Heroes Episode 11: “Fallout”

I really liked last night’s episode. I think it was a pretty good way to end before taking a few weeks off, with enough answers and still some new questions asked.

Hiro/Ando/Isaac: Glad these three finally got together – and that Isaac is now so accepting of his power. Also – predictive drawings with no heroin!

Peter: I’m getting kind of sick of him and his greasy bangs. I think the Peter/Claire thing is kind of creepy, too. So is writing fan fiction about the two of them falling in love. Ew, guys, ew.

Eden: Too bad, she was just starting to get interesting! Even though I knew what was going to happen, I was a little surprised, considering how strong her power seemed in her online comic from a couple weeks ago, commanding her mother to die on the spot. But I guess Sylar’s fix-it brain is faster than her voice of suggestion.

Claire/Mr. Bennet/The Haitian: Poor Claire! First of all, I don’t know why Eden didn’t think Mind Eraser could speak, when it looked like he and Mr. Bennet were having a conversation outside the paper company. And obviously he can. Go him, disobeying orders! As for Mr. Bennet, I am really really curious as to who he reports to. I so hope it’s Linderman!

Niki/Jessica/Micah/DL: Micah saw his dad phase through the door! I was thinking for a second that he wasn’t just a technopath, but could fix lots of things, and was about to fix DL’s wounded shoulder. I’m glad DL came around re: Niki vs. Jessica, but wow, I wonder what’s going to happen now that she’s turned herself in!

Matt/Audrey: Matt and Peter reading each other’s minds – too cool! I think maybe he and Audrey will get together, what with the way his wife sucks and all.

Sorry I don’t have more commentary this week, but I’m on my big business trip and I’m writing this during class.

Business Trip Planning

The way I’m preparing for this big business trip (to New Jersey), you’d think I was about to spend a month in China or something. I was printing out directions to my hotel this morning, when I realized – although the hotel is half a block from the offices of the software company, the training is being held in a different town. They just sent those details the other day – long after I had booked the hotel. So I was looking forward to just walking from the hotel to the class every day, but it looks like I’m going to have a short drive (6 minutes, according to Google maps). Ugh. I’m pretty ticked about this, because I know that there are hotels closer to where the training is, rather than their office. Oh well. Anyway, I’m sure the class will be interesting, and I do get a three night stay at a hotel courtesy of my company, so it’s all cool. And I’ll be home Thursday night and I took Friday off!