Server Crash, “Songs of Peace,” Concerned Cats, Project Runway

Well, the web sites are slowly coming back up, but apparently all the data was lost because the backup files became corrupted. This totally sucks for Dear Diesel because the entire website was a WordPress blog, so the database and all her posts are gone. But I have her Theme files, at least, so I’ll just set up a new blog tonight and she can start over. At least the site was only about a month old, so not too much was lost. And now I know how to back up a WP database (thanks TJ!), so from now on, we can do that. Although I really hope this does not happen again.

Last night was our very last band concert of the season. It was at this Quaker place, and since they’re pacifists they request “songs of peace,” so basically, no patriotic stuff. So we couldn’t even close with Stars and Stripes Forever, like we usually do. But it was still a nice concert. A bunch of people were going out to a restaurant afterwards, but I really didn’t feel like being social, so I drove myself there (instead of my usual carpool), and brought my grandmother with me.

GG will be home tomorrow!!! I’m so excited, and so are the cats – they have been so confused since he’s been gone. Even if he’s just gone for a day, they often act weird and concerned. Especially Katrina, she is so cute! She looks up at me with so much concern in her face, and mews as if she’s saying, “Where’s GG? I haven’t seen him lately. Is he okay?” Anyway, I had all these things I wanted to do this week while he was gone, like clean the kitchen and clean all the junk in and on my dresser… Well, I did the dresser, but the kitchen is still a wreck – about 45% of the table is still covered with wedding gifts that need homes.

I was again ticked off at Project Runway last night. Why does retarded Angela get to stay every time?! I don’t know if they’re trying to make her or Vincent the Wendy Pepper of the season, but I really really hope neither of them makes it to the final three. Also, next week is apparently the big thing everyone’s been waiting for – someone gets kicked off the show! (Like, for reasons other than losing a challenge.) We’ll be down in Virginia next week, but they have cable, so hopefully I can remember to be home Wednesday night to catch it … but if not, it’s not like Bravo won’t repeat the episode about 9,000 times. I just want to see it ASAP! (Rumors are that it’s Keith! I liked him at first, but now he’s just annoying.)


Set up the new wireless router when I got home from my concert last night. The antenna on this one isn’t broken. Now the wireless signal GG’s computer is picking up has gone from “very weak” to off-the-chart strong! Yay!

Tonight we’re putting air in my tires, and also I need to buy a music stand (even though that doesn’t have to be tonight, I won’t be in another concert until July 4th), and I want some sort of placemat maybe to put under the cats’ food dishes, and one of those plastic containers you can put 10 lbs. of dry cat food in, and we need ant traps for the area where the cats’ food was until last night (ants!), and I want some sort of shoe shelf thing I can put in my closet on the floor, and still be able to sit stuff on top of. So, probably a busy night.

Yeah, ants have slowly been taking over the cats’ food area. It started out that I’d occasionally see one or two wandering around near the food, and I’d step on them. Then sometimes the cats would knock a piece of kibble out of their dish, and there would be maybe 5-10 ants on it, and I’d sweep them up with a paper towel. Last night I came home and there were ants everywhere, all over their dishes, in the food dish, floating dead in the water dish… ugh! And the cats were freaking out like, “Hey, there’s ants in our food! Fix it, we’re hungry little fatties!” So I dumped everything, moved their dishes into the kitchen, and cleaned up the whole ant-y area with a bleach wipe thing.

They’re building a new office in my office… that is… there was a kind of big room they were calling a “workroom,” and they built a wall in the middle of it and put in a second door and now it’s going to be two offices, with five people in each… which will be sucky and crowded for whoever’s going in there… but anyway they’ve been working on that for the past week or two, and there’s all sorts of weird noises and smells as they build and paint and do whatever.

MB is getting married on Saturday, OMG!

Hot House

We’re getting into the hot part of the summer, and since we don’t have air conditioning, it’s the season of the extremely hot house. I have to say though, that it’s a lot more tolerable than it was at this time last year, I think because of the new windows, and the new vents and insulation in the attic.

It was so hot last night, though, and I didn’t feel like cooking at all, so GG and I went to the mall for dinner (and ice cream!), and wandered around there to kill some time in the air conditioning before heading back home. By then it had cooled off a little in the house, and also it was pretty breezy out, so I had the windows wide open for some air, too.

We moved in I believe the first full week of June last year, and I remember the first Friday night I was there, GG was away at a show, I’d fallen asleep on the sofa in the afternoon, and when I woke up, I was just so hot I felt sick. I didn’t even know what to do with myself. I got in the car and drove to the shopping center a couple miles down the road and ended up wandering around the supermarket. I think I ended up getting a jar of applesauce? (And I don’t even really like apple sauce!) Then I sat on a bench outside for a while and talked on the phone to my grandmother.

Another night last summer, while we were in the middle of getting the windows installed, was also horrible. We’d put in the air conditioners by that point, but because we were getting the windows done, we had to take the ACs out. So it was very very very hot. I ended up spending the night at my grandmother’s house, sleeping on the sofa in the family room. It was probably the best night’s sleep I had all summer.

I feel especially bad for the kitties. GG mentioned how cats like to sit by warm fireplaces, which is true, but then they regulate their temperature by getting up and moving somewhere else when they get too hot there. If the entire house is hot, they can’t really go anywhere. They’re managing to keep themselves pretty cool so far, though. They’re laying out on the cooler tiled floors in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, and I noticed that they find the spots with the best cross-breeze (like the upstairs hallway). Also, they seem to like to sleep under things when it’s hot, like under tables? Well, Ivan is usually under a table, but now Katrina is, too. Our ice maker hasn’t been hooked up since last summer (it was leaking into the basement, and we haven’t fixed it yet), and I don’t have any ice cube trays, but I wanted to make some ice to put in the cats’ water, so I used a silicone muffin pan, which actually works pretty well. They were confused by the ice muffin, but hopefully it will encourage them to drink more? If it gets really hot, I’ll try wiping them down with a washcloth soaked in cool water.

[Edit – 3:28 PM] Verizon DSL update: The wireless router we received last week had a broken antenna. At first I thought that’s how it was supposed to be, but then I realized it was missing a piece of plastic, and the antenna just sort of flopped around. I also think that was affecting its wireless signal strength, because GG’s computer just in the next room was picking up a “very weak” signal. So I was on the phone for about 45 minutes yesterday with Verizon, getting transferred to different departments, talking to probably several people in India, and at one point I was transferred to an internal number (where I was told that “customers should never ever call this line!” – sorry dude, I was transferred there!). Eventually, I talked to someone who said that yes, of course we are entitled to a new router. It arrived today. Less than 24 hours after I called. I don’t know whether to love them or hate them. [/Edit]

DSL, Williamsburg, Father’s Day

I am in love with DSL. It is dangerous. Also, now that GG and I can be online at the same time, we will probably never see each other again. On Saturday we were IMing each other, and we were in adjacent rooms!

We’re planning a trip to Williamsburg, VA in September, a couple weeks after Labor Day (i.e., no kids). Neither of us has been there for a long time. I don’t know how old he was the last time he went, but I was in 7th grade the first, and only, time I was there. I found a website that offers package deals to get into the Colonial town, a couple other historic places, a Williamsburg Winery tour, and the hotel… For five days and four nights, it is under $400 for two adults! Awesome! So I’m looking forward to that. Also, we have to get down to GG’s parents’ ice cream parlour in Chincoteague sometime this summer. They’re leaving today to spend the summer down there, so anytime now is fair game. (I do not want to go the week of Pony Penning, though. We did that last year, and everything was just way too crowded. I don’t need that again. Also, it’s hot and humid down there – July is not ideal to visit.)

So yesterday was Father’s Day, which I’ve never really “celebrated” before, but since I’m married now, we went to GG’s parents’ and gave his dad some presents. I got him a licorice soap from Bathing in Luxury, and we also got him a tool bag. (He just won a $1000 shopping spree at this hardware store, so it seemed appropriate to get him something to keep his new stuff in.) GG and his dad and I went to Fresh Fields to buy food to grill, and ended up getting some of those pre-assembled kebobs. It was a very nice dinner, except we ate outside and there were way too many bugs out there. Also, lots and lots of wine…


We were supposed to have our DSL activated next Tuesday, but guess what? It was ready today!

It took me half an hour on the computer with tech support to get my computer set up (their install CD didn’t work), but everything’s set up now, and it’s an amazing difference! Yes, we were on dial-up before. (We were waiting for GG to get a job, but that’s apparently not happening anytime soon.) The cool thing is, because I ended up setting my computer up manually, instead of with the install CD, I don’t have any Verizon software installed on my computer! Woo hoo! I wonder if we can set GG’s computer up the same way, as well..?

Today is 6/16 – it’s been 10 days!

Fluffy Kitties!

We finally got everything sorted out with the band website, switched all the files over, and set up the new listserv. As of yesteray. This whole ordeal took nearly a week. But at least it’s done!

In other internet news, we’re getting wireless DSL next week!! We picked up wireless NIC adapters for our PCs last night at Circuit City. (Yes, we both have desktop PCs, but it’s easier to just go wireless so we don’t have to run wires all over the house, especially since GG’s office will be moving down to the basement at some point.)

After Circuit City last night, we went to Petsmart to look at the kitties, as we often do. There are two beautiful long-haired cats there, Tugger and Pouncer. They’ve been there a couple weeks now. They are huge, with giant paws and enormous heads, and they are gorgeous. A couple wanted to take them, but their application was turned down because one of the cats they already had didn’t have its shots or something! So everyone’s very sad, because they’re just too big to be in the cage, and they’re not doing so well. I want to just pick them up and snuggle them! Seriously, they’re like the size of small children!

Also, I got my sewing machine working again last night! You didn’t know it was broken, but it was. And I fixed it.

The last of our wedding photos are now online. Check them out!

Okay, this was all over the place! Half day at work today!!

The Runaround

Two big runarounds I’ve been in lately:

Remember the Saturday before last when I chipped my tooth at the fair? I had it fixed on Monday, and when I went to bed Monday night, I discovered that my retainer (which I wear at night and which doubles as a night guard so I don’t grind my teeth and get headaches all the time) didn’t fit over my tooth, because it’s now a little thicker. I called the dentist Wednesday and got an appointment for the following Monday (yesterday) to have them shave a little of the bonding off the back of my tooth. I went in yesterday, sat in the chair, and brought out my retainer. The dentist was like, “Oh no, we don’t like to mess with the bonding once it’s hardened, and we don’t like to mess with your retainer from your orthodontist. You’ll need to go to the orthodontist and have them re-fit the retainer for you.” If they had told me that when I scheduled the appointment (and I told them exactly what I wanted when I called to schedule!), I could have saved a week and just gone to the orthodontist. I called the ortho as soon as I left the dentist, and got an appointment for Thursday, though they thought it was weird that the dentist wouldn’t just scrape off a little of the bonding from the back of my tooth. Sigh.

This next one is even worse. My band’s website is hosted for free by one of our members. He also runs our e-mail listserv for free. He recently sold his internet company, so we needed to find a new host for the band website and mailing list. No problem, I and the other web guy in band agreed on a host we’d used before, and they provide a pretty good mailing list service as part of their package. I purchased a hosting package from them on Friday, and got an e-mail from them saying that they wanted to phone me and verify my purchase, and when was a good time to call? I e-mailed back with my available time, and got an auto-reply that the e-mail address I had just written to no longer accepts incoming messages, due to a large amount of spam! So I called their 800-number support line, which is basically a voicemail system, and left a message. Then I got an e-mail from them that just restated everything I had said in my message! It said to log into their service center, but I couldn’t log in, so I called the 800-number again and left a message about that. This was happening all weekend! Many phone calls and e-mails later, I guess they finally believed that I am a real person who is trying to get their website hosted, and sent me my account activation e-mail. Except, it didn’t have any information in it! All the information on where to upload files, the IP number, etc. was blank! So I had to submit another ticket to their helpdesk. I finally got all the information I needed, but I wasn’t able to transfer the files from our old website because I was trying to do it from behind all the firewalls and whatnot at work, and everything kept timing out. Luckily, the other band guy was able to do it for me. Then I went to set up our new mailing list, so when our current list and website go away, the new ones will be ready. Well, I can’t change the list setup or add subscribers until the nameserver information has been changed to the new host, but I don’t want to change the nameserver stuff until the new mailing list is ready! So right now I’m in limbo, waiting to hear from our current host if our mailing list will at least be available after the website is redirected. Though it doesn’t matter right now, because although all our files have been uploaded to the new host, you can’t see them when you go to the IP address… so that’s another service ticket I submitted today!

Sorry, I’m sure that was incredibly boring… I just had to share.

By the way, it’s been a week and we’re still married! I have to post a photo of all the cards we’ve received, it’s really amazing, considering we only told like two people… (Thanks, D!)

Married Life

So everyone has been asking me, “How’s married life?” Well guys, we’ve only been married for like five days now, but I have to say that married life is… pretty much exactly the same as living together life. Except now we wear rings.

GG said the sweetest thing to me on Wednesday night: “One day down, the rest of our lives to go.” Awwww..!

Also, today was our first band concert of the summer, and it was very windy (we were playing outside) and pretty early on in the concert, my music stand sort of blew over and collapsed, and music went everywhere and it probably hit people on the way down. So now I definitely have an excuse to get a new music stand this week!

[Edit – 7:54 PM] I just upgraded to WordPress v 2.0.2 (finally!), so please let me know if anything seems out-of-the-ordinary as you browse around my blog. Thanks! [/Edit]

Wedding Photos

Okay everyone! Here’s a link to pictures from the wedding. I’ll be adding to this as I get photos from a couple other people, so check this link again in a few days.

Disclaimer about why we look so funny: 1) GG’s brother took a lot of these pictures as we were talking, etc. 2) We were in a really awkward setup, with the judge standing sort of behind me, so I was turning around a lot.

Okay, enjoy!

[Edit – 9:06 PM] Just added photos from GG’s dad’s camera. He didn’t use a flash, so they’re all blurry, but they’re still nice. [/Edit]