Moving Desks

This is kind of dumb but I’m excited so I’ll post it here. My boss’ boss just came over to tell me that, since half the department is getting laid off in a month, I get a new seat! And, it’s the exact seat I wanted to sit in!! It’s on the other side of the floor, between Julie and Heather, and away from this smelly, noisy kitchen I sit next to now! Yayyy! And it’s a right-facing desk – my last two desks have been left-facing, which is very annoying for me, being right-handed. (Oh, but we’re losing half the department, including Jess. That part is very, very sad.)

Went for a Walk

GG and I went out for a walk last night before dinner. Our town is small, with a population of only about 4,500, but in over a year of living there, we’ve really only seen one small corner of it. So in addition to getting some exercise, we just wanted to see a little more of where we live.

There are some really nice houses near us! Not like, big mansions or anything, but just really nicely maintained. We saw a couple houses that looked a lot like ours, but they were fixed up so nicely! Many had shutters, which makes a huge difference. Also, a lot of people built planters in front of their houses (where our bench used to be), and have bushes and flowers growing there. Just those couple little things made such a huge difference!

So now we’re talking more about fixing up the outside of the house. GG will hopefully talk to the building inspector to find out what the rule is about building a planter in front of our house (i.e., how much of the sidewalk out front is “ours,” and how far out we can build one). What kind of person do you contact to buy and install shutters? I don’t even know where to start, and the internet is no help. All I’m finding is interior shutters, or hurricane shutters.

New home improvement to-do list:

  • Bedroom set – purchased Sunday at Sofa King!!
  • Kitchen floor
  • New stove
  • New kitchen table and chairs
  • Backyard patio (stone or brick)
  • Shutters
  • Front planter

Oh anyway, so we ended up walking for an hour and my legs were killing me last night (there’s a lot of hills around our place!), but we got to see a lot of town and it was nice and good exercise. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this a couple times a week, because we’re both getting fat ;o)

Ain’t no party like a Mexican party cause a Mexican party don’t stop… until we call the cops.

On Saturday GG and I went to Ed’s house for a little afternoon/early evening party. There were a bunch of people there, and it was really nice. We got home around 8:30 PM, and I heard really loud music and lots of voices coming from outside. I looked out the back window, and in The Mexicans’ yard I saw about a million people, bottles and cans everywhere, and a car pulled into their tiny back yard playing traditional Mexican dance music from an XM radio.

Have I mentioned my neighbors The Mexicans here before? They may not actually be Mexican, but they are Hispanic of some nature. And some of them work at a Mexican restaurant we like. So we just refer to them as The Mexicans. Anyway, they often have loud music playing in the afternoons and on the weekends. So whatever.

Well, when it got to be 2 AM and the party was still going strong with extremely loud music, voices, and all their lights on right outside our bedroom window, and GG and I couldn’t sleep because of the tuba-based dance music, he decided to call the police. (They’re our neighbors on the other side, you know.) A little while later, we saw a couple officers walk over, and we tried to watch from the windows. I couldn’t really hear much, except that the police said a couple times, “It’s 3:00,” and one of The Mexicans said a couple times, “Sorry about that.”

Does that make us old fuddy-duddies who call the cops on their noisy neighbors? It was 3 in the morning. And even after they turned the music off, they were still talking and laughing and screaming, and all the lights were on. And yesterday afternoon, the party started up again! (Luckily, they ended it at a reasonable time last night.)

Williamsburg Plans

Getting geared up for vacation!! I guess Williamsburg sounds like sort of a kiddie vacation? Or one for history buffs? But I haven’t been since 7th grade, and it’s been much longer for GG, so we’re excited to go. And we like history anyway.

Thanks to the website where we booked our vacation and Yahoo Answers, I’ve got a bunch of suggestions of things to do. Here’s our list so far:

So here’s our schedule:

Friday – Animocity Pierre/Rare Bird Show at the Philly Fringe Festival

Saturday – Our town’s Community Fair (if we can figure out where this park is!); GG’s band in Ocean City, MD

Sunday-Thursday – Williamsburg

Friday – Rest!

Saturday – Party at The Ranch (aka Ed’s house)

“If I had a wish, or even a choice, I’d wake up to the sound of your voice…”

Well, of all the songs on the Barenaked Ladies CD Jess gave me for my birthday, “Sound of Your Voice” is definitely my favorite. Very catchy, sweet lyrics, and some nice harmonies.

In fact, that’s what was stuck in my head for the past couple days, until I heard “Steady as She Goes” by The Raconteurs on the radio this morning. I’ve seen the music video for this a couple times, but on the radio it sounded different. Are there two versions of this song? Or is it just that I was able to listen to it when I wasn’t distracted by that soap box derby sabotage thing?

Other things I’m listening to: catching up on Lodebearing podcasts.

They had a table set up in the cafeteria giving out pens, and Jen wanted one, so I got one too. It’s for menapause awareness. But it’s a nice pen! Orange, and it’s a retractable gel pen (love those).

Things to do tonight: go to Target, run dishwasher, make potato soup, paint nails and toenails, possibly do laundry. Tomorrow we’ll hopefully be seeing Animosity Pierre! They’re opening for Rare Bird Show in the Philly Fringe Festival.

Project Runway – Black and White

Wow, PR really threw us a curveball last night, huh?! I was really hoping to have seen the last of Vincent and Angela, but there they were! To me, though, it seems like they were just milking all the drama from the two of them that they could. For one thing, every time Heidi mentioned “benefits of winning that will be revealed later,” it was in a voiceover – meaning the designers probably never heard that. If they had, would Angela and Vincent have been so shocked and confused that they were there? No. They just brought them back for the Jeffrey/Angela drama, and the Vincent drama (he is the drama, just like he’s the twist).

If not that, they might have also invited “auf’d” designers back to give the models a fair chance. They have been used so infrequently this season! Speaking of models, this was the episode we’ve been hearing about, where Jia got in an accident on her way to the show. Glad to hear she’s recovered and back on the runway, though. (In fact, she was in Malan’s show this week at Fashion Week.)

So, on to the challenge. This, to me, seemed like a challenge that should have been done long ago, much earlier in the season. Designing a black and white cocktail dress is such an even playing field. I would have rather seen this earlier on, with more contestants, than making an outfit out of things in the apartment, or trash (or stuff from a supermarket, or clothes you wore to a party). The brilliant twist, though, was that they had to use every scrap of fabric that they bought! Awesome! (Also, fits their Waste Management theme from earlier, I guess…)

And finally, in no particular order, my thoughts on each of the outfits… Oh okay, they’re in alphabetical order:

Angela – In the right situation, that collar thing could have been neat. But to wear to a cocktail party? It reminded me of those cones you put around a dog’s neck so he doesn’t chew at his stitches. And she spent so much time working on that thing, the actual dress looked like an afterthought – too simple and plain. Were there any fleurchons?! I didn’t notice! (Oh, now that I’m looking back at the photos, yes, there is a big one right in the middle of the chest.)

Jeffrey – I loved how Michael talked Kayne out of making his outfit too hooker-esque, but Jeffrey just kept going right on down that path! With the vinyl leggings, that was just too much. It didn’t look appropriate for any kind of party, certainly not a classy one. The judges mentioned Gwen Stefani, but I don’t think even she would wear something like that.

Kayne – Well, we knew he was going to be the next one eliminated anyway. His dress was nice, though it seemed maybe a little ’80s? His model was great, though. (Did you know she’s the girl in the TMBG video for “Richard’s on Richards”? I found out when I visited her MySpace page!) I liked how everyone was like, “Goodbye, sunshine!” He did seem like he’d be the cheeriest contestant at that point.

Laura – Is this the first piece she’s done on this show that doesn’t have the deep V neckline? (The Macy’s suit doesn’t count since it was Angela’s design [minus rosettes].) The black lace over white was different than what everyone else did. It looked great. I think she definitely deserved to win. But is it just me, or did she get really pregnant like, overnight?

Michael – It was nice, definitely one of the top outfits of the challenge, but it wasn’t amazing. The asymmetry wasn’t asymmetrical enough, if that makes sense. It looked to me more like one side had just slipped on her shoulder, rather than the actual shape of the dress. And the dress itself was rather simple. The belt was cool, though. How did they like the fact that Michael lined his purse with the extra fabric, but not Angela? Is it because she just crammed hers in? Or because she chose the wrong type of purse (one that didn’t really need to be stuffed)?

Uli – Once again, classic Uli. Only this time with crazy sleeves that were kind of distracting. And that necklace… As soon as Tim Gunn told her not to let it take away from the dress, I knew it was going to be a mess. Probably the most creative way of using up excess fabric, though.

Vincent – Get off my TV!! (Hehe, I said “get off.”) What the heck was he thinking, making a mini skirt and then worrying about what to do with his scrap fabric. Uh, duh, stick it on the bottom of the skirt. When Zac Posen had him hold that cape up to the bottom of the skirt to make it knee-length, it looked so much better! Also, “I make beautiful music”? Oh, that explains it! This was a competition about clothes.

B-Day Wrap Up

So, nice day at work, lots of nice wishes from everyone.

Then I went home, where GG was freshley showered and ironing his nice clothes to go out to dinner. There was a big gift bag sitting on the sofa and he made me sit down and handed me gifts from it (a David Sedaris book, and the greatest perfume ever [which he has been remembering since one day when we smelled it in the mall]). But what I had really wanted and asked for specifically was this certain music stand. So he gave me these two other things and I was like, “Okay,” and was about to get up, and he’s like, “Oh, what’s this?!” and pulls the pillows off the other sofa and there’s the music stand hiding! He does stuff like this all the time, hiding presents in bed, in the car, etc… He is so cute! So I got the thing I actually wanted for my birthday.

Then we went to GG’s parents’ house, where we had Maywine. I had never heard of this until earlier this year, when his dad let us try some. It is sweet and delicious. So that was a nice treat. His mom of course had presents for me. Then we went to my grandmother’s house, and we watched all the little stray kitties who live under her deck! GG hadn’t seen them yet – they are so adorable. I wish we could catch them! And snuggle them all!

Okay, so then dinner at the Ship Inn. Very nice place. GG made us reservations, but of course on a Tuesday night the place was pretty empty. Also we got there at like 6:30, which I guess was still a little early. It was filling up more as we left. They sat us at a very nice little table in the back by a big window. GG had surf and turf (of course, any time there’s lobster available he’s going to order it). I got pecan crusted chicken breasts with mustard sauce. It was actually three chicken breasts on top of noodles!! Very delicious, though! I surprised myself by eating two of them, and all the noodles. I took the last one home – maybe dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow. Then we both got the same dessert: white chocolate mousse with hazelnuts in it, and a raspberry sauce. A-ma-zing. We will definitely be going back there – all our other favorite local “nice” restaurants have closed!

By the time we got home, I was just ready to pass out. I know some cats slept on our bed all night. I woke up at one point and Katrina was at the foot of the bed and Ivan in the window, but when I got up Ivan was on the bed and Katrina was in the window. Weird.

Today both Heather and Jess are unexpectedly out sick! Jenn and Julie are here, though. Weird. And band practice tonight! And Project Runway! Exciting Wednesday.

Happy Birthday! (…to me!)

Well, it’s been a nice birthday so far! My mom called first thing when I got to work, to ask if I felt any older. (Um, no?) A bunch of co-workers have stopped by to wish me a happy birthday. (We made these calendars that have everyone’s birthday on them, is why they all know.) Jess came by with a card and gift from her and Rob. (New BNL CD! Exciting!)

[Insert other birthday stuff here, as it happens.]

[Edit – 9/13, 10:25 AM] Just kidding, I’m just going to write a new entry for today to write about last night’s events. [/Edit]

GG and I are going out for a nice dinner tonight, but first swinging by my grandmother’s house and his parents’ house. I’m not sure yet where we’re going – maybe the Ship Inn? (Neither of us has been there.)

Bench Update

New photos, as promised!

The front of our house, sans-bench.

The bench in its new home, our backyard.

My mom and I had lunch yesterday as an early birthday celebration, and she gave me a bunch of presents, including this cookbook. Tonight I made Chili’s Boneless Buffalo Wings for me and GG, and they were amazing.

Now is time for the annual storytelling: Twenty-four years ago tonight, my mom ate a big Italian hoagie and watched Miss America on TV. Then she went into labor. The next afternoon, I was born!

[Edit – 10:26 PM] Had to add… I just saw this PSP poster and it made me giggle. I’d like to hang a copy at my desk at work, but I’m sure it would still be offensive to someone. [/Edit]