GG’s studio are white; bathroom is “Lake Crest” (really bright blue); front bedroom is Sage green

53. Which rooms in your house have wallpaper?

54. Do you have a peephole in your front door?
Yes (finally!)

55. Do you keep any kind of protection weapons in your home?
I think GG has a bat or stick or something he’s taken when he goes on “noise checker outer” duty… But better than that, we live next door to the police station – it’s like 24 hour security service!

56. What does your home smell like right now?
I don’t smell anything…

57. Fave candle scent?
I hate scented stuff… I guess a clean scent, or light floral.

58. What kind of pickles (if any) are in your refrigerator right now?
I think we have some dill chips – probably expired by now.

59. Who are in the pictures you displayed?
Downstairs is one of me and GG, and one of my brother. Upstairs is one of little boy GG, and one of MB and Alan :o)

60. What color is your favorite bible?
Oh… Such a tough choice to pick just one

61. Do you have plenty of cabinet space in your kitchen?
You would think so, we have tons of cabinets, but they’re arranged so stupidly… so no, not really.

62. Ever been on your roof?
No, it’s high up!

62. Do you own a stereo?
Just bought one tonight, actually!

63. How many tvs do you have?

64. How many house phones?

65. Do you have a housekeeper?

66. What style do you decorate in?

67. Do you like solid colors in furniture or prints?

68. Is there a smoke detector in your home?
There are a couple

68. In case of fire, what are the items you would grab if you only could make one quick trip?
The kitties, my wallet, my file box… my computer, if I could manage it. Maybe GG could help by carrying the cats?

69. Do you know how to work your electrical box?
No :o(

70. What temperature in your home is most comfortable to you?
Somewhere in the 70s. It usually hangs in the 80s all summer, and in the winter we keep the thermostat set to about 65. (But then we snuggle under blankets..!)