Long, Hot Weekend

Sorry to anyone who tried and was unable to take the blog readers survey over the weekend. They were upgrading their system, and everything should be working now. Please take the survey if you haven’t done so yet. I won’t even get to see results until 20 people take it from here. The good news is that if you already completed the survey from another blog, you don’t have to answer the questions all over again.

This weekend was really really hot. And I have no air conditioning. Well, we have a couple window units (hopefully will be getting one more this year for the room my computer’s in), but GG was away all weekend and I couldn’t set them up by myself. Also, I don’t like to start using the ACs until June – just like I hate to turn the heat on until November. I’m stingy. I figured out ways to keep cool, though. I kept curtains closed, opened windows when there was a breeze, drank a lot of water, and tried to hang out in the cooler rooms of the house. The kitties also figured out how to stay cool, mostly by stretching out on tile floors or in front of breezy windows. Also, I planned my errands for the hotter parts of the day, so I could enjoy the air conditioning in the stores. The thermostat got up to about 83 degrees in the dining room (and who knows how hot it was upstairs)… but I know that the summer is only just beginning.

I watched the entire second season of The Office yesterday and today. I feel like I work at Dunder Mifflin now. In fact, it’s almost made me excited to go back to my own office tomorrow. Almost. Also, today after GG got home we went to my grandmother’s house for a Memorial Day grilling event. I brought tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad. We also had burgers and hot dogs, German potato salad (brought by my uncle), deviled eggs, and strawberry pie. (There were brownies, too, but nobody had room after all that.) It was nice, plus I think I talked my uncle into helping us build a patio in our back yard this summer.

I Dream of John and Zach

I have been having some wierdo dreams lately. I had two dreams with John Mulaney. In one of them I had to take some pictures of him and I was kind of joking around with him and was pretty proud of myself for holding my own with a professional comedian. In the other one, he had a girlfriend.

Then last night I had the weirdest dream or maybe you could call it a set of dreams. I fell asleep in the front bedroom (because there’s a nice breeze on that side of the house at night), and had a Heroes dream where I had somehow sedated and trapped Sylar in a cabinet in my grandmother’s living room. While he was knocked out, I went into the kitchen and whispered to her (so he wouldn’t hear with his supersonic hearing) to call the police. Unfortunately, he woke up just as they were pulling up to the house and was understandably ticked off about being locked in a cabinet. I should mention at this point that one of the weirdest things about the dream was that it was really my grandmother’s house. Because you know how sometimes a dream takes place in a certain location and you know it’s supposed to be an exact place even though in your dream it looks nothing like it does in real life? Well this was exactly Gramom’s living room, hallway, and kitchen – down to the pillows on the sofa. The only difference is that the corner cabinet in which I locked Sylar isn’t big enough in real life to hold a grown man. Anyway, about then I woke up and went to bed in my bedoom… where the dream continued. So Sylar was mad that he’d been tricked and almost captured, so he and I just sat on the sofa and tried to make small-talk. I asked him some questions like why did he keep doing what he was doing, and also if he could still see without his glasses. (Because remember, when he was Gabriel Gray, he wore glasses?) Then this morning the cats woke me up early and I got up even though I wasn’t fully awake yet, and the dream kind of continued in my head as I kept asking Sylar questions.

Besides having weird dreams, what else am I doing with my holiday weekend? I took my dress for Julia’s wedding to the tailor. That was good, because it really didn’t fit right before, but after she had it all pinned up it looked really good. There was a girl in there before me who was also getting a bridesmaid dress done, and she had all these notes (and even played a voicemail message!) from the bride about how it should look and what kind of shoes she was going to be wearing (3 inch heels!) and stuff. And I was like, “Wow, thank goodness Julia isn’t such a Bridezilla!” So thank you, Jules :o) Also today, I organized the shelf above our washer and dryer where we keep all our cleaning supplies, and I swept and mopped the laundry room area and the kitchen. But then it got so hot! At 9:00 this morning it was already 80 degrees in the house!

Heroes Episode 23: How to Stop an Exploding Man

Am I the only one who thought the finale was a little… anticlimactic? I already totally guessed what Nathan was going to do, so that surprise was gone for me. I teared up more when Bennet said his first name was Noah. (Is this supposed to be symbolic? i.e. he gathered special people like Bible Noah gathered animals for the ark..? Or he will save people like Bible Noah saved his family and animals that were on the ark? Or some sort of tie-in with Evan Almighty?) Also, this week’s comic (Chapter 34, for those keeping track) really got to me; and someone on TWoP had guessed that Hana was going to live on in computers – I guess they were right!

Molly was getting hugged by Niki and co., but I think she might end up with Mohinder – just because in the comic, Niki and Micah were back home in Las vegas talking about DL in the hospital, and Molly was nowhere to be seen. Also, who was the even worse person that Molly didn’t want to think about?

What will happen to the Bennet family? With or without Linderman and Thompson, the OWI still exists, and I think as long as it does the Bennets will never be safe.

So Nathan obviously burned up or whatever, but where will Peter land..? You know, we still haven’t found out Mama Petrelli’s power (or Charles Devaux’s, for that matter), but I’m sure “Generations” will explain all that. By the way, how cool was it that Volume 2 started right away?! (Kensei was clearly George Takei under that mask.)

So finally, last night’s injuries: Matt Parkman, who I’m sure will make a full recovery from his multiple bullets to the chest and go home; DL, who we have learned from the comic goes to the hospital, presumably in Las Vegas; and Sylar, whose head was not cut off as it should have been and will obviously emerge from the sewer at some point. (He is a cockroach, after all.)

MIA Heroes: The Haitian, Claude Raines, Sanjog Iyer…

By the way, weekly comics will continue through the summer!!!

[Edit – 9:16 AM] Had to add this excellent speculation that KiWiCuties posted on the Etsy message board: “What happened to Sylar? He doesn’t have Claire’s gift so how could he live? All we know is that he TURNED INVISIBLE and slithered away. (that fresh blood in Isaac’s loft must be Claude’s.)” Woah. [/Edit]

Heroes Hunch

Just wanted to say, before 9:00 tonight, that I think Nathan will fly exploding Sylar (or Peter?) up into the air, thus saving New York while sacrificing himself. This is not a spoiler, just a hunch. This whole time Linderman and Angela Petrelli have been telling him that he’ll need to make a sacrifice for the good of the world, but little do they know that he’ll be sacrificing himself. Ah, poetic.

Also, everyone was making a big deal out of Ali Larter being a “local girl,” from Cherry Hill, NJ, but this whole time we’ve been overlooking the fact that Adrian Pasdar went to Marple Newtown HS and worked at the People’s Light and Theatre Company!

I can’t think of a good title for this post. It’s about this past weekend.

I had a good weekend, I guess. On Friday we went to Target and I picked up some things for a “cat swap” with a girl in Malaysia from GYS. She’s got a really good blog about cats. We got dinner at the Taco Bell inside Target, which led GG to create another rule about having kids: if you think you’re ready to have children, sit at the Taco Bell in Target for a full hour (two hours?), and then see if you still feel the same way. (Though really, I think for the most part the kids that were eating there were pretty well behaved.) When we got home I cleaned the house a little bit, but I still haven’t finished all the cleaning I want to do. Maybe tonight.

We went to Ikea on Saturday so I could finally get my Billy bookcase! I had a shorter bookcase from college, but I promised my brother that he could have it because he’s moving into an apartment at school this year, so I figured that was a good excuse to finally get a taller one. I was able to get the beech finish, so it matches the other furniture in that room, and it went together really easily. The only problem is that it’s a few inches wider than my old bookcase, so I had to kind of reconfigure the placement of my sewing table. This picture is from Saturday afternoon, when I had moved the sewing table closer to my desk to make room for the new shelves, but that turned out to be a bad idea because there was barely enough room between the desk and table then. So last night GG helped me switch the placement of the table and shelves, and I think that works a lot better. (I have a photo, I’ll put it on flickr later.) Option three would have been to put the table just out in the middle of the room, but I do like having the open floor space for cutting large pieces of fabric or playing with the cats, or making a mess, so I didn’t want to have to go that route.

Also on Saturday was Sharkey’s 5 Years Cancer Free party! The theme was to do a 5 year-old birthday party, so there were “kid” snacks like cupcakes, chicken fingers, and mini cheeseburgers. Everyone wore a little bit of pink. There were little games set up around the room, and at one point some of her oldest friends showed a slideshow of photographs, but mostly everyone just mingled on their own and it was nice. I ended up spending most of the time talking to another girl from band who I’ve hardly ever said two words to – just because we don’t sit near each other and I’ve never really had reason. GG and I drove seperately because he had to leave a little early for his show. The party was in West Chester, and one-way streets really stress me out, but I did okay and even got a nice parking spot around the corner from the hall where the party was held.

I did a whole bunch of errands Sunday morning and then came home to pretty much nap the rest of my day away. And also do laundry. We watched a lot of TLC’s “Carnival of Freaks” yesterday: Richard “Little Hercules” Sandrak, another giant in China, and Kenadie “Thumbellina” Jourdin-Bromley were all featured. Kenadie really is adorable. I think even GG, notorious child-hater (more than me, even!) liked her. There’s a photo in this article where she’s sitting next to the family cat – holy cow!

Half Asleep or Drunk?

Last night GG went to his open mic night. I couldn’t go because I had a lot of stuff to get done, which was too bad because he actually got to perform last night! Then he went to another open mic down the street. By the time he got home, I was pretty much asleep. But he wanted to show me the video of his performance, so he plugged his camera into the TV. I kind of remember hearing the beginning, but I definitely closed my eyes for most of it so I didn’t see it, and I know I fell asleep before it was finished. When he tries to wake me up or talk to me after I’m half asleep like that, it’s really really funny. First of all, I don’t think I move my mouth enough while I’m talking, so I end up just mumbling everything and you can’t really understand what I’m saying. Also, I say “Noooooo” a lot. And then I get really giggly, because I realize how silly I must sound. Then I stumble my way to bed, where I keep mumbling and giggling. GG will laugh at me and try to talk to me. And then I fall back asleep pretty quickly.

I never drink to the point of actual drunkenness, but I wonder if that is what I’d be like if I did.

Heroes Episode 22: Landslide

So many casualties this episode! So, question. I’d read a while ago that although Sylar was the “bad guy” of season 1, he wasn’t going to be the big bad guy of the whole series. I was kind of thinking that might end up being Linderman or maybe someone from the OWI then. However, after last night, Linderman and Thompson are both dead, Hiro’s dad turned out to be on his side, and Sylar got Ted’s power. Sooo… maybe the writers changed their minds?

More Candace hate. Gah! The attitude, plus the fact that she’s too powerful, just makes me wish she’d fall out a window already. GG made an interesting observation last night: when she turned into an African American woman to go vote with Micah, he wondered if that is what she really looks like. After all, she had mentioned that she was overweight, and she made comments about people judging each other… it just seemed to fit. Speaking of which, although it made for a better shot on TV, wouldn’t it have made more sense for her to morph before getting out of the car, rather than standing up, reaching for Micah, and then changing her appearance?

Molly Walker is adorable. I’m sure Bennet won’t kill her. They’ll just use her for good instead of evil (especially with Thompson now gone). First order of business will be to find Sylar, who will probably be in their building or maybe on the roof of their building.

Do all the Nakamuras have the same power? And if so, why do none of the other hero families all have the same ability? Oh no, what if the way FutureAndo died was not in the explosion, but in his quest to stop Sylar?! Run, Hiro!

Okay, they’ve got one hour to wrap all this up. There’d better not be any loose ends left at the end of the season.

(By the way, the artwork in this week’s comic is really beautiful. I mean, the shading on Bennet’s face in the panel where he says “Up there,” the full page scene of Hana walking up to the rocket… This is definitely the best looking comic so far.)

First Gimme Your Stuff Swap – with Italy

My first swap through Gimme Your Stuff is complete as of this morning!

Violetta in Italy found me via the site and initiated the swap. We found out through our e-mails that we’re both “cat people.” So you’ll see that’s clearly a theme in our swap items.

I sent to her: a book about cats; tissues with a kitten on them; a cat magnet; a cat and dog that grow when you put them in water; a Push Pop; Felix the Cat socks; Popsicle themed lip glosses; and two little catnip pillows I made for her cats, Dora and Drusilla. (Here is a picture of Dora playing with one.)

This morning the mailman brought a package that GG had to sign for. It was from Violetta! She wrapped each item so nicely! She sent: pizza flavored crackers; a Tigger and Pooh pencil and eraser; Galatine candies (which are our new favorite thing now – they taste like Astronaut Ice Cream!); Hello Kitty tape; a mouse and a can of cat food for the kitties; a beautiful book about Tuscany, where she lives; and a pretty notebook.

Successful swap! I’m excited to do it again!